Modern Warfare 3 Map Pack 1/ DLC announced with 4 Maps!

UPDATE: The first two content drops have been officially released. Check here: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/modern-warfare-3/modern-warfare-3-content-drops-1-2/ for all the details!

The first full map pack will include the 6 ELITE Drops and be released for the Xbox 360 on 20th March info on that here.

Call Of Duty Map Packs

Original post:

After much anticipation around the first piece of DLC for Modern Warfare 3, we finally have had some light shed on some details.

In an official statement over on Call of Duty’s Official website, the first DLC for Modern Warfare 3 has has been announced for Xbox 360 CoD Elite Premium members. Release date: 24th January, 2012.

As per usual with all previous DLC / Map Pack releases, they will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 for a month before released onto other platforms. With the added addition of the Call of Duty: Elite service, non-Elite users will get the map pack even later. This basically means there are two levels you need to meet to receive the DLC when it is released, firstly and Xbox 360 with Gold subscription and a Call of Duty: Elite subscription.

The DLC’s will be released later for PC and PS3 but PS3 owners with Elite subscription will get it before non subscribers. Since PC currently does not have the Elite service available it is unclear how this rather confusing release situation is going to work.

“We’re doing more than just maps. We’re going to do Spec Ops missions and a variety of things that players have never seen before.” This is an interesting change since Modern Warfare 3′s experience goes beyond just the standard multiplayer experience, having the ability to offer so much more will be greatly beneficial!

To confirm this, we were informed by the Official MW3 Facebook page:  “DLC will feature multiplayer maps, Spec-Ops missions and other content.More info on this coming soon!”

Fourzerotwo at infinity ward has given us a sneak peek at one of the maps that will be included in the first modern warfare 3 map pack called “Park”, check out the pictures below.

The MW3Updates twitter feed has also posted some more images which they have labelled as “unofficial” for some reason but they show off some more maps that could feature and most likely will in the first Modern Warfare 3 DLC / Map Pack.

The maps that have been unofficially released are the following:

  • Park (Official, possible Central Park in New York)
  • Overwatch (Seems to be some sort of building sight overlooking Manhattan)
  • Morningwood (Looks to be a plane crash outside the Estate building in MW2)
  • Italy (Sort of looks a bit like Favela slums from MW2 but a bit posher!)

The DLC as a whole has now been officially announced, Park has been called “Liberation” and Italy, “PiazzaCheck here for more details.

From looking at the pictures below its hard to tell much about the maps and whether they have anything to do with the previously teased Nostalgic Map Pack. It’s possible that these maps are based on the ones stated in the Nostalgic list but this seems unlikely! It’s possible a Nostalgic map will make up the 5th map in the pack if there are going to be 5 when it is released on the 24th of January 2012.

What do you think of these maps teased? The first DLC may not just include maps as previously stated here so it’s possible some of these or more could be made for spec-ops and survival.

UPDATE: The first DLC Drops have now been released, check here for full details: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/modern-warfare-3/modern-warfare-3-content-drops-1-2/

  • http://twitter.com/BeastlyLuck MattW

    Any maps that are released for MP better be playable in Survival mode. New Spec Ops missions would be nice, but I think tweaks to the way Survival is done would be much better.

    Overall I’m really glad they’re paying attention to the spec ops portion of the game and not focusing solely on MP. I’m pretty excited to see how they proceed with this new DLC release strategy as well.

  • Greg

    Yeah new weapons and such would be welcome! :) Bring back the intervention i say :D

    • OP

      The Intervention is the MSR

      • subconnect

        NO msr is made by remington intervention is made by cheytac the msr is gay as hell

        • Jj Morreale

          intervention isn’t even the real name so don’t try to dis people if u don’t even know everything you’re saying

          • Chriswantsbeer

            Uh dude(most likely kid)… You dont know what you are saying. There is the Chey Tac M200 Intervention.  Do some research its easy you could have typed it into google or youtube in less time than it took to make you look like an idiot.  thank you have a nice day

          • Jay205552

            Subconnect is right so keep your mouth shut if you dont know

          • Tarheelfan94

            yes it is stupid, it’s called the M200 Intervention. dont diss people if YOU don’t know everything your saying

          • mah

            actually it’s called the  cheytac intervention m200 so you don’t know what you’re saying.

          • Fhdjsa

            Your all fucking faggots

      • Joep

        the mw2 intervention was so much better

    • ad312

      i think they should NOT allow nube toobs or launchers in hardcore or make a seperate game mode that doesnt aloow them or ever better, give half the amount of points as they normally get with a nube toob or launcher for a kill.

  • John Still

    stupid and probablly fake.

