Double XP Weekend for all platforms this weekend!

Heads up folks it’s double XP weekend next weekend for all platforms and all playlists! 23rd till the 25th of March.

Robert Bowling let us all know in the following tweet: “Turning on Double XP for everyone on Modern Warfare 3 this weekend! All platforms and playlists included

The double XP weekend is likely to celebrate the release of the first map pack for the Xbox 360 on the 20th of March.

Perhaps make this the weekend you finally prestige or try out some new game modes since you’ll still be gaining lots of XP either way.

More information on the first map pack can be found here.

  • Margaret buckley

    i want to buy the expansion pack on the playstation but its saying its not letting access it on my account and im over 18 and i have money on my psn wallet to buy it as well was wondering what the problem …email me with further details on margaretbuckley3@hotmail.com 

  • DiamondDNice

    sony’s contract with activision says they get all maps one month later. It is not available on sony for another month. that’s why you can’t buy it. When the contract ends later this year PS3 users will start getting map packs the same day as xbox users. But Sony signed the contract that way so blame Sony.