First DLC map pack released for non-ELITE 360 members today!

As of today, the Xbox 360 non-ELITE members will be able to purchase the first DLC Map Pack for Modern Warfare 3.

To purchase and download the 6 new maps, check out our post here which will walk you through the process.

If I am an ELITE Premium member, do I need to download Collection 1?
No. Collection 1 is intended for players who have not yet subscribed to ELITE. ELITE Premium players on the Xbox 360 already have access to all of this content and can download the first 6 DLC drops at any time.

The first map pack for Modern Warfare 3 will include the first 6 content drops that ELITE members have received over the last few months.

Below is the content that will be included, check out each post for information on all the content in this collection.

Drops 1 & 2: Multiplayer Maps Piazza & Liberation.

Drop 3: Multiplayer Map Overwatch.

Drops 4, 5 & 6: Multiplayer Map Black Box & Spec Ops Missions Black Ice & Negotiator.

Price on the Xbox 360: 1200 Microsoft Points.

Let us know what you think of the new maps! We shall see you on the battlefield soldier.

  • Ryant Hill1234

    how many microsoft points is it?

    • Vbbeast2


  • Chris_x_tra

    its not on the mw3 store yet 

  • james

    its not in the store yet

  • Dav12

    When they put on marketplace?

  • Guest

    How much will it be on ps3?

    • Callofdutymappacksadmin

       $15 when it is released sometime in April.

      • Reese


  • Dannyboy1uk

    what time r they releasing them

  • Stevenjjessome

    mine wont work i downloaded it and went to spec ops and they are not there help please

    • Dannyboy1uk

      where did u find them? as i cant find it

  • Phillyboy9088

    selected download and only says pending.

    • Rlanes79

      That’s all mine says too… Anyone have any ideas???

  • Vikingfan858

    15$ in march 20 2012 Xbox 360

  • Agentyoda95

    mine won’t download all it says is pending

    • Gavinfiggins

      Thats all mine says

    • Mike_sijtsema

      Go to dashboard.

  • Markbookham

    how do i install a single map..? i dont want all of them as i only have a small memory card (no harddrive)

  • KBDBlackout

    How large is the file?

  • Mevenrocks

    Wasn’t Overwatch supposed to drop for PS3 on the 24th?  I guess these are all SOFT release dates?  Get to it Activision!  

  • Eaw23

    how do you downloaad it

  • Guest

    I downloaded the maps but they are not in the game…anyone know why?

  • J Maxwell

    I don’t get how you get the maps at all :s like I’ve downloaded the wee 108kb thing then when i hit download maps on the in-game store it doesn’t do anything! help!!!

    • Thai Icepack

      there is a bug microsoft say they are working on it, give it a couple hrs they say

  • Urmum

    microsoft point cost 2 much now like gold membership its £60 lower it please and u will get me customers