    • :D

      it’s real u idiot. robert bowling confirmed it.

  • Punkz10


  • Rabbitearsboy

    It’s been confirmed bro.

  • Hate Stupid People

    Hey John.. its confirmed

  • Sacramentoversion

    All mw3 maps are garbage mainly because the map designers all left to Respawn Entertainment.. Visit their website and click on “meet our staff” and under the names look under “past projects” you will see atleast 40 people who worked on mw1 and mw2 sadly enought thats pretty much the entire infinity ward including the main map designers story writers and two bosses an founders of Call of Duty. Avtivition owned the name Infinity qard so they hired sledgehammer games an sed theyre codeveloping it but aledgehammer games pretty much made it all from mw1 an mw2 scraps but avtivition is a smart greedy business y would they say it is new people developing mw3? They wont cuz no one will buy it if they did.

    • Troy

      Yea, your right because I hate the MW3 maps too, not very diverse and suck for sniping. Not really any big maps either.

      • Guest123

        So what if u can’t snipe, thats not what CoD is about
        But still, there is good sniping spots

    • xGx IVIegatron

      can you spell or you just stupid

      • Tommy Marlin

        wrong hole smarts

        • Laggkillzz

          Im sure it was done on purpose moron

          • Guestburger

            I wouldn’t be so sure, the OP seems to have no prior knowledge of the English language

  • Garrett

    I think they should bring some maps back from mw2 like wastland and highrise

    • b0onkerz

      terminal, scrapyard and highrise

      • Guest2012

        I think they should bring back: Scrapyard, Terminal, Highrise, and best of all RUST! :)

    • Jkfhgk

      yeesssssss best two maps ever amazing sniper maps  !!!!!!!

    • Howlett1887

      ya they should deff bring back highrise

    • Adammason1

      thats what there doind you retared

    • AD312


      • Samharry

        all i want to do is get 10th prestige and go play mw2 again (mw2 prob better than mw3)

  • Joe

    they look good and actually have a variety of colors. most of the maps in mw3 are gloomy gray with cloudy skies these look refreshing hopefully they play well.

    • Ygygug

      ya exactly!!!

  • Nibbles14

    wow this guy who wrote the article thinks Italy has slums. Nice one dumb ass they’re actually traditional buildings that are over 200 years old but obviously you wouldn’t know that because you are american and spend your whole sad life playing video games :)

  • Nibbles14

    P.S Italy isn’t 3rd world partly like Brazil if u know what that means :)

  • Ryangoesrawrr

    Morning wood?

  • Taha Jaffar

    can i have map back free

  • Enmanuel Cisneros

    man this is stupid why cant ps3 owners get it the same time wtf we payed the same amount as xbox so y cant we huh huh robert bowilng

    • SuLpHuRiC_GAMER

      probably because xbox live isnt free

      • agent0047

        playstation plus isn’t free…

        • JohnDoe

          Ya but Playstation Plus is optional and NOT required to play online. XBL Gold is required to play online! Pay attention to details!

    • Ahoymate

      xbox is easier to pirate MW3 leaked 2 weeks before release for lt 2.0

  • Kylestorms14

    over watch is a rip off of highrise! and italy is a rip off of favela!!!!!!!!!!

    • urbadkid

      I love how you think you can tell this much from a picture….

      • Twilightphoenix000

        Lmao agreed

    • deadbodyman

      all of the maps are rip offs of others theyve been using the same program to make their maps since the original modern warfare…..same exact stuff just different buildings or placement of objects

  • Johnsmith

    i cant wait.. but i think it is unfair that non elite members will have to wait extra even though we will have to pay for them anyways when they are available.. should be available for everyone at the same time.

    • deadbodyman

      dude that was made well known when the game was sold …..people who spend the extra cash for elite up front get the content sooner and its included in the price…..why are you crying about it now?? get mommy to cough up 50 bucks and you wont have to worry about it. why else would people pay for elite??

      • agent0047

        doesn’t means stuff getting released at same time (ps3 gets f*cked by a month) and he aint crying, he just making a good opinion/point. u r the one b*tching and trolling for no reason

  • Jaybird821

    they should fix the spwans

    • Jle

      the spawns in mw3 aren’t great, there are many spawn traps possible

      • Adammason1

        there mint dont diss the game blad i bet your not even good on it
        and you caant say im rubish cause i am 10th presage level 70 all my guns are gold so jog on

        • Adammason1


          • Fakeemail

            you should be 10th prestige, level 80. Only fags are still a 70.

        • Wahron

          Nice, 10th Prestige, Level 70.  Maybe after you finish you can take some english lessons…and possibly get a life!

        • Irtiza

          dude u need to stop lying, lying about video games dont make you look cool.

