The Variety Map Pack is the only DLC map pack availabile for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It was also the first time that the Call of Duty franchise has released a DLC. Previously when the Call of Duty series was to be expanded it would be done through the use of an expansion pack but this method was only viable while Call of Duty was unique to the PC.

Release Date:
Xbox 360: April 4, 2008
Playstation 3: April 24, 2008
PC: June 5, 2008

The Variety Map Pack includes 3 brand new and unique maps with one which is a re-vamped version of a Call of Duty 2 map. They are as follows:

Broadcast: A large map set inside a middle eastern TV station. Great combat areas and overall a very well build map. The map is orientated from the campaign missions.

Creek: A massive map, one of the best for snipers. Battles take place over the creek at long ranges but can be settled inside the creek or through the passages connecting either side.

Chinatown: A refurbishment of the extremely popular map “Carentan” from Call of Duty 2. The whole map is almost identical except instead of the standard world war 2 theme it used to have it has been completely changed to become in the heart of china. Definatley a close quarters combat map.

Killhouse: By far the smallest in the map pack. It takes places in the training facility you see in the first mission of the campaign. The size is on par with the Shipment map and allows users to engage in extremely close quarters combat! The guard tower in the middle gives an overview of the whole map but climbing the ladder up can be dangerous.

The DLC was made free with an update for PC users since their was at the time no effecitve way to distribute the package while at the same time charging users for the content.

Xbox 360: £6
Playstation 3: £6
PC: Free!

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