Modern Warfare 3: Map Pack 1 DLC details revealed

Update: The Content Drops have now been officially released. Check here for full details:

Original Post:

In a video posted on YouTube by the Call of Duty Elite team we were taken behind the scenes of Infinity Ward and Beachhead Studios and some interesting facts were revealed!

There will be two maps featured in the first Content Drop for Modern Warfare 3 which is set for a 24th of January release which is when the DLC season will kick off. Starting on the 24th of January for 9 months, every month a piece of DLC or Map Pack will be released for Modern Warfare 3. Elite Premium members will get the content absolutely free, pricing for non-premium players has yet to be announced.

Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software and Beachhead Studio are all working on extra Modern Warfare 3 content.

It seems the franchise though is really trying to get users to sign up for the premium service, revealling that non-premium members will not be getting the first DLC / Map Pack until sometime in march! “ELITE subscribers get free monthly DLC content drops for #MW3. In March, the first paid collection of DLC comes out for non-subscribers.” By that time the premium members will have already had 3 pieces of DLC and leaving the rest of the community two months behind.

So the release dates of the MW3 content are going to follow something like this:

  1. Xbox 360 Premium Elite Subscribers
  2. PlayStation 3 Premium Elite Subscribers
  3. Xbox 360 Non-Premium
  4. PlayStation & PC Non-Premium

The DLC’s will be split up into “Drops” and “Collections”. Premium Elite subscribers will recieve drops (about two pieces of content at a time) for free. Multiple Drops will make up a Collection which is what will be released to non-elite subscribers which they will have to pay for. This means non-Elite subscribers won’t be able to get the content as fast or purchase the content as a Drop, only once multiple drops are put together into a collection can they purchase it. It is a VERY confusing system, especially with the whole Xbox exclusivity and Elite service, to put it simple the best position you can be in the MW3 map packs is to own an Xbox 360 and have an Elite subscription!

The video also hints at what we can expect from future releases such as more Spec Ops missions for the first time ever in a map pack and even extensions to the Single Player story campaign! The video also said how the team plans on engaging the community on the actual creation of the content so we can get content more tailored to exactly what we want to see which is great news!

For more information on how the whole content drop and content collection (Map Packs) will work, check the post here:

The first map is called “Piazza” and is set on the coast of Italy. Described as a “very vertical, chaiotic, route map” and designed for those who love to run around and gun people down at close quarters. A great map for tactical gameplay types in which you have to be fast and ready for anything. Being a very vertical map makes a change from what you usually see which is generally pretty flat so it’ll make for some interesting and new combat experiences.

The second map is called “Liberation” which takes place in Central Park: New York Manhattan. It’s a map that many will recognise from real life as it is such an iconic location. By the sounds of it, it’s a great map for sniping so you’ll definatley need to watch out! A direct message from the video to not “Run and Gun” will be a welcome treat for players who aren’t big fans of dual weilding two automatic pistols.

Call Of Duty Map Packs

The two maps then clearly are very different in terms of how people like to play, Piazza is for those who like to “Run and Gun” with intense and close combat battles whereas Liberation seems much more open, appealing to snipers and those who don’t favour the latter approach to playing in Modern Warfare 3.

It is unclear whether there will be only two maps in total with this first Map Pack / DLC release or whether it will be bundelled with more content since previously, all map packs have ranged from including 4 to 5 maps… Hopefully the amount of content will refect on the price for non-premium Elite subscribers but either way, that wont be till two months after the initial release.

A Call of Duty: Elite Premium membership currently cost $50 a year, it seems for 9 pieces of DLC it may be worth the dive! (Assuming all DLC’s are going to have to be paid for by non-Elite members) It’s always possible that the DLC’s could be released free for the PC community since there is no Elite service for the platform yet, although this is just wishful thinking. Check the Elite website here for more info.

Check out the video below for more details:

  • Mw3nopostsupport

    Lag Compensation must be fixed by now, because they are promoting payable content?

  • Aniciaschulz

    that is so cooool thanks iam a huge fan prestiged 1

    • Robert41

      I have 2 MAJOR questions: 

      #1 Why the hell isn’t there an option for regular old “Team Death Match” in the Elite Lists? Why do that have to mix the friggen game types together? I dont want to play Domination!

