Modern Warfare 3: Content Drops 1 & 2

The first two Content Drops are the first pieces of DLC for Modern Warfare 3 Elite members which have been released toady (24th January 2012). The release of these two pieces of content kick starts the 9 month DLC season for Modern Warfare 3 and the journey to the release of 20 drops in total over the season.

Content Drop 1 & 2 Release Dates:

Xbox 360 Elite Subscriber: 24th January 2012
PlayStation 3 Elite Subscriber: 28th February 2012
Xbox 360:  20th March 2012 (As part of a full map pack)
PlayStation 3: 19th April 2012 (As part of a full map pack)
PC: Likely not until April (As part of a Full Map Pack DLC)

With the new Call of Duty: Elite service that was launched alongside Modern Warfare 3 and the whole new Drop system you should check our article here for how it all works: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/mw3-content-season-how-the-content-drops-and-content-collections-will-work-and-roadmap/

The first map is called “Piazza” and is set on the coast of Italy. Described as a “very vertical, chaiotic, route map” and designed for those who love to run around and gun people down at close quarters. A great map for tactical gameplay types in which you have to be fast and ready for anything. Being a very vertical map makes a change from what you usually see which is generally pretty flat so it’ll make for some interesting and new combat experiences. Piazza is the idyllic Italian getaway that is anything but, where tight corners and branching pathways pose great risk at every turn. Close-range combat dominates in Piazza, where attacks from behind, above and below are an ever-constant threat.

The second map is called “Liberation” which takes place in Central Park: New York Manhattan. It’s a map that many will recognise from real life as it is such an iconic location. The map is a vast, militarized landscape, ripe for long-range sniper and LMG fire, with mounted turrets on either end that lend power to anyone brave enough to expose themselves in exchange for deadly firepower. By the sounds of it, it’s a great map for sniping so you’ll definatley need to watch out!  A direct message from the video which teased the map urged players to not “Run and Gun” in a map like this, this will be a welcome treat for players who aren’t big fans of dual weilding two automatic pistols.

The two maps then clearly are very different in terms of how people like to play, Piazza is for those who like to “Run and Gun” with intense and close combat battles whereas Liberation seems much more open, appealing to snipers and those who don’t favour the latter approach to playing in Modern Warfare 3.

These two drops / maps, alongside 3 other drops will be put into the first Modern Warfare 3 Map Pack and then released for non-premium Elite members at a later date.

How do I get it the drops?

If you are an Elite premium member then the next time you go into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer you will get a message saying that new content is available and then it will download it automatically. If not then make sure you visit the “Store” menu option where you should be presented with a message. The content will roll out slowly around the world so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t show up straight away.

There is more detailed information on how to download it here for Elite members on this page.

Note: You can still become an Elite member after the Drops have been released and still get all the Drops that have been and will be released.

If you are not an Elite member then you will need to wait till the content is released as part of a map pack which will include 6 pieces of content. Then you can purchase it through the PlayStation Network, XBOX Live or Steam (For PC users).

To play the new maps: Once you’ve downloaded the new maps there will be a new playlist type called Elite Playlists for online Multiplayer, from which you can play your new maps. Also for survival mode, there will be an option called “The struggle continues with all new maps”, select that and you’re on your way!


All Elite Members: Free
Xbox 360: 1200 Microsoft Points (In full map pack)
PlayStation3: $15 (In full map pack)
PC: $15 (In full map pack)

Let us know what you think of the new maps in the comments section!

  • Stewartls

    I log in and i do not get this message – - i am founder/premium

    • http://www.facebook.com/Jeffsav93 Jeff Savage

      dont feel bad, i didnt either, and im founder, it should be out by the end of today.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Jeffsav93 Jeff Savage

      also, you should relog every so often so you can see if you got the notice.
      Have a great Day!

  • Christian

    Log in? You mean just put the game in and sign in? Im so lost I need help

  • Anonymous

    Check here for more information: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/how-to-download-mw3-dlc-and-content-drops/ Don’t forget that different geographical locations will get it at different times so as to not overload the servers.

    • Christian

      Thank you

  • Christian

    How do I get the maps???!!!!!!!!

  • Moonbreaker7

    Go to multiplayer in-game and click store then elite store and download for free.

  • cambo1888

    mate go on to multiplayer, go to private match, select map, select bonus maps and from there you should be able to download them.

  • Luketanner

    what  time is it relased

  • Aledesma

    I paid the same price as x box and I have to wait!!!!!!! Cmon infinity ward fix that

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-James/100000822748248 Jesse James

      Not infinity ward, activision… waaaaaaaaaah 

  • Hunter79

    Go to split screen and go to maps and then go to new maps and there it will ask you to download the maps

  • Brian

    I paid money for elite on PS3 and I still have to wait for maps after Xbox gets them.

    • Chris

      yeah its horse crap..

    • Tyler

      stop bitching get a fucking xbox the ps3 network is free which would make them paying customers yes you pay for elite but so do we and we pay for live so i think its quite easy to see why we are first…

      • Britt

        Not really, you pay Microsoft each month to play on Live, it has nothing to do with CoD. You assume because you pay Microsoft extra money every month to be ‘allowed’ to play online, you deserve preferential treatment from Activision?

