Arctic Recon Spec Ops Mission

Confirmed June Content for Xbox 360 ELITE: 1 Spec Ops Mission & 3 New Face Off Maps

Arctic Recon Spec Ops Mission

Update: View our full post on ELITE Content Drops 13 – 15 (June DLC For 360) here:

Original: Mark Rubin over at Infinity Ward has reveled details about the June Content Drops for XBOX 360 ELITE Premium members today ahead of the ELITE Content Calendar.

We should expect one brand new Spec Ops mission and three new maps for the Face Off mode which was added last month for Xbox 360 players.

Spec Ops Mission:

  • Arctic Recon

Face Off Maps:

  • Vortex
  • U-Turn
  • Intersection

The 4 new pieces of content will be available tomorrow for Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members. The achievements for the brand new Spec Ops missions can be seen in the picture below.

One of the new Face Off maps

Mark Rubin also stated that this drop will likely be the last one to feature new Face Off maps as they understand it isn’t for everyone and lots of players would prefer brand new multiplayer maps instead: “Also, I know a lot of people have been loving the Faceoff maps and so glad to bring those to you guys. Also I know some people haven’t really gotten into them and would prefer regular MP maps. We didn’t have any maps done in time for this drop, but we do have some coming soon. Also that will probably be the last of the Faceoff maps that we make so hope everyone who has been loving them as much as I have enjoy the new ones coming tomorrow. “

In related news, a recent map called Shipbreaker was revealed yesterday as well as Terminal on a users PlayStation 3, we suspected it would be part of the June DLC Season but perhaps it will instead be part of a later months content.