How to download MW3 DLC and Content Drops

The content season for Premium ELITE members for Modern Warfare 3 has begun! Check out the two sectons below for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for details on how to download the new content.

“In order to download the new maps you must be an ELITE Premium member. You can become a Premium member by purchasing a subscription through the in-game store or console application.”

If you are not an ELITE Premium member: Then you can purchase map packs from your platforms respective store. There are 4 map packs available for Modern Warfare 3: Collection 1, Collection 2, Collection 3 & Collection 4. Each map pack is priced at $15 and gives you access to certain drops that the ELITE players recieved.

ELITE Premium members will be able to download Drops via their consoles respective Store for free.

When the first Map Pack is released, you will also find it in the store but will obviously have to pay either $15 or 1200 Microsoft Points.

*XBOX 360 ELITE Players read below (PS3 After)*

The DLC will likely roll out to different areas over the world slowly so if you haven’t got a message or anything yet then just hold out till the end of the day.

1. Launch MW3 on the Xbox 360.
2. From the Main Menu, select Multiplayer.
3. From the Multiplayer Menu, select Store (notice NEW is listed for Premium users).
4: The Store screen will feature different options based on whether you are currently an ELITE Premium member or not.

  • ELITE Premium subscriber – ELITE premium users will see both ELITE Drop maps (Liberation and Piazza) listed as downloads with the cost shown as Free (0 Microsoft Points).  You will need to download both maps, otherwise you will encounter error messages directing you to download the missing map when trying to play them anywhere other than MP Private Match.
  • Non-Premium – Non-premium users will be directed to the current MW3 retail store when Store is selected, where they can continue to download trailers, avatar items, and picture packs.

5: Verify that the transaction price for the ELITE Drop maps is zero Microsoft Points, and select Confirm Purchase.
6: Select OK and Exit MW3 to allow the multiplayer maps to download.”

A video has also been released by the CALLOFDUTY YouTube channel on how to download the content for the Xbox 360.

*For PlayStation 3 Players:*

  • Log onto the PlayStation 3 Network and start Modern Warfare 3
  • Install and update to the mandatory 1.10 update
  • Click on Store on the main page
  • Choose the Elite Drop 1 & 2: Piazza and Liberation (Bundle)
  • You will then be taken to the download panel where you will see one download for Liberation and one for Piazza.
  • Press the download all button or download them both seperatley and you’re done!
  • To play the maps, go to find game and then choose the new ELITE Playlist which has appeared. (Pictures Below)

Note: If you notice there are lots of downloads in the list for the same content, only download the one that matches the BLES code of your game. You can find your BLES code on the back of your manual.

A video has now been official released for help on playing and downloading the DLC for PlayStation 3 users:

Enjoy the new maps and let us know what you think of them! See you on the battlefield.
Source: Activision

  • Pekkzour

    but i am a elite mebmber and i have not a green market -new- beside store :(

  • Bigspencee

    why hasnt mine still showed up?? it shows the new game modes n stuff but i still cant find/download the maps, is there some sort of problem with it? ( yes i do have premium elite)

  • jawrules

    So if you don’t have premium membership, you can’t get the map pack at all?

  • Slickshit_69

    you have to wait a week or two if you’re not a premium member

    • Samjanson

      im an elite member (not a premium),so we get the new maps a week or two after the premium users do?

  • R3DSTATiiC

    this is BS

  • Leo

    Really? Ps3 version gets it sometime on February?! What about the Ps3 elite users??

    • Leo


    • Gavin Stewart82

      well ps3 is terrible thts why you get it later

      • Imawinner


      • kia

        Or because microsoft are greedy cunts.

  • LeGeNdArYnOoBxD

    Thats just stupid. Why couldn’t they do it like in mw2 so everyone can download the maps. InfinityWard made a noob-move!!

    • Touch_my_xxy_bullet

       yo did ya get it from chris smoove?? =D

      • LeGeNdArYnOoBxD

         Yes Sir :D

        • Rfassis

          How did that guy not notice it?!

  • Cline62

    $50.00 for the membership. Only two maps. And you can only play them in the Elite setting, IN SOFTCORE MODE!!!! What a rip off!!!!!!

    • Adjadldq

      its new stuff each month retard…. 