        • Mikejones1999227

           bullshit u cant have all gold guns on lvl 70 you have hacked if u have 

        • jonas14

          you sad basterd get a life bumboy

        • smd

          or he could say ur rubbish…. cause your bullshitting cause the hightest level is 80….and you didnt get all your guns gold before you reached max level….so you should jog on queer

        • Jay205552


    • Judahsoles


  • Kicknback05

    mw3 has been a big rip off was told one map per month HAHA big con.never buy anthing like this again

  • BboyShark9

    Get Back TrickShot Please

    • b0onkerz

      you can make trickshot but its harder and you cant do the snake

  • Sim88c

    wats good wit COD4 maps creek? backlot? whats that one with the bus and its basically a Z damn but yea that one lol

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BFWIFW3SOB7IZ6MF6BFOENEWSU Tyler

      crossfire. its probably my favorite cod4 map

  • Carlos

    I hope the park one is good, I was really disappointed with the other american map, they should also cater to SnD players, considering SnD is the most popular game type in the game it’s stupid they ruined it, the maps are too small and you meet up with the enemy too quick before you can even think about tactics and getting into position.

    • Zachpaw

      True that

    • blastinfacesdaily

      you mean camp?

  • Jess

    I hate it how playstation gets it even later… even with the elite membership. how unfair.

    • Colin MacKenzie

      The contract for Microsoft receiving DLC sooner will be over after MW3. Unfortunately, I predict that after Treyarch comes out with its Black Ops sequel, COD will be a dead franchise. It’s been going down the tube ever since Modern Warfare came out. MW2 was nearly as good, Black Ops was pretty good, and MW3 is good looking graphics on a terrible game interface.

      • Asdf

        MW3 and MW2 were made engine so they look the same with a few small upgrades in MW3. And Black Ops sucks balllllllllls

  • el kokas forever and never

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  • b0onkerz

    can Free elite members get the mappack or is it just for premium members

    • Anonymous

      The map packs will be available for everyone but Premium Elite subscribers will get it before non-premium Elite members.

      • b0onkerz

        but i have free elite. if i want can i get it before nonemembers if i have free. and i want to have terminal back in mw3

        • b0onkerz

          i you dont understand i mean that
          1 premium members
          2 free elite members
          3 every budy else .
          1 premium members
          2 everybudy else
          that get the map pack in that order answear 1 or 2

          • SnowStorm

            No, you’re not getting the DLC for having a free elite account. You’ll get it as soon as a regular PS3 user would, with or without elite. If you have Elite Premium Membership, you’ll get the DLC before anyone, except on XBOX. You get nothing special for having a free CoD: Elite account. Got it?

    • Jarvis Blaze

      just for the premium members

    • Ryancombs1

      no dumb ass

  • Leo.E

    idc abt any other map, all i want is summit back

  • Alex Murphy

    SOOO many people don’t realize that Microsoft made a deal with Activison/Infinity Ward so that map packs would come earlier for XBox

  • Zachpaw

    Ha ha ha morning wood

    • Aztec

      i said the same thing haha

  • Mx_killz_Mx ps3

    cant wait for map packs

  • PS3blows

    PS3 is for chumps

  • jakey

    bring back backlot pipeline and the fucking m1014 why is that not even in mw3?????

  • Xxjay23xx

    morning wood??

  • BF3 FTW

    they should stop copying and pasting things from MW2……. they’re so lazy…….. BF3 FTW

  • tman

    morning wood looks hard lol

  • Fcdmaxi

    haha fucking italy!!let’s bomb it away!!!

    • ttyl

      hey man im italian

      • Mark

        Fell free to bombs italy, I’m from Triest, and we are not italy we are TLT – FTT !

    • http://www.facebook.com/Tommaso.Lorenzi Tommaso Lorenzi

      fucking hater, umad because we got everything you don’t have? !

  • Felipeb Leite

    and wii, it will have it? because there no more hackers in mw3, black ops has, but mw3 dont, i want the map pack for wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheFuzzyLlama5

    thats not right, there is only gonna be 2 maps in the first map pack, Piazza and Liberation. Piazza it what you have listed as “Italy” and Liberation is what you have listed as “Park”. Piazza Takes place on the coast of Italy and Liberation in Manhattan, New York. Overwatch and Morningwood are not featured in the first map pack, possible in later DLC but not this one. Also, if you think that 2 maps are lousy for a starter DLC, Robert Bowling said himself that they will not just be adding maps but also Spec Ops missions and other content that players have never seen before. So instead of more maps they may have added brand new guns/perks/killstreaks.