        Technically we ‘all’ are Activision customers. Why should Activision provide special treatment to those who pay Microsoft excess money? It is obviously some kind of deal that the two companies have made (not ‘just’ because you pay extra money), and it is kind of a slap in the face to all non-xbox gamers.

        • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

          I play on Xbox so that makes me a Microsoft customer. Microsoft has a contract with Activision that Call of Duty DLC goes to 360 first. ELITE does NOT supersede that agreement. Giving DLC to PC and PS3 at the same time would violate a legal and binding contract. Next time read the service agreements before you pay for software. Know what you’re getting. You SHOULD have known and expected this before you ever got ELITE.

          • Jmoney

            Xbox gets it first from a contract. Psn got hacked because the guy that hacked it was a huge Xbox fanboy. And when it was hacked, they could have had it up in a matter of days, but it was down for so long cause they were doing security updates to the servers. If that guy was on Psn and attacked Xbox: 1.) it would all be over 2.) Microsoft prob wouldnt even try to enhance security.

          • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

            Xbox is easily capable of defending itself… thats partly why we pay for our service. Xbox hasn’t been hacked yet and probably won’t thanks to the generous money available to Microsoft that they gets pumped into security… the idea of using a vulnerable service like PSN ONLY because its free is a joke, and PS’s lacks the features available to people who aren’t cheapskapes – the ones on Xbox. … Won’t be long until even PS fanboys have to pay, Sony would be wise to make PSN users on PS4 pay when it comes out within the next decade. Xbox has proved that its business model is superior. Even Wii beats over PS with all the little addons and attachments they con you into buying. PS is behind.

          • Fayded

            No, idiot. MS software is still the biggest security hole in the US infrastructure. PS got hacked becasue they actually went after a hacker and got him. Something MS wouldnt bother doing since they make quite the profit every year for banning Xboxes from the network for naughty stuff left and right. Sony did sometything because they wuld rather NOT ban PS3s from the network. BTW- PS sales whuppin Xbox for awhile now. Sony is superior, they are more worried about our enjoyment than mining our wallets at every little turn. You’re a chump for paying MS what you do XD

          • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

             MS is a security hole? No facts. PS chased the hackers? Uh what? Both consoles are regularly hacked to this day. Which is patched fastest? Xbox, since they actually have the resources and money to commit to security. And MS can’t profit from bans when they no longer are “mining our wallets.” You just contradicted yourself, idiot. Killing customers doesn’t get you more customers and purchases, it does the opposite. And yeah, I definitely want MS to ban hackers and modders. They can leave and go to PSN all day long. Please do. “Paying for MS” YES. Good, unbeaten security. Better features, games. Bans against cheaters. Exclusivity deals (such as COD). And, imo, they simply have better controllers too. :P I’ll HAPPILY pay for MS. God forbid, less than $3 a month, oh no. Come back with a real argument next time.

          • Scroft420

            My nan got hacked

          • Anti-walker

            Walker, you are completely stupid.  In what you just typed above you state XCOX and PS both get hacked regularly but, if we scroll up a little more we see you state the XCOX has never been hacked…WTF, which is it you moron?  Pure stupidity.  By the way PS is way better, the only thing XCOX has that PS doesn’t is Gears of War…and those games suck, the only thing they have good is the graphics.  PS for life…Yo I’m out!

          • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

             Yep, Xbox has never been successfully hacked because it gets patched, unlike PS3. Want me to say it a third time dumbass? And what’s this about Gears of War? Sounds like you wish you had a Xbox 360 instead of PS3. Make the switch today and move on to better gaming with Xbox. “Yo I’m out.”

          • Coloradofan

            Is this what you do all day? Fight about the better console. What a waist of life.

          • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

            Yeah, comments are a waist of life. But what kind of waist? Thick, skinny, bloated? What? I hope its not a sexy waist we’re wasting. Wasting a sexy waist is a shame. So is not knowing how to spell or choose your words correctly. Get back to class, “Colorado Fan.”

      • Chaoszilla

        it’s time to grow up. first you have to pay for a game counsel. then you have to pay for the game. then you have to pay for internet to play the game you paid for online. so why would you want to pay for the ability to play the games you already paid for? sexbox is for fags whom have their mommy’s pay for everything.  

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/TIM22XRKX2J5YQYTYW22ZFPQPE David

          Or people with a job who enjoy keeping their information secure

          • cumdumpster

            I bought both because I’m not poor

          • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

             Thanks for sharing, cumdumpster.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-James/100000822748248 Jesse James


    • Urmom

      yeah because we pay for xbox live AND beter WiFi ANd better HD AND the biggest thing is we got better sucurity cuz it dont ge t hacked for 5 months like ps3

      • jdawg

        by an 18 year old

        • http://www.facebook.com/TJHRULZ tjhrulz

          please he is at most 12

      • http://www.facebook.com/HaydenBennett Hayden Bennett

        The Xbox is not better than the Playstation, Wireless capabilities of the Xbox can only be used if the Wireless router is able to use Wireless N. The PlayStation also has better graphics rendering (Something that I have tested with Modern Warfare 2 & 3, Battlefield 3, Skyrim and Mass Effect 2. The PSN wasn’t hacked for 5 months… It was hacked ONCE for only two days and was taken offline (for less than a month) by Sony so they could make the Servers more secure… which takes time…
        And you only think you have better security because MS doesn’t tell you that Live is hacked constantly….
        Oh by the way Multiple discs…. LAWL!

