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Dan Amrich defends Deathstreaks in MW3 as Blackout gains speed

Dan Amrich is the Social Media Manager for Activision, he regularly tweets about various Activision titles and posts in his personal blog.

For those who don’t know, a group of MW3 players have scheduled a Blackout Boycott for MW3 in which players who demand change in the game will not play on the 20th of April. Read our full post on the Blackout here.

As the MW3 Blackout has started gaining speed Dan posted an editorial yesteday as he defends the Deathstreak feature in Modern Warfare 3, explaining how 30 million players of the game need to be kept happy and how “I’m the reason you’re beast at CoD”.

“Say what you will about us terrible players, but we are your stat-padders. You would not have those astronomical KDRs of which you are so proud. Without the minor inconvenience of a Dead Man’s Hand taking you out — and in case you are wondering, yes, we cheer loudly when it happens — you have only experts to fight, and your KDR goes way down. But instead of a world filled with nothing but players better than you, sometimes I wander into your lobby, a fish in your barrel. Improving at my own glacial pace, I’m not as good as you are and I likely never will be. I’m okay with that, so I still show up to play. And you shoot me. Um, instead of coming up with reasons to make me not even log in, shouldn’t you be thanking me?

You can’t earn kills without having someone to kill. And I am, more often than not, that someone in your sights. Yes, as you are fond of boasting to the lobby after a victory, you are beast at Call of Duty — but truthfully, I’m the reason why. Your strength comes, quite literally, from my weakness. Without me, you’re nothing.”

What do you think about Deathstreaks in the game? He makes a good point that without players who aren’t as good as you are, who would you be better than?

Have a read of the full article here.

  • Dwadwqedqw

    I’ll still rage without you faggot

  • Pitogrande77

    People need to stop bitching about MW3. People are just upset because they are not the only winners at a competive game like this. those people are the campers hiding behind objects and getting all the kills with assault kill streaks.

  • Bryson

    i think they should take them out and never put them in another call of duty game again. but it really doesn’t matter what i think because either way, infinity ward and activition still won’t listen.

    • Christfire

      Why ? Just say why. Maybe if you could have a good reason they would listen to you. You have to understand they make these games for everybody which means the good, the average and those who suck, not only the ones who doesnt have any life, girlfriend or childrens and play all the time.

  • Platnum224

    i dont giv e a bollocks about deathstreak, the more i play this game the more i hate it, its one issue after the other……i will be boycotting on 20 April for sure, all i want is the lag issue to be eliminated totally, them d game will be good to play

  • http://twitter.com/ClarktheNichols Clark Nichols

    I stopped playing MW3 months ago.  When I got Skyrim I think.  Really, this “jump on multiplayer, try and get the most kills and cry like a baby if it doesn’t work out” thing is getting tired.  And blaming the makers of the game because you can’t “achieve” isn’t any better.  The game is what it is.  If more people accepted games as being creatively distinct, not moldable to the masses, then there wouldn’t be this problem.  Guess what, millions of people bought this game, do you really think this one game was taillored to make millions of people happy?  Only some people are going to enjoy this game.  If you don’t like it, YOU DON’T LIKE IT.  Stop acting like it’s their fault because they can’t make you happy.  They made a decent game, it’s not your cup of tea, you don’t have to play.  The world will go on without you.  

    Also, nobody really cares about your KDR.  Grow up.

  • Jsteve33

    This is by far far the best Call of Duty game. Any haters complaining about it are just pussies and upset because they get beat up at school everyday.