  • Christian

    Got the maps. How do you play them? By yourself or your guest? Wat a rip-can anyone fill me in or help me out. I just want to use and play the things I paid for. Or is it just some weak ass scam

  • poopsicle

    Quit whining about the cost of Elite. Its 50 bucks for a YEAR. Thats 13.70 cents/day for pete’s sake, i sometimes find more than that in my poo. You can all whine about it for the next 9 months (Paying 13.70 cents/day to not be angry seems like a no brainer) or you can just buy the damn thing. 

    • Brennanblack

      k asshole

  • Anonymous

    i am a member of cod elite and happy about it. i do think they need to speak to the cod elite members more and be more clear on what they are getting as many feel cheated and tricked. but heres the truth MAP PRICES are going up! Retail maps are going up so if you do not have COD elite you will be paying more then you paid for black ops maps. they balance the price of maps going up with the introduction of elite.

  • Anonymous

    i am a member of cod elite and happy about it. i do think they need to speak to the cod elite members more and be more clear on what they are getting as many feel cheated and tricked. but heres the truth MAP PRICES are going up! Retail maps are going up so if you do not have COD elite you will be paying more then you paid for black ops maps. they balance the price of maps going up with the introduction of elite.

  • Anonymous

    i am a member of cod elite and happy about it. i do think they need to speak to the cod elite members more and be more clear on what they are getting as many feel cheated and tricked. but heres the truth MAP PRICES are going up! Retail maps are going up so if you do not have COD elite you will be paying more then you paid for black ops maps. they balance the price of maps going up with the introduction of elite.

  • Louis

    i do all of this but when i click confirm they just stay “pending” i left it for a good 10 mins and it didnt start downloading. what should i do?

    • Guest

      go out of the game it should start to download from there

  • Kris

    if you have elite and buy the maps do you get the maps on all your accounts

  • Dylanf141414

    i bought elite and i am just wondering because me and my bro paid half each we he be able to go on the maps on his account or will it just be mine

  • mortalkombatwarfare

    agree with poopsicle bitches whine as if it affected their lives 

  • Melissaneilson21

    I found the new maps however why is it only showing liberation and not the piazza one for disc bles 01428?? I can’t play them cos there’s not a download for piazza? Help someone pls

    • Dmouse88

      Hi Melissa. I’ve got the same problem. No piazza and its telling me DLC1 is missing it damaged. Anyone know why this is happening?

      • MrAnonymous

        same is happening to me i got liberation ad can play it but not piazza

        • http://twitter.com/MHPGraphics MHP Graphics

          same here m system freeze every time i try to play it !

    • Theunholymage

      It is there it is a download for each one not together

  • Deco_2o

    i cant find the maps in the ps3 store please help
    i’m an elite member  

    • Theunholymage

      Type in modern warfare 3 in the psn search and it will show up as drop pack

  • Fmradio96


  • Deco_2o

    i cant find it in the PSN US store i have area code BLES-01428 

    • Haefnerdarian@gmail.com

      The US store doesn’t support the product code BLES-01428, only the UK does

  • Gamercom4u

    Hi guys I downloaded the map packs (ps3) and when I try to play them it says that the dlc is missing

    I downloaded them installed and everything so wtf is happening

    • atl404

      i have the same problem …..i download and installed them six times and Elite twice

      • Bam_be

        you need to download piazza and liberation seperately, theres 2 downloads

  • Adam

    when i downoald the maps it says error code please help!!! im an elite member but it always says that

    • Jazza490

      Iv got the same Problem have found out how to do it

      • Andy Kuz

         what did you do?

  • Chris

    Purchased Hardened Edition and am an Elite member but I do not have the downloadable content available in the store. 
    The ‘Elite Drop 1&2: Piazza and Liberation (Bundle)’ does not appear in the store. There is only one set of Add-on Content available but the BLUS code does not match what is printed on my copy of the game. 

  • Jgme

    same problem here, if I go straight to the psn I can see both maps, but when I try to download them appear a message and don’t let my download. Also triedfrom the game by clicking store but when I do that the maps don’t even appear in the store, please someone help! I’m an elite member from PR.

  • Vr0268

    I have the steelbook case and I have no idea what my “BLES” code is. Any way to check?

  • Rmkroetsch

    Thank YOU!  This is a simple and easy to understand step by step instruction page!  I have been trying to figure this sh*t out all day! 

  • Jazza490

    I can’t download them because of maintains how long will it take till I can get them

  • mw3 problems

    i need to pay to get the mw3 maps liberation and piazza? the problem is in play station store in what category i will found it if u can please answer me i have ps3

    • swaginabottle

      Add ons

  • UFO

    hey guys i need to know ok nevermind i got a big problem when i login in plastation network it says error 103587d89 or something like that, if someone can helpme 

  • Cod fan

    Do u have to be a primium member?

