As expected there will be DLC’s for Modern Warfare 3

Robert Bowling (Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, formerly Community Manager) has recently updated his twitter page which indicates that their will be additional content for Modern Warfare 3 availabile after its initial release. A twitter user asked Robert Bowling why user would have to pay for extra content when they have already paid for the game. He replied with “Not at all, that’s additional content. Totally different but even that is so far off, all focus is on the main game.”

DLC’s have clearly been a good source of income for the Call of Duty franchise and it would be silly for Modern Warfare 3 to not follow the same pattern. The last Call of Duty that Infinity Ward released was Modern Warfare 2 and there were a totaly of two DLC’s in the end. Compared to the four that have been released by Treyarch for Black Ops this seems rather small, there is no telling how many DLC’s will be released but we can keep our fingers crossed that they will have a lower price tag and brand new content rather than maps pulled from old versions of the game.





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