      #2 Why aren’t ANY of the new maps being circulated into Team Death Match on PS3, when they are on Xbox?

      Its a Friggen Joke!

      And another thing, for those of you like to read people who are really fuckin pissed, WHY ARE THE MAPS SO COMPLICATED!? Its impossible to be safe on any map. That new map Santuary, has a spot where there are 8 different ways for someone to pop out and shoot you. Its impossible to have any kind of strategy. Is it to cut down on camping? SO WHAT! If someone is camping you simply need to be skilled enough to get them out of their spot, by firing a rocket or noobing them the hell out of their little perch. If I am camping, then stop running into the fuckin building blind you retards! I am not a “CAMPER”, i run around more then i camp, but there are times when I like to sit still for a second, because sometimes thats just how the game needs to be played depending on the lobby. 

      •!/mappackscod CoDMapPacksAdmin

        In order to keep every playlist populated Infinity Ward have combined multiple game types so that they can be certain people will be able to find games, since the majority of players do not have ELITE Premium it would be really hard for players to find games if they had a huge number of different playlists for just the ELITE players.

        You have some control over the game types you play when you get to vote for a new map at the end but as the full map packs are released it is possible more playlist types will be added as more players get the content.

  • Henksperma

    what bout wii? they never think about wii…

    • Pooloomoopoo

      thats cuz cod sux on wii

  • TG

    they need to combine scavenger and extreme conditioning to create a perk called nomad
    since they both suck compared to sleight of hand pro

    • Doch

      not really true extreme conditioning is just used for a diffrent type of play strategy and scavenger is on sucky because specialist exists

    • Joshuadlucas

      they need Extreme Conditioning pro to give you the current effects plus hav infinite run. only MW2 had that I believe

  • TG

    also precision air strike should be a 4 kill streak

  • TG

    also add guns to DLC like tar21 and pp2000
    and nerf assassin pro an make marksman only apply to Lmgs and snipers

    • tbow33

      you cant add guns to a game so easily that would waste time to put in more guns when theyre workin on dlcs

      • Doch

        that is a really stupid statement because its just as easy to put a new gun into the game ,and even easier to make, than to do the same with a new map and how would it be a waste of time also the likely hood is they have all if not most of the dlc for this year already done

    • Doch

      why would the nerf assassin pro?

      • Zombie Bitz

        maybe make it so you appear on the portable radar until it’s pro. Same with Heart Beat. Because for instance you need Ninja Pro on Black ops to avoid detection on it’s radar

    • thomas

      yh i now cuz like they should add overkill to mw2 and mw1 and put gold on mw2 for all guns and stop hacks from happening for mw3 before they find any hacks to reply thats my E-mail peac out and describe to my youtube video Droppin’ Crates and add me ps3 my gamertag is UrNans_ScotchEgg

  • Gonzalo_vega

    este pack tambien sale para ps3 o solo para xbox.

  • Gonzalo_vega

    This pack also comes out for ps3 or only xbox?

  • newworldorgone

    If you have 3 studios with “unlimited” possibilities, and you’re supposedly listening to the community, then give us what we want, a game mode that combines all of the major objective based games. 3 domination points, 2 CTF and 1 Defender Flag, 2 demolition bombs, and Kill Confirmed tokens. It would prevent camping the last objective, which drives down gameplay greatly. And it would be objective based heaven, armers are happy, grabbers are happy, objective defenders are happy, and even sniper campers have multiple new places to peak out at.

    It would take 350 points to win, the Domination and Defender points go up by 1 during the same Domination time increments, while Confirms count as 1. Grabbing a CTF flag, killing the Defender carrier, and arming a bomb gets your team 5 points, returning the flag, picking up Defender, and disarming get your team 1 point. This way people are rewarded for trying to grab, capture, arm the objectives, etc. instead of just running to their deaths repeatedly. Arming a bomb takes longer while disarming takes the same amount of time, it also takes 90-120 seconds to explode, so the bombs aren’t destroyed immediately, while it goes back and forth between who armed it. Blowing up a bomb and capturing a flag are both worth 20 points for your team, maybe 25.