        • jugga thuggalo

           u mad bro? psn blows get over it its not the end of the world

          • http://www.facebook.com/HaydenBennett Hayden Bennett

            The PSN does not ‘blow’ it is better than Xbox Live… It costs nothing, there’s no advertising and I get to play with my friends with no issues….

          • Mr Bennett


            Look at the boobs on ya mum. Nice.

            You gota sis?

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000168281377 Shoaib Salim

            dude the online system is much better than psn even my friends say it even though they got ps3

          • chyea

            ur dumb muslim

          • Bradyfh

            Psn Is way better than xbox and play station has been out longer than Xbox. Xbox only had like 2 systems and play station has had 3. Just because Xbox gets the maps before us is because they scam you into buying online and then you have to buy elite for $60, and Xbox comes out with maps before us because they have a lot of money becuz you get F****** SCAMMED so SCREAW XBOX

          • Playstation hater

            psn sucks xbox live is the way to go

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000168281377 Shoaib Salim

            u r so right

          • Bloodybones2477

            ur mom

        • Guest


          Nice bust line on your mom! In your facebook photo.

          I’d motorboat that.


          • Jdawg

            I second that

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000168281377 Shoaib Salim

          um u mental i got xbox 360 elite and my friend has ps3 the graphics r better than ps3 i bet ps3 doesnt have built in wifi cause the xbox kinect consoles have and it was hacked for a long time. wake up mental guy

          • Chris

            I cant believe i just read that. For one, reading all these comments it is clear that all the ps3 users are 100 times more literate that xbox users. And second HOW THE HELL DOES PS3 NOT HAVE BUILT IN WIFI????? Thats one thing that Playstation has had over the Xbox from the begining.

          • Bizerie11

            It is an opinion, they both do alot of the same things, but I have to say, I play blue ray discs all the time on my PS3 and I love it.  I have an xbox 360 also and it is limited with the things it can do.   As far as Xbox getting the maps first, it is because they have a contract with the gaming industry to where they get it first.  It’s all about money and xbox was there first and made the best offer.  Lastly, I have to say I love that I don’t have to pay to play online!

          • Bloodybones2477

            Ur mom ps is better

      • Maryan93

         no its because Microsoft has a contract with the game developers nice try

      • Maximus

         You have no Idea what your talking about. If they target xbox to be hacked its done.  You are an xbox fanboy that is blind to the facts.  Better WiFi lmao, better HD wow. Get a clue before posting!

        • Jonathan h

          For reals ps3 got hd and blue ray retard get it right b4 u talk

          • Bloodybones2477


          • Dazza247

            and u pay 4 quality dont 4 poor connections

          • guest

            dude how can PS3 is better then XBOX seriously? you can’t listen to ipod music like you can with xbox 360 while you are playing your games i can do all for play games,listen to cds,watch movies and listen to my ipod that is why xbox is alot better then PS3 oh and you don’t have to pay for internet for xbox it comes with the ethernet

      • cobrasvt99

        The HD and The WiFi are the same…. microsoft pay activision to get DLC beafore ps3!

      • guest

        shut up faggot

      • guest

        ps3 is way better

        • Badboy Chip

          erm nooo xbox 360 elite rocks and i`ve had the ps3 of which i thought was absolutely s**t, its coz playstation cannot compete wiv xbox that it try`s to better xbox every year but always fails.I`d pick xbox over ps3 any day

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000168281377 Shoaib Salim

            u r so right i got xbox 360 elite as well and its infinite times better than the ps3

          • The_Truth

            Its kinda funny u say that since PlayStation been out before Xbox was even thought of, so i wonder how they try to beat them every year if they was out with the Nintendo 64, so where was Xbox than??? oh yeah not thought of

      • Fuckxbox360

         shut up faggy

      • TheDude

        LOL! fail, Xbox was hacked last year….. The graphics on PS3 is WAY better than xbox. And xbox only go with D.D 5.1, PS3 go’s with D.D 7.1……… Ur just a sore looser who cant afford a PS3

        • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

           1. Xbox wasn’t hacked, ever. 2. PS3′s only big feature is better graphics, whoo hoo your picture is 5% clearer than mine -_- 3. D.D. rating doesn’t matter unless you’re paranoid about sound and have a $2000 system. 4. Can’t afford PS3? They’re basically the same price now. Fail. Maybe you can’t afford Xbox LIVE.

          • Funktron2021

            Except for the constant aimbot like hacks on every system. To think that xbox hasn’t is not only naive, but dolt-like. The memory is completely different is the GPU AND RAM. And no, the ps3 still costs more than the 360. F***in fan boys…band no, I think the ps3 users are just smarter. Who wants to pay an extra 120$tax a year to play a game that they already paid for? That money could go towards that sweet 2000$ Dd that you can’t pay for. Get a job instead if romping your sexbox. Also, have they ever made one of the largest super computers out of 360′s? I think not.

          • The_Truth

            Umm just to prove you are lying about your number 1 statement Xbox was hacked before and here is the proof http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/f/12/p/69404/356952.aspx as well as http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/f/12/p/187820/990565.aspx. So yea Stop lying about Xbox never been hack, Xbox have been hacked and did seem to give any reimbursements to their customers for their slip ups.

      • Andrewbentleyd22

        u did get hack idiot

        • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔


      • Andrewbentleyd22

        look at the hardware between ps3 n xbox hmmm yeah ps3 smashes u

        • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

          Hmm look at your grammar and punctuation. I smash you. …. Xbox 360 and PS3 both get HD 1080p so that is good enough for me.

      • Darrell

        its wasn’t 5 months.. actually xbox got hacked a couple years ago which every xbox user seems to forget and that was for around a month and a half so you dont pay for security at all.

        • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔


      • Domrob2009

        The only resone is that xbox has a deal with Activion so more peolpe buy xbox

        • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔


      • Danielmunoz

        Xbox gets hacked by little kids on their basement it took PROFESIONALS 2 years to hack PS3

        • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

           PS3 was invented by Justin Bieber. I can make things up too!

          • f u

            xbox was made by taylor swift. a girl.  and girls are inferior

          • Johnny2k1

            They’ve had reports of PS3 systems being used to launch and control missles.  Think about it.

        • Pussy LVR


      • Allexx_pimp_playa

        Xbox does not have better hd my friend . Better wifi , yes definetly .

        • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

           PS3 does have negligibly better HD, a perk of releasing a year later than 360 and costing a lot more. Like Windows vs Mac. I don’t know about the wifi, but it sounds like you’re a PS3 fan but you think 360 wifi is better, so I’ll take your word on PS3′s being worse. ;)

      • Allexx_pimp_playa

        I have both so I know. And I play both all the time

      • X_ashley10_X

        No the reason Xbox get the dlc first is because xbox payed activation 20mill to get dlc first

      • Dece207

        Sucurity? Really? Are you trying to sound all urban and wuzzup or are you just a lousy speller?

    • Cj575

       thats why im 360

    • Joe

      Two more years. Just two more years then we will get them the same time as them.


      XBox is better that is why. Truth.

  • Isonyp0

    PS3 is crap what dont you frickin understand

    • anonymous

      No, Xbox wants sales so xbox pays a couple million so they can get it early. It is not the PS3 is crap its just playstation has patience something we all need

    • Oli

      That is a pretty stupid thing to say. A) How is it crap? B) Even if it were crap, it is hardly justifiable to give the map packs after XBOX regular players when we paid for elite premium.

  • Doug

    How is the price for non elite premium members “Currently Unknown”?

  • Dagger

    its BS that X-Box always get the map packs first and PS3 elite, if we are paying $15 for a DLC then whats the difference. It makes the overall gaming experience not enjoyable because the “elite” or “X-box” get an unfair advantage over the the content. MAKE IT AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE AND RELEASE IT FOR ALL!……After all we are paying for it!

    • Got Tha Squirts

      Ok, I see that you are butt hurt hear, but I offer up this little ditty to you.  What difference does it make if xbox gets the downloads prior to ps3 or pc?  It’s not like the consoles play together, therefore, your argument of xbox having an unfair advantage is pointless.  There is no advantage given.  Like was said earlier, the only reason xbox gets the maps first is because of a contract issued between the two companies.  It is what it is.

  • Loosenut

    Not getting elite next time…worthless up to this point…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-James/100000822748248 Jesse James


  • Possessed_Soul

    Release dates should be for everybody all you guy can think about is money money money, u are already making crap loads of it with the game alone then u got Harden Edition and then the map packs think about it $60 for the game harden was $100 bucks and for those who didn’t get $15 for map packs and there are like 4 map packs so $60 bucks for millions of gamer’s, and don’t forget about the gamer’s who don’t just have one console and u still make a deal with Microsoft so they get it early I love COD but THINK ABOUT THE PLAYERS TOO, NOT JUST UR WALLETS!!!!

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

      You must be dumb… it takes WORK to make these maps. Hardened people paid for the maps when they got Elite, but you Standard players want them for FREE? GTFO! Pay up or don’t get the maps.

      • Capinblinky

        well i didnt get the hardened i just got the regular but i preordered the elite and was told about the maps for us. im not argueing about paying for the maps, im argueing about having to wait untill after the people on xbox get theirs and have had it for a minute, i paid for the maps already and i think the people who did should get them at the same time, i think its b.s. that xbox and ps3 users got told the exact same thing about the release of the maps and then when it came time for them to start coming out. ps3 users who have paid for the maps still have to wait.

      • Ajoanes1998

        walker, your a retarded shitbox follower. the real gamers who are smart use ps3. u guys are dumb for paying extra in order to be able to play online when you could be playing online for free.

        • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

           I prefer the features of Xbox including hack-free multiplayer… free is always garbage.

        • Clantz85

          free always comes with a price my friend  we getted added security to our online profile with microsoft what do you get with playstation network?  not a thing my friend someone is out there with your info right now as we speak just waiting for the right time to use it

  • Ashleyl8

    what ever happend too free maps like the old rainbow six days this is pure GREED

  • Oli

    I’m sorry but Robert Trolling needs to sort this out. He claimed before the game was released that it would be: “the most balanced call of duty to date”. Fmg9 akimbo, Assassin, Dead Man’s Hand and Final Stand would disagree with him. And now I pay an extra £40 (about $60) for the hardened edition and elite premium, and I have to wait 3 whole weeks after REGULAR XBOX players. Quite frankly I want my money back. This is not a service, this is a disgrace.

    • ToxicPunk

      you have nothing to bitch about. ur not on PC like me. you at least have the option for Elite to get it sooner

    • Sphinxv1337

      You actually have to wait 3 whole weeks after xbox elite players, the regular xbox players get it after the PS3. But I see your point, I’m a PS3 elite player too…

    • ShotInTheBack

      Yeah, then in the same breath, Robert said they intentionally put back in quick scoping because the “fans” wanted it.  Thanks a lot for more worthless players who’s only skill is to take advantage of a weak exploit in the aiming system.

      Go back to MW’s spawning, when spawns were controlled based on the side of the map you occupied, and controlling choke points was the key to victory.  Stop the kill an enemy, and they random spawn and shoot you in the back 2 seconds later, only for you to then spawn repeatedly within the sights of an enemy already shooting at someone else.

      • jayzz

        The fans wanted it back so he gave it to them. Not all fans you say? Well as it always is fans that want something tend to be vocal about whilst fans that don’t want something don’t feel as obligated to since they already have what they want, which causes the number of people who want quickscoping to look larger then the people who don’t. So don’t like it? speak up rather than sit in your corner moping.
        And for the love of god learn how to make a spawn system before you whine about it. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to have a spawnsystem where nobody respawns behind someone sometimes (unless the map was so huge you never met anyone else or they spawned you exclusively in other people’s sight. Mw had the same crap don’t act like it didn’t because you don’t remember it. Nostalgia is a powerfull tool of forgetting what you don’t like whilst remembering what you did like.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-James/100000822748248 Jesse James


    • Urmom


  • Tomboy

    you can’t have 2 care package :( that is so not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michaelkpk

    How long until regular xbox guys get this. I know it says march, but what date dose anyone know?

  • Anonymous

    pissed. at least launch to beable to buy the maps when they launce either elite or by themselves id buy them for xbox singely  but i dont want to buy elite

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

      Then you should have bought Elite. They’re not there to meet your every demand, if you want something then pay for it, or forget it.

  • Anonymous

    you trolls need to get a life seriously these things are to vent opinions not for you to read opinions and dog on them and tell them y there opinion is wrong so stop being a trol land go back to playin ur duty

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       I know, right

  • Shot In the Back

    The XBOX Elite subscription is almost a FAIL in every way.  It’s now 3 months later, the Elite website is still broke, they only occasionally have like 3 “missions” to do a month, always non-hardcore, and the clan stuff is in total disarray with still no way to improve the ranking of the clan.  My youtube link up is still broken, half the time you can’t pull your stats.

    The only good thing about it is I got the MW3 elite / hardened edition for $100 (all from game trade-ins).  I think of it as $65 for the game, $35 for the Elite subscription (now $50 separately). So I’m guaranteed to get at what rates as least get $60 of map packs for $35 (calendar shows 12 to 14 maps, some co-op missions, etc).  Of course, that’s all assuming in 9 months I’m still playing this game…

  • sloth

    ps3 is a foreign product where as microsoft’s head quarters reside in the United States. Hence the people with xbox get it first because they would rather raise profits for the US rather than some other country.

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

      Nah, Microsoft paid for exclusivity rights. Sony didn’t try to compete. Then PC has no company backing it on COD, other than Valve/Steam so they were totally effed.

    • Britt

       Do you have any proof besides conjecture that this is their motive?

  • Kennedyj10

    Children, Children, Please.

    Let’s be honest. Since day fucking one the xbox has gotten the maps earlier. All the way since the original MW. Did you honestly think Activision was gonna change their minds? Is it shitty? Hell yeah. Will it change? No, sorry kido.

    • Anonymous

      The contract between Microsoft and Activision finishes at the end of 2012. What happens after that is anyones guess. Read our post here on Why the Xbox 360 gets content before all other platforms: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/why-the-xbox-360-gets-call-of-duty-dlc-before-all-other-platforms/

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

      Is it shitty? Ummmm no, its a legal contract pertaining to a for-profit video game. Its a business. They want to make money. Who pays better? Is it Sony or the disorganized PC bunch? Nope. Its Microsoft, so Xbox gets DLC first. Not shitty, not unfair. Just business. Upgrade to Xbox 360 if you feel mistreated. But people like you aren’t going to change Microsoft or Activison, especially since they’re not doing ANYTHING wrong.

      • Jpro25

        Uuuuuuum….. you mean downgrade lmao!!!!!!

  • Sitraptde

    Wow, as a PS3 owner I can honestly say that this is pathetic. By the way I am not talking about getting the maps later than XBOX, because frankly I don’t care that much. Sure I would love to have the maps right now but I am 26 years old and and have better things to do with my time than cry like a spurned toddler. The only reason I am commenting is because I can’t believe how many people can’t control their childish emotions. I hope your self degradation soothes your feeling on anguish. Grow up people.

  • Batesarmy

    They are really trying to stick it to the gamers here!

  • BountyHunter

    I think Liberation will be a quite challenging map, and piazza seems like a map were SMG’s rule.

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

      No, its a map where getting shot in the back rules. “Vertical gameplay” is codeword for getting f’d up the arse. Are you PS3? I’m premium on 360, trust me I’ve played these maps you probably won’t like Piazza much unless you’re one of those guys running around with your head cut off popping people in the back. lol

  • Frankie_trujillo

    fucking playstion get off your ass and start getting the map pack when the x-box get it too

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

      … lol

  • Paresistance

    I am a big call.of duty fan but mw3 is terrible its the same as mw2 I hope treyarch blows us away this year they should make something different like medieval warfare or western I don’t know lol but untill then I’m playing bf3. Its amazing and should get a bit more respect anyways.

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

      MW3 and MW2 are terrible? But you think *Treyarch* will make a good game? LOL wut? Good luck. Medieval or Western COD? Again, lol WUT? BF3… guess that explains your attitude. LMFAO. BF3 packs a punch but its not something one can go back to again and again and enjoy everytime. That’s what COD tries to offer. Are they doing their job well? Meh… but they do do better than BF.

  • sam sup

    how much will it be?

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

      $10 or $15 possibly as a map pack with more maps later to come

  • anonymous

    Battlefield 3. problem CoDfags?

  • Chaoszilla

    elite is a waste of money. paid full price for the game then additional money for the elite one year subscription on day of release. month’s have past and we are still waiting to see what we spent our cash on

  • ps3balla

    xbox is gay and so is elite thats just annother hand pickin at your wallet rasta, an ps3 users pay for their online ONCE when you buy the machine

    oh yeah an xbox is for faggots

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       Well you’re either a kid or really immature so…

      Xbox LIVE has more and better features than PSN and Xbox gets HACKED… well, never. Xbox has never been hacked. :) I am more than happy to pay for that…

      Also, ELITE saves $$ on MW3 DLC compared to paying in Xbox or PS points. You’re not very smart are you?

  • Peenuttman00

    its called software anything can be hacked once code has been written

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       Its called: Microsoft gets enough money to actually pay for secure servers, which PSN didn’t have prior to being hacked. 5 months of mayhem? Pathetic. Xbox: not 1 second of hack time. At this point they’re probably considering a paid service for PS4.

  • MW3player

    im not a elite member and i dont want to buy the membership for elite and i want to know when the date is for maps for non-elite comes out

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       Membership costs less than buying the all the maps. But that date has not been announced I don’t think. Whenever it is, Xbox gets it 1 month earlier than PS3 and PC.

  • The Joker Sayz

    For the next COD game Robert Bowling said that they are changeing Elite to Elite 2.0 and there changeing it so all players get the map packs at the same time. So now all u PS3 players who wanna camp on overwatch can shutup. Oh wait u dont have overwatch yet like Xbox 360. HAHAHAHAHAHAH


    the reasion they are doin elite 2.0 is because microsofts contract expires for the map packs. so Xbox and PS3 get them at the same time. I think liberation sucks thumbs up if u agree….im talkin to the non snipers who play drop zone.


    … Pc is better than all. Just saying.

  • Matu

    So Liberation  is a gay sniper map then?

  • Matu

    Why do PS3 and PC owners have to suffer because developers have some love affair with Microsoft and its eggsbox (which is easily the weakest of the 3)? 

  • Guest

    I think you guys missed the boat on this game.  Having the money for the Elite package is one thing. However with the economy being what it is, I find it amazing that waiting two months for the map pack for the poorer people is appalling.  Nobody knew back when the game came out that this would turn out to be such a mess.  I do not know if I would have bought the game.  If this is how you are going to promote your games in the future then I will probably not buy it.

  • Noobslayer

    Nooooooooooooobs!!! You’re all losers

  • T-Rex

    Buncha ignorant preteens throwing around their key board muscles. Better be careful your moms don’t see you typing 4 letter words you don’t know the meaning of.

  • JROK

    xbox gets the maps first because the company pays millions to get the maps first b4 ps3 they know xbox sucks

  • RedRum_187

    im pissed because i paid $90 for mw3 elite at gamestop because they told me thet i would get all the map packs for free….i find out today that i need to be a PREMEUM ELITE member b4 i can get then for free nd b4 the rest of the ps3 community…the people at gamestop are not gonna like me in the morning

  • psn ftw

    put it this way psn is better than xbox . we DO NOT pay for online to play with friends over the internet where as xbox you HAVE TO pay for xbox live to play with friends .. so psn is better

  • Coolzein8

    i downloaded the map packs and there not showing up on my games.

  • Bjc30rock

    who cares who gets a dlc pack first? im a ps3 elite premium subscriber and if i have to wait to get dlc so be it.  there are plus and minuses to each system which doesn’t conclude which system is better… both systems are great in their respectful right. 

  • Defr

    Hah. Who cares?? I got mappacks n they suck neway. I wudve DL’ed for 360 but i hate the kids whining all day long.

  • Fayded

    Yes, Activision is getting devious. They are just splitting up the people available to play with becasue they want to weasel you for more money. I’m sure as heck not giving them another $50 for some dumb-ass stat app for a simple multiplayer game. And if that means they are going to cut down the players available to me for months at a time as “punishment” for not paying the ransom, then so be it. By the time the DLC comes out, I’ll have fully lost interest in the same old maps and be long gone to something that isn’t trying to fleece me like I’m some dumbass sheepling. Grats Activision, You made me lose interest in Call of Duty.