  • Abranielquiroz

    i got the elite premium at the store the same day i got the game but i dont know how do i get it… when i sing in the ask me to buy the premium but i dont see where can i put the code from the receive of the store can some one help 

  • Camo789

    im not a elite member but how do i get the maps

  • anthony

    Wheres For PC ?

  • Michael

    Cause I Want To Play on The New MAPSAnd Also Get The Camos For PC

  • http://twitter.com/MHPGraphics MHP Graphics

    I have a ps3 and i Just download the 2 new maps but every time i try to play on PIAZZA my system freeze and i have to Hard reboot it. HOW DO I DELETE THE MAP PACK so i can reinstall it!

  • OMG MW#

    I am downloading DLC 4 black box map but i cant find it in store it said the download was disrupted and i cant find it anymore

    • dejoyce

      the same happened to me. i stopped the download and now its completely gone. does anyone know where to download it again? i am a premium member but cant find the map ANYWHERE in the xbox market place

  • Cwjj83

    Anyone else having problems downloading the new maps 4,5 and 6 on xbox?

  • joseph

    im signed up for elite but not premium and when i go to elite playlist in mw3 it says error need map piazza to play on elite

    • Xbaninebreaker

      because you need premium elite to get maps to play in the playlist

  • Snarf

    For all you PS3 users that are having trouble, you should have gotten a 360.

    • Spykesmail

      I only play on 1080p and your 360 can’t do that

      • lol

        yes it can o.o

    • Spykesmail

      oh and should I mention that a lot of 360 games are pirated especially in asia and I never support piracy.  

  • Collinpersad

    will the new maps be available for free users 

  • Thomas (guest)

    im on xbox 360 im singed up to elite,but not premium member,i purchased the dlc map packs,now all the maps in download say pending,will i ever be able to play them or have i just wasted my money??

  • Aaronfitzpatrick07

    when are the maps out for ps3 non elite users, if there out how do you download them

    • Xfamositoneciox

       sometime in april they will be added to the store

  • Daan32

    I downloaded the map pack for PS3, but i don’t have liberation…

  • Gabcajigal

    when i download the elite mappacks its says i have a 2 account or something then i cant download it sux

  • Jrj1997

    i downloade the maps overwatch liberation and piazza but it wont let me play them it says piazza is missing or damaged and i need to download them but i have 3 times any ideas?

  • Dronkie_Gunner

    We dont have ELITE in South Africa. The DLC also doesnt appear in the store. I dont know if this is caused by me regestered on the Elite site and my PS is registered in South Africa. Any other way to get the maps?

  • Kodystarkey

    When I go to the store, the only items that pop up are the theme downloads. I’m an Elite member and I can not get the download. What is up with that?

  • Kamo278

    When i follow the insturctions to download the drops, there is 14 files in drop1 and 2 and 7 in drop 3, i tried downloading 1 file from each drop but the maps arent appearing online even after being installed :S in the video tutorial it only shoed one file in each drop.

  • Bradzdude97

    i bought the mw3 map pack and it says that i need to got store and download it and i do then nothing cums up so wot do i do ~??

    • Bradzdude97

      i click store and it says go to mw3 store or download purchsed maps and i click purchesd maps and it dont do anything

      • DaveW

        Same here. I hit the “A” button to “Download Elite Content” but nothing happens.  I tried Activision’s website but it just ran me around in circles.  Didn’t let me email customer service or even post in their forums.  I am mad as hell right now.

  • Mattyboden27

    I have clearly downloaded the maps but whenever I click on the link to send me to download these new maps it sends me back to the multiplayer menu. Help???

  • Guest

    I downloaded Collection 1 but everytime I go to the store and press download purchased maps, it doesnt respond.

    • Mattyboden27


  • Marsdenlfc92

    It won’t download, when I click on store it gives me the option to download elite content but when I click on it, it just goes back to the multiplayer menu and does nothing

    • Jawsinwales

      same here dude how do i do it

      • elliotbailey94

        me too its really annoying having paid for the premium membership and i cant even download the maps :(

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=572505503 Jeremy G.

          My buddy is having this same issue. Anyone know the fix?

          • Berserk Soul

            im having the same problem also

          • Yomaam

            I know how i just did it 

          • Tzepeda21

            how did you fix it?

      • Bigdog0501

        Guys Activision And Microsoft and Infinity Ward were aware of this issue and will be fixed as of this Wednesday so you’ll be able to download them.You should follow them on twitter so you can get updated of the news

    • BKlounge14

       I’m having the exact same problem….

    • RoestigeSpyker

       I have the same problem.. and I have a xbox360..

    • Chaseecc

      im having the same problem

    • J4mmo1


    • Igor_tinoco

      I`m having the same problem. If anybody knows how to fix this please help me!

  • Elpayaso201

    wtf have to be a member to get the map packs hella gay

  • lfc

    can you get the new maps without being a elite member ???????

  • Mrmphisto5

    It lets me download and also install but when i goto the elite menu it say i do not have the map packs to play……..???

  • Mrmephisto5

    i goto elite playlists and it says i dont have the map packs for this game which i did actually download whats going on we play money for nothing very disappoinitng

    • swaginabottle

      It’s doing the same thing to me I have the set of 3 (4th 5than 6th maps they dropped) and the first 3 that had come out and it says I need to download some code that’s on the spine of the ganesh box. But I have no idea where to download it from. It’s starting to miss me off.

    • upsetmw3player

       i get the same message is there any fix to this as yet all i wanna do is play the new content

  • Gopickett

    If you get the message “map is missing or damaged” and you are elite it’s because you only downloaded one of the files.  Go back to the store and select the add-on and click “DOWNLOAD ALL” on the bottom.  I did this.  You think they would make it easier.

  • Blazer

    I already downloaded it but it says I can’t play on it.

  • Jay

    I am having the same issue.. Activision says they are working on a fix

  • Okeemthedream

    I Got It Yesterday and is still not working.

  • Ali Hopper82

    i have the exact same problem any ideas on how to fix it?

  • wesley

    i download all the maps.. i got elite today and it says i dont have all map pack yet.. but i download all those maps

  • Jcsmith

    oh my god i click on easy acsess menu and nothing im so pissed i spent weeks building up the money and now this!

  • Alpwn3d

    exit out to the dashboard retards.

  • Oord93

    go straight to playstation store and then search on call of duty modern warfare 3 or elite or something like that, then you can download thats how i did it

  • Yomaam

    All of u people are lame it is easy to do but u have to do it a pacific  way u doesn’t tell u the Pacific way he wants u to figure the part out

  • Yomaam


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GJHZMFGMDGR6FUPE5DKDT5L32M wardancer

    i downloaded the map pack and now i cant play ..! Wtf…!?! they trying to double dip in a brotha’s pockets for …!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GJHZMFGMDGR6FUPE5DKDT5L32M wardancer

    Apparently they want us to pay for the membership/pay for downloading the maps/ now we must pay for Elite….!?! i may end up switching to PS3 slim

  • Amestyr

    when i can acces the new map i’ having the same problem …….

  • Lachlanbrown99

    it lets me dowload it and install it ut when i go on MW3 it doesnt show up

  • TheDopestDope

    These maps look dope, quit half assin n git er dun!!

  • Marvin

    i download it, everythings good but it didnt download sancuary.. how can i redownload it?

  • Kelly_marlena

    i have the elite premium membership but it keeps telling me that it costs 15 dollars, i have a ps3 and i paid the 50 dollars when it came out and i get all the single maps for free but it will not let me get the collection 1 for free.

    • http://twitter.com/mappackscod Call of Duty MP

       You have to download the ELITE Content Drops individually. If you visit Store from the MW3 menu, you’ll see a download for each content drop 1-9 rather than in one big bundle

  • Epic_Meercat_105

    i can download the packs but sometimes it says something about a code im missing, or it will download and not show up at all on the game map selections. help plz

  • William Canham

    When I try to dwonload Sanctuary and Foundation it says that the content is not available on my account. Why? I downloaded the rest of the drops just fine.

  • SWAGGINshotsGEE1

    dlc wont even work it did not look like that when i was gunna download it …..


    They got my $$$$$ but I have no MAPS !~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adam

    i am not an elite member but i bought the second map add on but it is telling me playing with original maps only download DLC content you are entitled to from the store in order to play on dlc maps…..wtf dose this mean did i just waste my money????

  • christian

    i downloaded all the maps but for somereason everytime i download the last one it says downloaded but then when i look it says its not downloaded need help its really anoying me

  • hunterbase

    i have buyt map pack 2 but how can i play it online do i need first to have map pack 1?

  • R.M.