    Many of the objectives will need to be changed on the maps to balance them out, that will switch it up for those going for the same Bs, flags, and bombs, something they’ll appreciate. They also need to center the original spawn, so a team doesn’t immediately grab B and A/C or the bombs, like on Outpost and Village where 1 team has a huge disadvantage. This game mode will only be Big Team and probably just a Community Playlist. I would pay $10-15 just for this game mode, it’s the only thing I would play. Honestly, it doesn’t make sense that they don’t already have this, most of these modes are fun at first, but get too campy, I hated playing CTF and demolition in Black Ops to get pro Marathon and Flak Jacket. But with this many objectives, it will spread out the teams and create multiple firefights throughout the map, instead of it all being concentrated on B, the last bomb, or the defender, and prevents heavy camping, as you can still win the game never even capturing B. I call this mode Pandemonium or Cornucopia, which are preferable to DCDCD – Domination Capture Demolition Confirmed Defender. I also like the idea of a moving King of the Hill location, where your team gets a point for everyone in the circle every other time the Domination and Defender points go up. Then this “hill” would move every minute, basically on the Left Middle of the map, Middle Middle, and Right Middle, to give each team an equal chance, like B on Berlin Wall. But as a mode alone, like the others, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable in my opinion.

    • agent0047

      r u high? this is call of duty not battlefield. the maps aren’t that big and most people don’t want this, they just want a smoother better game with more maps and less bs.

    • Dolyfoshizzlemyfrizzleforizzle

      i dont mean to be a flamer but what youve proposed wouldnt work, it would be sheer chaos and everyone would try to do theyre own thing and every game one of the things be it the ctf flag the defender flag the bombs or the domination points would be ignored and there for useless. you also said if they had been listening to the comunity they would have this already yet the first iv ever heard of anything like this is from you. no if they were listening to the comunity theyre focus would be on ridding the booster problem which they have done a decent job of, and making better maps which it has yet to be seen if they have done. also you sugjest that this game type would have less camping, well they said the same thing about kill comfirmed and that didnt work out either even though the theory was sound because people will play however they want regardless of the gametype and how its played, because the people who camp are also the people who would sit 5 feet from an uncaptured dom point or an enemy bomb site and do nothing just because they dont want to die.

  • Joseph13

    i hope it comes out soon for the people who dont have cod elite

  • Bigbutt

    map pics are messed up, both show liberation

  • Reaper0500

    They should add new challenges for new titles and emblems

  • DemonSurfer777

    This game just gets greedier and more expensive every year whereas the gameplay gets worse.It’s all about the $$ now not the gameplay,what a joke!!
    When are they going to fix the dashboarders?? that’s THE main problem

    • Doch

      wtf are you talking about? have you even played the game? the gameplay is clearly smoother and the graphics are obiously better than in mw2 and its in no way more expensive in fact if anything its cheaper cosidering the price hasnt changed from back when mw2 came out but the currency your paying with is in all likely hood worth less and since iv been playing cod for 3years and i dont even know what your talking about when you say dashboarders (unless you mean people who go to dashboard to leave a game which is not a big deal at all since it only has an effect when theyre host) its obviously not a big problem and clearly not “THE main problem”

    • Big_Boii_70

      They have on PS3

  • Trevor collins

    i think ps3 elite premium members should get it same time and day xbox360 gets it if i know i would have to wait i would of not spent the money on this shitnext time i got to buy i will think twice before getting

    • Dolyfoshizzlemyfrizzle

      well in the past its been the same way and your still getting it months early, if your gonna blame anyone blame microsoft theyre the ones who payed millions of dollars to get the map back before ps3

    • Abjdifd

      Then by an Xbox you cheap ass!!!!

      • RakAttk

        Why would he go from the best piece of video game equipment to a crap box??? Anyways crap boxes are cheaper at stores then the amazing ps3, mainly because the crap boxes are so poorly built. ;-)

        • DJThunder

          Ps3 sux ass. Mine died within 1 year. Xbox 360 still going strong. I will say that its ridiculous that all of us regardless of what system you own, have to pay extra money for small under thought out maps that they know we will eventually pay for and frustrate us because of the rampant aimbot cheating that happens every second. How about this, we pay for for an update that stops any cheating at all. I would gladly drop 20 bucks for a punkbuster download. I hate the fact that the creators of this game allow this to still go on. This is the 3rd Modern Warfare not the 1st. I’m inclined to believe they themselves are using the aimbots. Which sux ass. Peace!