  • Lopez Abby19

    yay!! :)

  • Artmelendez

    hah this DLC looks and seems nice..i just hope they come out better than blackops first DLC…i hope to seein more of infinity wards work

  • agent0047

    wow what a load of bs, i have paid for elite and am a founder, but won’t get dlc till late feb. wtf they promised january for all elite subscribers. thats false advertising and discrimination, i have paid for their damn product but they are denying me access to it for a month even though it is released. and i wouldnt doubt if the other content is new guns especially the ak74u which was in the game but not the online, they really need another smg with damage cus all the smg’s stats wise suck in comparison to the ump making it really pointless to use and smg other than the ump… oh and the leaderboards are hacked… IW fix ur f*ckin game!!!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MWPO3YXZS65QM3CUZYQ55OWPE4 Luke

    Call of duty 4 had the best maps. just bring all of them back

  • Tyler George

    No they shouldn’t? Xbox users actually have to pay for online PS3 users don’t.

    • Rla

      thats not our fault.  if you are gunna bitch about paying for live then dont get an xbox dumbass

      • Dfice22

        Dude we pay for xbox live so that we can get content first. if you don’t want to pay to get it first, then play ps3

    • QvSnation

      m8 you get live for free and xbox dnt thts y xbox users get it first 

      • Hebert89

        Uh no it’s because Microsoft signed a contract with Activision stated that Activision will release all DLC to Xbox first. Microsoft used all your $70 yearly subscription money on buying out Activision.

    • cas09nl

      oke we all know u pay for online gameplay BUT you pay that to Xbox themself not to infinityward and PS3 does so yea it should be at the same time.
      sounds logical doesnt it.

      • cas09nl

        correction PS3 users pay for ELITE so thats why we should get it at the same time or even earlier.

    • Cory

      im not seeing your point we still bought the game and paid for elite. just becuase ps3 doesnt make you pay to play online shouldnt make release dates different. when are they releasing it for ps3

    • Gelind

      Wrong Microsoft pays them to release it a month early. Technically Ps3 gets it at the proper time while 360 gets it early

  • Adammason18263

    well good maps

  • Adammason1

    does any one have a boner cause i do

  • Dance

    they should bring back:
    1. Afghan
    2. Terminal
    3. Trailer Park
    4. Highrise
    5. Favela

  • Shaggihair

    when is it coming

  • QvSnation

    m8 you get live for free and xbox dnt thts y xbox users get it first

  • Caree0413

    is the pack avaliable at midnight?

  • tj

    i hope people don’t find  weird glitches on the maps

  • Fakeemail

    The PS3 is for fags

  • jheimforth

    yeah wait your turn

  • mw3 killer


  • mw3 killer

    they should put more maps

  • Bxd

    i want mw2 map packs back the spawns rubbish are  rubbish in mw3. im on ps3 i want xbox 360

  • Yhxs

    Are you kidding me? I bought elite for my ps3 just to end up waiting a month after release. They ripped me off and are greedy losers.

  • Mx_killz_Mx

    well im 10 lvl 54 but i play mw2 now

  • Loztdogg

    MF! release my ps3 map pack!!!

  • Noplay

    the hole mw3 + elite game is just week at best, they should be ashamed, it doesnt even compare to black-ops,  aswell as many freinds & gamers alike we feel robbed by infinity. I can only conclude infinity award are nothing without treyarch will not be investing in I.A again,  role on november

  • Kek03

    terminal, sub base and wasteland need to be brought back and highrise

  • peppelsie

    ik snap het niet over al staat er dat de mappack 24 januari komen maar in nl zijn ze er nog niet

  • xXconnorXx

    i hear that they are adding 5 prestiges with the full map pack

  • Wyre Avro


  • BarretM10750cal

    I agree it’s BS! I paid for elite expecting to get 9 months of dlc every month following the release of the game WTF. Not only that but there has been a couple of times that I have played in some lonewolf competions that didn’t even keep track of my kills at the end of the three hour competion it said I had zero kills. That was money well spent. Anyways I’m looking for some players that are looking to join our clan [EBK*] Everybodykillaz if you are interest and are elite premium or not send me a friend request on the ps3 @ barrettM10750cal

  • barrettM10750cal

    What’s up everyone we are looking for some hardcore gamers to join our clan [EBK*] Everybodykillaz all we ask is that you need to have an elite or elite premium account is preferred if you are interested send me a friend request on the ps3 with a short message that you would like to join. my gamer tag is barrettM10750cal

  • Lolo

    is it out for none elite players

  • Bob

    when is the map pack coming out people with out the elite

  • Battlerifle89

    its not called “Italy”

  • RoboSamurai

    they should bring Back Terminal for Infected

  • monster1419

    overwatch  is the same thing as highrise