Annihilation: Map Pack 3

Annihilation is the third set of maps that is to be been made available for Call of Duty: Black Ops as downloadable content (DLC)

Release Date: June 28, 2011

The map pack is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The package adds four exotic and different multipley maps as well as another new Zombies map.

Hangar 18:  Located in the famous Area 51 facility, it includes weird experimental weapons labs and the “SR-71″ test hanger as well as an autopsy room… It is a good close quarters combat map with few places to snipe.

Drive-In: Described by Treyarch as a “Close quarters slugfest” which takes place in a 1960′s American drive-in theater and classic arcade. Very small and is designed to be a fun as Nuketown but at the same time has some designated sniper areas which work well.

Silo: This one is a rather generic Soviet missile site, a massive map though with lots of ways to be approached. You can easily run round the edges of the huge map to flank the enemy head on or sneak through many of the buildings. A map that incorporates every type of tatical approach!

Hazard: Anyone for golf? Taking place on a luxuary costal golf course on the cliffs of Cuba. Includes stocked clubhouses and areas for awesome ambushes. Based on the World at War map cliffside but with a golf twist.

Shangri-La: Another map which addsto the Zombies game mode. New enemies, lots of traps and many new ways to get around the map! Set in some sort of ancient Aztec temple. The setting is different to any other Zombie map and the weird new Zombies add a new way to approach them.

Prices: £11.49 or 1200 Microsoft points

Check out the video below for more info: