Has your Modern Warfare 3 rank been reset or rolled back?

It has become apparent that quite a few users are having issues with their Modern Warfare 3 rank being reset or rolled back a few ranks. According to Activision this is because the save data for your rank has become corrupt some how, this could be because you turned off your console or PC while the ranks were synchronising with the Modern Warfare 3 servers.

Similar problems have plagued Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 in a similar way where your stats would be completely reset or rolled back. In Black Ops, for some users their account data becoming corrupted lead to much worse problems where your account couldn’t be updated so you couldn’t ever change you custom classes or anything else related to your account. Lets hope the rank resetting in MW3 doesn’t extend to the same problems that hit Black Ops.

This shouldn’t happen ever really so make sure you always turn off your hardware properly and don’t go yanking your internet out randomly! Of course if your internet were to cut out before your rank is reset then that could cause problems, I recommend you don’t close down your console till you’ve got the internet back so it can sync because if you restart it or turn it off it may not sync properly. Personally after I’ve finished a session I change some of my create a class settings and leave it for a little bit to make sure it will update my stats on Activision’s end. It is not an ideal system and it is entirely Activision’s problem but hopefully once they fix all the network problems they’ve been having it will improve.

If your save file does become corrupted or doesn’t get synced then Activision will automatically load your last previous backup which they store on their servers, either way it’s a lot better than being reset back to 1! All praise backups!

Update: “My rank has been boosted up by a server”: Some users have reported that after joining certain games their rank has been boosted by a huge amount after joining “hacked” games which they have no control over, this can completely ruin the game for people because it will ruin all your stats completely. If this happens to you, you should immidietly unplug your console/PC from the internet and turn if off ASAP. This is a case where you actually don’t want your stats to be saved onto Activision’s servers. It’s ironic that one of the games biggest problems can be used to solve one of the games other problems but if you don’t want your stats and rank ruined then this is what you’ll have to do!

This problem also happened frequently on Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 so you’ll just have to make sure you do this if you join a hacked server so your rank and stats aren’t ruined.

Update 2: How to prevent: A quote here from fourzerotwo’s twitter feed on how to prevent your stats from resetting and how you know they wont save: “If you ever get knocked back to menus with an error, it stops writing stats, you should restart your console for fresh connection.” so if this happens you’ll know what to do, but he later went on to say “This will be addressed in the next update to prevent it from ever happening so you don’t have to worry about it.”

  • phoenix

    I was at level 46 when i got reset to lvl 18 in the middle of a match. I have shut down eveything properly everytime. I dont understand how i can be set back so far. This makes me not want to buy anything infinity ward ever again.

    • Admin

      It could be that they backup their data infrequently, or you just levelled up too fast for them to keep up! It could be a problem on their end though, I know the Call of Duty Elite servers etc have been swamped which has caused network issues throughout the whole game.

      • mox1e88

        i was level 45 and now been reset to level one and have lost all my guns perks which i spent days unlocking really upset and angry all my stats have been wiped but still shows my game completion percentage and also shows my highest wave counts online but show me having blank stats ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please help us

  • Not happy!! Daz

    This has also just happened to me!
    My last day off work.. Spent a token to get double xp and played all day, cigarette ash all over my chest.. U get the idea and BANG! A game ended and I went back from somewhere in the region of 54 right back to 42!! I noticed it as I lost my guns and perks!! I hope they see this as I want my token back! Please*
    really p****d me off… All day!

    This happened in play so don’t believe the “be sure to switch your console off correctly” story!


    One angry chap

    • Admin

      Yea this was probbably an Activision problem then! I’d contact them to see if you can help since its their fault! There are a few ways to trigger this problem.

  • Rene

    PisS played 7 hours stright to find out that I’m back to where I stared

  • Makaveli

    It’s complete BS! It has happened to me 3 times now. First time I played for like 2 hours and went from lvl 18 to 29 then I shutdown my ps3 normally and turn it back on an hour later and it had been reset back to 18. After that it didn’t happen again for like 2 days and then I get rolled back from 63 to 60. I didn’t mind that that much cause it was only 3 levels but it still pissed me off. And just now I finished playing and went from 64 to 68 and was extra careful not to turn it off in a bad way so I let the game stay idle for like 5 mins then I want to main menu then I quit the game and then I turned off the ps3 using the PS button. I turned it back on to check and it has been rolled back to 64. I’m absolutely raging about this. It’s just ridiculous. Makes me wanna not play the game. They better change the system or patch it or something cause its just stupid playing at this stage if your gonna be reset back every couple of levels.

  • diseasedy0

    rank just got rolled back from 64 to 54.. and its still doing as i’m lvling up again… some how can i fix my rank information if it is corrupted? some clarification would be neice.. this is complete bullshit

    • Admin

      If it has become corrupted you cannot get it back according to Activision – It will instead revert to the previous backup they had of your account.

  • why

    my rank got reset from 1st prestige level 39 to 1st prestige level 6. At first it showed on the leader boards that i was 39, but then it it showed i was level 6. The time also reset, that i played to get from level 6 to 39. All my pro perks are gone and and my guns are back to level 1. It’s like i never got to level 39 :’(

  • LG

    this is a flipping joke, I have been rolled back 2 times now from level 43 to 33 and from 33 to 17, like really activison fix up! is there even any point me playing online anymore…

  • KS

    Yeah, i was rolled back to 73 from 77. It reset all my leaderboards back and everything. Im very frustrated with activision.

  • WoodzY___

    Got to prestige level 30 in middle of game And the host left…the game started lagging so I left next thing I know I’m back to 10 fukin pissed me off something serious cant be arsed ranking back up now cuz games r shit laggy btw I have games in my theatre mode that show me level 30. Fix this shit NOW IW and if u can’t reset our ranks then at least give us about 5 of those shitty prestige tokens!!!!!!!

  • x-DaN-97

    try being reset or rolled back 10 fucking times,i SDF fix it now and fucking get me back my levels didn’t pay to a get piss WTF are you’s doing with your lifes hurry up and fix it cuz am sick of your bullshit and excuses you’s are useless bastards who dont know how to make a game.So basically fa point me playing anymore just lost all my excitment!

  • David

    I’m not playing mw3 again! i was lvl 62 then i noticed it jumped back to lvl 47

    • Rodrigobonel

      I was level 59 then i jumped to 1 man!

  • john

    This happened to me 2 time 2ns prestige lvl 3 dropped to 73 1st then 3rd lvl 55 dropped to lvl 35 20 lvl drop 2 time gettin kinda mad

  • Rob Skinner

    This has happened to me everyday for the last 4 days…!!!

    I created a new account this morning thinking that was the problem, then played up to level 16, left my ps3 for at least 2 hours to make sure there was no updating issues, then turned it off then on again and have gone back to level 3..

    Yet in the leaderboards I am set as level 16, I have made sure I left the ps3 for a while and turned it off correctly. What am I meant to do?!?!?!

    • Admin

      Yeah it seems to keep your actual score for some reason yet still rolls back your rank! What i’ve started doing is after playing a few games, afterwards i changes some of my custom classes, i figured if they are getting updated then so is your rank! Maybe try that next time?

  • Rob Skinner

    As it puts me back to level 3 I can’t create any classes let alone change them.. Is there anything else I can do? I’ve tried changing titles and emblems etc.

    • craig

      hi m8 this has happended 2 me ive lost over 2000 kills because of it :( i found a way to cure it 4 me i play online for an hour and then go back onto the main menu and go on multiplayer agen and connect to online services litteraly takes 30 seconds i do this every hour now and it has worked for me everytime no more getting deranked :)

  • http://Help Jordan palmer

    I should be on the seond prestige by now but every time i turn my ps3 on i always end up on level 41

  • Kenneth

    I got reset 3 times two days in a row yesterday nd today i lost my gold gun =(

  • Doug

    Your suggestion of changing your custom classes doesn’t work. I changed the secondary on one of my classes to stinger when I reached the necessary level then shut down normally. The next time I played I had been deranked 2 levels, didn’t have stinger and couldn’t choose it because I didn’t have a high enough rank.

    • craig

      hi m8 this has happended 2 me ive lost over 2000 kills because of it :( i found a way to cure it 4 me i play online for an hour and then go back onto the main menu and go on multiplayer agen and connect to online services litteraly takes 30 seconds i do this every hour now and it has worked for me everytime

      • Dan

        Do you play mw3 for an hour or another game?

  • Stex tron

    Levels are all ok , perks are fine.. but all mine and my friends ranks are currupted, some have gone down and some have gone up… only happened within last 2 days 12th Jan 2012  
    has the mellenium bug finely happened !!!  lol

    • pillboner

       me and two of my friends leader board ranks where set back like 10 million?  everything other then my overall rank is fine.  but i was in the top 10,000 or better for like everything.  all my kills and stuff are the same. but my rank is junk?  just happened today jan 13…  and iv never glitched modded or anything like that.  whats the deal, anyone?

      • Stex tron

        yes mine was today, it was ok yesterday ( I thought it began earlier but just checked with other friends, all theirs are the same, even on elite levels)  major problem, for mw3. 
        I hazard  a guess and say some one made a cockup with the backup server, why don’t they just own up… all they have to do to put it right is change the algorithm on the database and do a sort by score, this would probably mean putting the server down for a few hours…..  get off your bums and give us a reasonable service.   Rankings are everything to this game… why run a race when there are no places to win.
        I guess it’s back to Battlefield 3, I pity the poor saps who paid extra for elite status

  • Chris

    Today i was playing MW3 on my wii. Suddenly it told me that I had joined a hacked server and boosted my ranks up a ton! I had only started a few weeks ago and was slowly getting better. Now I have all gold guns all challenges completed etc. I just e mailed activision to make sure i am not banned for hacking. I was given no choice and was unaware anything unusual was happeneing. Will my ignorance lead me to be banned?

  • Mitch

    I was playing MW3 on my wii.  Then all of a sudden I join a group.  Right after that the game says I got kicked out and all of my classes were locked because I was back to level 1!!!  The strange thing is I still have all my emblems and what not, and when I joined another group I went to pick a class and everything was still there, but when I picked any of them it ended up being a crappy assault rifle and I’m still angry because I WAS at level 59

    • Whatever

      Almost the same thing happened to me! I turned it on and it reset my multiplayer completion to -998% and locked my classes and guns. Any advice?

  • Donaldbergeron

    yea this happened to me today was level 63 8th prestige got on today and was level 53 8th prestige and all my guns have been deranked too PISSED!

  • Avery Thornton

    i went to my parents house for the weekend and recovered my gamertag on my dads console and played a little while. when i got back to my house sunday night, i signed into my account and was about to play online when a message popped up saying “Your data is corrupt, or didnt download properly. You must reset your rank to continue.” so then i went to the dashboard and tried to download my gamertag and once it finished i checked to see if the message was still going to pop up. Sure enough it did. so then i called my dad to get him to see if it was requiring my account to be reset on his xbox. Sure enough it was. So then i downloaded my gamertag on to my brothers console and tried one last time and it STILL didnt work so i HAD to reset my stats. this is complete and utterly inexcusable. i did nothing wrong. i was a 5th prestige 43 before now i am reset to a rank 1 with NO stats. its not fair to me or any other players to have something like this done to them. immediate action needs to be taken to fix this problem or else call of duty is going to lose customers. like you just lost me!!!

  • Pierlucthebeat43

    I was on xbox 360, i was 9th prestige level 56, and i lost everything.. now im lvl 80 prestige 0 and  i got like 2000 kills with my MSR and i can’t get tittles , what can i do to get tittles back ( exemeple 2500 kill with a gun or only 500 ) ?? 

  • Cadet48

    On call of duty mw3 for the wi i had four accounts and i was lvl 70 prestige 2 on mine……then my brother got all my states and so did all my acounts i dont mind it but i just want to k.ow what happend all my acounts are my lvl now

  • avo15

    I was level 49 with all my favorite custom classes but suddely my profile somehow was he EXACT same as my brother’s. and he was a lower ranking too.

  • Sunnyhound0

    I was playing on my wii and got bored so I went on my lower ranked account that was only around lvl 10 and I see it has all of my stats first prestige lvl 65 so I’m like WTH? So I delete the account, I go back on mine and my stats are reset and I’m back to lvl one -.- my current callsign was the only thing that didn’t change .but I don’t even have the symbols anymore . Why did it do this?………….


    I was just at level 64!!!!!….   64!!!!…  now back to 1…..  ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • dmcgivney

    I used to play call of duty, was a big fan you name it, when mw3 came out i lost interest. I played both battlefield games and call of duty games for years, and when Battlefield 3 came out, i still to this day have not lost interest. For many, Battlefield may be to hard, and in reality its not that hard. Battlefield 3 is one of those games you will get good at if you keep on playing it and not give up on it. All the guns and vehicles in battlefield sound exactly like their real world counterparts. Everytime I join a game, its as if I just walked into a real life war. The graphics are amazing, and despite the so so campaign, the multiplayer made up for it. All the Battlefield games i’ve played, i have not met a single little kid or annoying hackers at all. Battlefield consists of mostly mature players. I don’t get as frustrated as much on Battlefield 3 as I do in Call of Duty. I enjoyed Call of Duty:World at War, and i was 10th prestige level 30 legit, and a big nazi zombies guy and one night i joined a game on der riese on xbox live, and the games starts and this hacker increases everyones rank to 10th prestige lvl 65, laughs and ends the game, now i cannot play Multiplayer or play online in Nazi zombies on my favorite Call of Duty game, I find this a common problem for many Call of Duty players. If you give Battlefield 3 a chance you might like it, what i like the most is you can have 3 weapon attatchments for your gun and no hackers!

  • footyboy

    I was 5th prestige 51 and this guy told me he could make me 10th 80 so i said yes I went in a private match he killed me and I killed him he told me to leave the game and go into vault or theatre and watch his 10th prestige video I did so i went back into my game and it said I was level 1 I reset my console and it still said I was level 1 and I am stuck at level 1

  • dellers

    In Modern Warfare 2 the people behind the hacked servers can derank you and take away all that you’ve earned, and I wouldn’t expect it to be any different in MW3. It’s a more likely explanation than a bug in the game, as in Blops.

  • Tomh100

    I have been deranked by the vault thing if can anyone help me my gamertag is TnR CLuTcH please help :(

  • Zander123AV

    Ive been Deranked after entering a lobby with a “hacker” I think I was lvl 52 Please Help! D’:
    I wiill do anything