          • Windows98

            Xbox is fail. Enjoy ur dvds noob. Bluray is amazing. Xbox hddvd fail. If ps3 charged for online play they could justify paying to get mw3 exclusivity. Id rather play online for free and wait a few wekks for drops.

          • Joel Cisneros

            these are video game consoles you idiot, they are not DVD players NOOB.
            i paid to get a good console, yes i don’t get blu-ray and yes i pay for subscription but it is safe not ike ps3 that couldn’t play a month haha i have both consoles and i prefer xbox


            Noob is a word for 10-13 yr olds who have no better names/comebacks so stop using it and I have 2 xbox 360′s and I had 2 ps3′s 1st one doesn’t work now because the overheating and dust accumulation problems, but that was 1st model the newer models are much better and are better than xboxes, I have 1st model xbox 360 and the elite edition and both of them scratch the f*** outa my games (ring of death I think it’s called?) so ps3 wins with free Internet and blu-ray which I use when watching movies while going to bed and it doesn’t really scratch up ur games plus xboxes cost enough for having to pay for Internet (add me on psn, tanisraistlin prestige 10

          • JoelCisneros

            can’t you see that windows98 used NOOB, thats why i use it too.

        • Desolate One

          lol xbox can be fixed and modded in soo many ways. once the ps3 shits the bed its gone for good. no serious mods for u faggot ps3 users. xbox has soo many more advantages to it than a ps3. number one advantage is price. i got a regular slim modded with intercooler case and LEDS which i can run for as long as i want and itll never run more than room temp. i also have flashed and jtaged. which none of can be done to a ps3 (yet). and the controllers can be modded and are much more comfortable plus have more convenient joystick locations. And spring loaded/analog trigger buttons?? couldnt ask for anything better. allows for fast shooting even without rapid fire mods. Ps3 was gay when mw3 and the previous cod games were made. how gay is it to shoot a semi auto wep or a pistol with a regular click button and have the grenades used with a analog????

          • You’re Remedial

             You’re an idiot first off.
            Second, there’s really not much of a price difference, it all comes down to how much more you get from what you pay. 250GB 360 goes for $300, comes with a game and Kinect, a PS3 goes for maybe $100 more, but that’s because you get more with it, and the 2 things you get with it basically add up to the additional $100 you pay if bought separately.

            Now, throwing a grenade isn’t done with the analog stick, you can set your controls to do that, but that’s not the standard setup.
            You can also have custom made “modded controllers” for PS3 as well, so way to fail once again.
            And wow, you can mod a 360 with LED’s, and liquid cooling, that’s just so…amazing? I’ve seen a computer tower turned into a 360/PS3 combo, and just to let you know, the PS3 components made playing the 360 side of it better seeing as graphics were IMPROVED. Any system can be done like that if you take the time, or pay to have it done, moron.
            360 only gets things first because of the “Exclusive” agreement between Microsoft and Activision, which really doesn’t matter to PS3 users.
            It’s not like we’re facing you guys online as it is.
            Now please, don’t attempt to give your petty opinion on the matter again, you only show how ignorant you are.

      • Pcporter78

         xbox is total crap from a hardware stand point, thats why they get special treatment, they know most of those people are going to be buying more than one 360 in their lifetime, i myself still have the fat ps3 w/1tb and it works perfect. 9 cores and a better gpu alllllllll day.

        • S Saunes

          When did the ps3 get 9 cores?

          • BenjiBabber

            it always had 9 cores, 7 and 2 redundant. STI cell. Anyway why does this always descend into a which console is better argument. Granted it’s tempting to remark on how perfect the PS controller is in all it’s incarnations, and that when the first XBOX came out they had to make a new controller for europe because it was designed for their fat american hands and was too big. Or to note that the PS3 is technologically superior and that if Sony do indeed launch a new console in 2013 it will only be because microsoft have a new one, not because it is obsolete like the 360. But please let’s keep on topic.