  • Tgrady

    mw3 is the bomb o ya

  • PSN nation

    PSN is better than xbox. We don’t have to pay for our internet. Who ever said HD is better on xbox is dumb. Because Ps3 has HD as well, and the graphics are great. Who cares if you xbox guys get online items first, we get them too just not at the same time. So hop off PSN..,  

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

      Free is worse 95% of the time. Whether its food, clothes, services, video games. Whatever. Same is true for PSN. Inferior to Xbox at every step. What feature do you have that is greater than Xbox? None. $3 a month is a SMALL price to pay for Xbox Live.

  • Bjc30rock

    For the love of god people, who cares what comes out first? we will get them all eventually… As a ps3 elite premium member I get those maps a month before the general public! Need I say more?

  • Gerard

    …do u guys read half the stuff ur saying,… bunch of nerds fighting over what’s better, everyone has a they’re own point of view and to challenge someone’s personal opinion is both stupid (cause ur never win what someone else feels and thinks towards his/her opinion) and a waste of time, personally i like PS3 better then xbox, i’ve owned both n i’ll stick with the PS3 anyday, but then again that’s my personal opinion, but u guys,…wow u guys r wasting time, words and just stupid thoughts towards someone else’s opinion, who cares which is better, as long as we get to plays games it’s all good right..now for other personal view, put down the hate words and negative thoughts and pick up a bong, smoke weed get high and enjoy the gunfire:)

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

      Hypocrite… you just said PS3 is better. Makes everything you just said idiotic. But the next part is even better. “Don’t fight on the internet!! Smoke drugs instead!!” WTF? How about you drop the drugs and learn some grammar, douche.

  • Haldor

    i paid for elite on ps3 today and downloded map pack 1, but i only got the map Liberation but not Piazza

  • fingaz89

    so whos the mug if we get free online play and u have to pay.dickhead ad hd is hd whow u fink u got beta hd then mt hd cable yer.u fuckin melt!!!!

  • Coderwm

    Sorry but the reason Xbox gets them first is because of a contract with MW which is also way you see a MW3 edition Xbox. But to all the PS3 owners the contract ends at the end of this year so next year we will all get the maps at the same time.

  • Soulskiller

    do there is anyway that i can buy the packs without buying the elite ?!! 
    or i must buy thee elite ? 
    and thx 

  • Idontknow


  • Ominojakoom

    why all the bitching! the fact is hardware companies have been securing deals with software companies since the birth of the microchip. you really think any company as big as microsoft or sony give two shits about deals like this unless your the company that is losing your dollars then your a fool.  

  • PS3 > Shitbox

    Actually PS3 has better internet, better graphics, and better game play along with better security

    Xbox gets hacked everysingle day but they do not care at all

  • Roy

    Did you guys know that every unit of xbox console sold is a loss for microsoft. they make up for it by having people subscribe and with all the games they have a contract with for first release. It doesn’t even play bluray.

  • Gonzalez

    Give me an xbox for free and I wouldn’t take it.

  • Jackrainsbury

    i like the idea of cod elite but all u are getting is the maps before everyone else so really there is no point getting elite

  • dead go 2

    psn babies you pay for what you get

  • Kingaaron4

    do people without and elite membership still get the map pack?

  • JacobXBOXLIVEisbetterninja

    XBOX360 is well better, i have psn and xboxlive and i have to pay on xboxlive but psn is free. It shows you that microsoft is better coz u have to pay and psn is cheap coz its free. BUY XBOXLIVE!!!!!
    Add me on xboxlive my name is XixThompsonxiX and add me on psn my name is NeoN_GhILLiEnOoB
    PLEASE ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pierrezonra

    When was Xbox live hacked

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔


  • Ats6698

    so when are no elites going to get the map packs?

  • Ats6698

    i meant when are non elites going to get the map packs im getting so bored of these regular maps

  • Jeremy

    do the non elite ps3 user get the new maps and when…anyone know?

    • Callofdutymappacksadmin

      Sometime in April. Likely the 20th.

  • druka234

    xbox is soo much better and just because you are mad that we get mappacks first just suck it up and go ply xboxs ps3 sucks always have to slow on loading

  • Robmmc3

    Ps3 has 28 3D capable games (and even had 1 back on ps2!) while Xbox can only boast 17(some of which are only stereoscopic during cutscenes)… Chew on that

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       Mhm. I don’t care about 3D.

  • Johan Bossy

    i got a PSN card but when i wil buy the map pack he doesn’t find something

  • Burger5

    the only problem that I found about ps3 was my hands are bigger than a 12 year olds so the xbox controller is more suited.

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔


  • Daelyndawson

    How do you Get On Ps3

  • Pu$$y L0V3r

    i have xbox live and psn and xbox live is far better! quicker updates better wifi! P.S: id rather pay for xbox live than get psn for free! im also planning on getting rid of my ps3!

  • Jbjet479

    hey guys can you answer my question? if i buy call of duty elite now do i still get both content drops of do i have to purchase them seperately

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       If you buy ELITE Premium you get ALL 100% DLC past, present and future for free. No extra payment.

      • Jbjet479

         thanks man

  • Phdz23

    Its all bout $$$… Microsoft is paying Big Buck to Infinity to get 1st dibs on the releases so they can try and compete with PS3 which is far more popular… 

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       LMFAO. Xbox 360 has more sales, more online members, and more people playing all the most popular games on it. PS3 is always behind. The games that are popular at all on PS3 are the ones that are ONLY on PS3. ROFL.