          • Gpolitron4

            when does the collection come out for ps3
             Add Me Frankie_G_

        • Yrtstnthnt

          I still have the xbox360 arcade and works perfect

      • MW3 master

        hey well first of all ps3 costs more money and is just as good and even better than xbox

    • Chrissy-b1992

      well if you think about it man ps3 has always got the cod content weeks after xbox so surely you should have known that you wouldnt of got it same time as xbox players plus to moniter both the download servers for both consels at the same time would most likely cause some kind of meltdown plus it takes a longer time to filter out the bugs and glitches in ps3 so its easier to see wahts wrong on xbox then make sure the same problem isnt effecting ps3 users so when its released to you, you dont have to worry

      • diz0r

        this is true, its like xbox gets the beta version and we get the final release :)  no complaints here.

    • Souske32

      I think everyone should get it at the same time. just because many of us are smart enough to not waste money on Elite doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get them early. They didn’t give anything special for pre-ordering this stupid game. the least they could do is give us free maps.

  • Urmom


  • Wilter

    what is the release date for non elites cu z iant to know

  • agent0047

    wtf, the article just said we get 1 dlc per month… we r supposed to get 20 dlc for our elite subscription… AND we (including ps3) were told we would get dlc starting in january, but only xbox is which is false advertising and discrimination towards people with other consoles. and hell elite is still screwed up, meaning we are out of our original few months of crap elite for nothing… damn greedy IW

    • Jamie

      Thats because xbox has exclusive rights to getting content first, we get what we pay for. If we had exactly the same service as ps3 why would we pay?

    • Doch

      its not discrimination and things like this arent up to IW its activision who no one seems to blame

    • Averyply6003

      its going to show that u didnt red it right ps3 and xbox get in january before it comes out for the non memebers

  • unhappycustomer

    IW is losing PC community by acting like this and that isn’t smart if they are going to release more COD games for PC. At the moment MW3 isn’t competitive because of lag and hackers caused by lack of real servers where you could actually ban someone for cheating and have lagless games with your own region players. It is funny how IW must have known these host issues that we had already with black ops and still they didn’t do anything to make it work better. We can’t even decide to play on local area (MW3 makes the decision automatically) and if we could, it would make the games smoother. I personally won’t be buying DLC for broken game. I am really hoping they will start to listen more PC community and release some update to make the gameplay experience better/smoother. After all we did pay the same price to get this game.

    Console users can ignore this post, it isn’t for you and i am NOT interested about your opinion so don’t bother replying.

    • Doch

      i just wana know what you have against console players its not our fault that theyres more money coming from our side than yours

      • Hybr1d

        Sorry Doch, but because of console gamers, PC users are stuck with a graphics engine that is years old. I seriously dont understand how you can play a fps on a console, if you have ever used a mouse and keyboard to play, theres no going back. You should check out pc quickscoping montages…youll probably think everyones hacking.

    • Jlalonde5

      PC SUCKS

    • Dfice22

      I don’t understand why everyone compares mw3 to black ops. They are different games. They aren’t even made by the same company or studio. IW and Treyarch release a game every other year, alternating the release year.

  • Jaka Vrhovec

    infinity ward cares about money not about gamers.!!!! if they would care they would fix spawn killing whic suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssss and make gamer different from mw2 thats why i hate mw3

    • Adsfwegf

      Then don’t get spawn trapped you ass!!

  • Normanlegend

    they sud put some of the mw2 maps on mw3

  • tommie

    THEY should include different guns in the map pack and add perks. and a few more killstreaks and deathstreak. They would be awesome

  • Hybr1d

    Again PC players get the shaft….Thank you console players for screwing up our graphics and new content

    • Aere

      Buy an xbox you cheap ass!!!

  • Giles Ochapowace

    I thought the contract for X-Box getting DLCs first would be over because the contract said it will be over in 2012

    • Ren

      The question is WHEN in 2012. That could simply be in December.

  • Jak3evans

    I think we should all find a new game to play that appreciates us.

  • Chrismeechan

    the DLC contract runs out at the end of the year i’m sure

  • Joseph

    Will the Wii have them? That’d be nice. :D

  • Mark180180

    time does it com out in the uk ?

  • 0213

    tbh y would u not give ps3 and xbox elite members same time thts bulsht

  • Eric

    what time can you start downloading the new maps for mw3 does anyone know

    • justtellme

      Hell thats what I was looking for what time can we download the maps

  • Cwb614

    wat time  will they be on xbox

    • Snack 0n That

      its already there. open the game and it is in the store on the main menu.

  • Missbetchhx14367

    Where are the maps!!!??? Wtf

  • Sporto29

    Get rid of the lag compensation before anything else !!!!!!!!!

  • Rickybe69

    i only play survival mode. are the maps usable on this or just multiplayer?

    • Jppig

      Yes all maps work on survival
      Add F2reducky if u have a mic and are good the the game on xbox live

  • Killerego27

    Mw3 is just as good as mw and mw2 if not better…some people complain to much about the cost..the games have been the same price as always.. they offered different levels of the game as always…no one made you get the special edition which came with elite..if you don’t like it then don’t use it…and quit crying…the only thing I see they need to fix on the game is that teammates can destroy your equipment and nothing happens to them…they should die just like they do when they shoot a teammate…

  • Killerego27

    Mw3 is just as good as mw and mw2 if not better…some people complain to much about the cost..the games have been the same price as always.. they offered different levels of the game as always…no one made you get the special edition which came with elite..if you don’t like it then don’t use it…and quit crying…the only thing I see they need to fix on the game is that teammates can destroy your equipment and nothing happens to them…they should die just like they do when they shoot a teammate…

    • Jacobburns

      good point

  • Kilocee

    just wondering ..  After your elite service runs out   ..   a year later..    and you do not wish to pay for another year…   will you still have the DLC content ?   or will they try and make you pay again to use the newer maps ..?

  • Sdsad

    lol flying juggernaut :D

  • Jacobburn

    why only two maps wtf? why not three like every other call of duty game

  • mark

    Is it going to be like this everytime a map pack comes out?? You have to have Elite Premium??? If so i’m done playing Call of Duty. That is so stupid. 

  • lex

    thats fkin bull sht how ps3 has to wait we pay just like xbox 360 member for our membership and yr making us wait like wtf

  • manuel

    Crap box…ok fag go play ur penis sucker 3

  • Ya

    This is the best selling game of all time. Why do they need this bullshit subscription to suck more money from their fans. We fork out enough money for the game itself and set the record on mw3.  Greedy money whores. This content should be free.

    • Sdscurti

      well for all the hours they are putting into this game for the gamers they hould be able to get just 10 dollars for somthing tht will give you and me countless hours of fun so ya shut up you little kid

      • Sdscurtibitedakok

        rubbish YA is right, I personally hate paying for maps that I have paid for in the past if I purchase software once I shouldnt have to fork out again for the same maps its a pure scam and should be looked into by fair trading. And making maps is a piece of cake little kids used to make maps for doom and quake back in my day with crappy editing software and did it for fun and it takes no time at all so for 4 maps at 20 bucks its a joke 5 dollars a map more like 20 cents a map. And you know nothing.. they release these products knowing they are flawed just to get the cash with the fact ull accept forced updates and if you lose data or something goes wrong they wont care. how bout they pay me for all the lost time i have in dropouts and waiting and joing games with 10 seconds to go then having to sit for another minute in a lobby that drops out that time adds up my friend and my time is money too.

    • WowIsTheBestSellingGame

       No? World of Warcraft has the top 4 places on the list of best selling games.. 1. WoW: Cataclysm, 2. WoW: Wrath of the Lich King, 3. WoW: The Burning Crusade and 4. World of Warcraft… don’t say things without knowing.

      • Tommy

         you are a moron, wow is pc and the best selling pc game is the sims at 16 million… don’t say things without knowing. WOW fanboy fail.

      • get it in there


  • MW3 Beast

    u only gonna get  2 maps how much $5 :(

  • dirty yank twats

    money grabing cunts we pay enough for xbox live plus buying the games now they want 34 pun a year for shity elite what i wont even use so basicly they want you to pay 34 pound to get downloads this game is going money mad infinaty ward can go suck cock for all i care id rather wait than give them dirty yank twats eny more of my money

  • guest

    @Ya actualy elite is just an extra and they make new maps and yeah you have to pay for more content… it’s not like i play like saints row 3 and i get more missions for free…

  • Tittles

    these guys suck 

  • Mike


  • Timothy

    Will there be any Map Packs for the Wii???

  • deadly venoum

    xbox 360 is awsome but i hate spendin money all the timee for online play. i really wish it was like ps3 nun  of them suck but yea that would be great if it was

    • Macdogrulez

      i agree we shouldnt pay a crap load of money while ps3 doesnt pay for online at all

  • Coryrcase

    so ive been hearing whats better ps3 or xbox personal i have a ps3 for a long time and it hasnt had any problems but its really a matter of opinion but xboxes cost less so you have to pay more for xbox live ps3 u dont have to pay at all. But really its a matter of opinion my opinion ps3 is better personaly ive played both systems and i think the ps3 is worth the extra money. 

  • Guset

    NO FREE DLc for Pc WHY 

  • macdog

    Give these maps to non elite players too vey soon

  • macdog

    One word of ADVISE GET RID THE DAMN DEATH STREAKS! THEY”RE ANNOYING. Thes always ruin my killstreaks. black ops had it right by having to death streaks.

  • Assume

    Their little Elite pilot has failed. They only had 32% participate in that vs 88% buying the extra map packs last time. You dumb asses who bought Elite just got suckered into their greed!

    • Lisman4673

      Each time they released a map pack it was 15 dollars each release wich totaled to 45, elite is 49 stop complaining about 4 bucks

  • Assume

    Oops, I meant 13% Elite sales….

  • UNDaunTEDFire

    its gay u have to pay

  • COD rocks

    i think that charging 10 or 15 dollars is ok, but making you pay monthly just to get the packs a few months early is lame, i miss the good ol days where the pack was released, and everybody gets it the same time for the same price.

    • CoD Master 420


  • Singh

    Will the ‘Elite premium’ maps work on all accounts on a PS3 (like the map packs before) or are they limited to the account registered as elite premium ??

    Anyone know as Activision gave me a waffled answered , basically the guy didn’t know and said it could be up to Sony ??

    •!/mappackscod CoDMapPacksAdmin

       From what I have noticed, if the PlayStation has the ELITE DLC content or map pack installed, you’ll be able to play it on any PSN account logged onto that specific PlayStation. Hope this helps!

  • mw3 player

    Its kind of unfair that ps3 non premiem get it last i hate that  because iam on ps3

  • Blackhawk4535

    Battlefield 3 is 10000 times better than this.

  • talal

    not fair

  • Talal640

    not fair at all stupid microsoft made a contract (deal) with activision to let xbox players to get map packs first, although the deal is almost over BTW non-elite PS3 players will get in 6 maps collection maybe in end of march or April not very sure.

  • Zerberker

    I downloaded the map pack on xbox today march 20th, paid $15 for it and when i try to play them i get an error message saying they weren’t downloaded even though my xbox says i have downloaded and paid for em, anyone else got similar issues or know how to fix it i’d love to hear em.


    mw3 is the best game but mw3 needs new guns on there and some more map packs

  • Bumpyhills

    add me on ps3 UrNans_ScotchEgg

  • Julioam76

    Wtf playstation still hasn’t released any non elite map packs. If the franchise continues like this I’ll be saying goodbye COD.

  • Eurovega1

    I payed 50 dollars cuz i thought i was gonna play the new maps on teamdeath match, wrong!
    I have to play 2 other games I dont want to. Go F*** yourself Elite.

  • Mariorj69

    TThis is gay cause there ain’t even new map packs every month like they said they would…… Can’t wait for ghost reconnect to come out so I can stop playing this gay as game….

  • Zjrayniak

    Some weird stuff happened to me on my playstation. With my user name SheepyZac dlc maps work but my other two accounts there are no dlc playable they dont show up.

  • Jack

    Why do they never do new maps for wii