  • Bbb3

    Xbox and PS3 are both crap, want a real gaming experience Try PC 

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       No. I don’t like overpaying.

  • R Oscar13

    So to comfortably play MW3 on Xbox you need to pay $60 for the game, whatever the hell xbox live is yearly, annnnd the elite account? Oh yeah, xbox already sounds so much better. Xbox HD is most certainly not better than PS, after all, it does not have blueray and yes it makes a  huge difference. To run a game as wonderful as Metal Gear Solid 4 you would need like 5 DVD ROMS. PSN was hacked once and was shut down to make updates, Sony apologized gave some free DLC and made everything all right. I took how many generations for Microsoft to release an xbox with all the goodies included at a decent price? Especially when you either plug in their whack ass controllers, buy batteries constantly, or buy battery packs for them. Microsoft squeezes you for every penny and not only do you allow it but also claim it is better. SORRY, I DON’T SEE IT.

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       Yep, you have to pay for your game and your service. Its not free. That’s why its superior to the services out there that are free… PSN. Also, Xbox HD is visibly no different than PS3′s. So I don’t care. And my 360 has 1 HD-DVD Drive and it works fine. I don’t need bluray. About hacks, again I don’t care how good PS treated their customers… Xbox treats us better, since they provide enough security for us to have never been hacked. Controllers? PS3 has a horrible controller. Way too small and lightweight. Total trash. I’ve only spent $15 on a battery pack for my controller in the past 3 years. You can’t expect to get welfare treatment like PS3, sometimes you actually have to pay for things. Microsoft does everything bigger and better than Sony and at a reasonable price. I completely see it.

  • Matdogg28

    The playstation wasn’t hacked. It was the network. I own both playststion3 and xbox360. I prefer to play the playstation over the box only because the graffix are way better and the system lasts alot longer.

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       The “graffix”? I wouldn’t trust anyone’s opinion who says the PS3 has better “graffix”.

  • Ohbinary

    I rather play with anyone that’s over 13 years old. Not like a ps3 that 5 year old plays because its free

  • Robertsontiger9

    can i play the maps i bought with out elite subscrition?

    • Robersontiger9

       x box is wat i got

  • Cole

    When is the map pack going to come out for Ps3 non- elite members?

    • https://twitter.com/#!/mappackscod CoDMapPacksAdmin

      Sometime around the 20th of April is likely, although no official date has been given yet! Sit tight though, its on its way!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000168281377 Shoaib Salim

    xbox rocks!!! its got way better graphics the games r better the online system is better everything is better!!! xbox infinite-ps3 0

  • Somburty

    I’ve had both systems 360 and PS3. After much use on both, I have to say hands down ps3 is better.
    There’s a long list of reasons but I won’t go into detail. The one thing I do like about the 360 is the controller. I find the ps3 controller kind of small. I ended up giving my 360 to my little sister.

    Quickly browsing all the comments left by PS3 users and XBOX, it is clear that the PS3 users seem to be more intelligent and mature. I guess when 360 users turn 18+, they’ll buy a ps3. :p

  • Sdufrane1

    I was friends with the guy that hacked the ps3 long ago

  • Mac

    Do non-Elite members get the map packs?

  • proKid

    how do i get these maps on pc?

  • Cast_3_brian

    Dang all out ps3 and xbox war down below! Yes xbox gets there maps earlier not because they support xbox or there better its because Sony gets the maps and make sure everything is good befor realeasing. AND PS3 has better graphics. They have blue ray and can fit everything on one disk. when xbox sais they have good graphics it means there same as ps3 not better. And wow xbox fanboys will never get over Ps3 being hacked xbox has gotten hacked before to and probly still do. Yes Ps3 got hacked but they didnt just fix the problem or improve security they deleted psn and rebuilt it from scratch with 10x better which was still free and didnt take that long. So dont hate on ps3. Because it is the better system.

  • Brett M. Westenberg

    What I find funny about this entire conversation, is that it’s an opinion. An opinion cannot be right, nor can it be wrong. 

    • http://www.insevin.info/ Walker ✔

       Posting incorrect facts is always wrong. That’s what we keep hearing from pissed off PS3 players. Shut up and grab a 360 guys! Your mommies will be glad that you’ve finally stopped raging!

  • Chrismattila

    i downloaded the map packs and installed them and they dont work! please reply!!!!

  • Robert

    Let me put it this way; Nokias = Play Station, iPhones = Xbox… Easy, I know which one I’m going for. Anyone to choose a Nokia over an iPhone is STUPID!!!

  • guest

    When is the pc getting the DLC :(

  • rayman95

    ps3 all the way.

  • The_Truth

    In my personal opinion i own an PS3 and have played games on an 360 over friends house. I prefer my Ps3 over the 360 because yes the graphics and everything is almost the same. The only thing 360 do have on the ps3 is playing music with any game that is playing. Other than that i do have to say i like my ps3 more. For instances why pay for my internet bill than have to pay more money to use my internet to play online with xboxlive. That just does not make sense an is a waste of money to pay for internet use not once but twice. Nothing against the 360 but i refuse to pay useless money for something that is already taken care of in my WiFi internet bill

  • The_Truth

    LOL also reminds me u going on about the ps3 being worst than the 360, than wtf was they thinking when they was giving out free 360 when u buy a certain laptop last year, yea sells must not be going so well