Infinity Ward Confirms: No Classic maps to return in MW3

Disappointed or relieved? Perhaps a bit of both?

Infinity Ward has confirmed that classic maps from previous Call of Duty titles will not be included in Modern Warfare 3′s DLC 9 month season of content.

A forum post over on Activision’s official forum demanding extra information about the DLC season went as follows: “Personally I am getting more and more fed up with the lack of information coming out about content. Last month on xbox Sanctuary and Foundation just appeared – no notice, videos or details released prior. I assume (rightly or wrongly) May may well see the release of Content Collection 2 as well (on Xbox) as that should consist of 6 pieces of content (all Maps) and if like March – a week after.” Via Forum member BAMOZZY.

He was replied to by a developer from Infinity Ward with the following response: “We’ll attempt to give you a better heads up on release timing moving forward. One of the issues we face is we sometimes don’t receive release date notification from the first parties and internal QA until late in the day.

I can confirm that paid DLC will consist of all new maps, missions etc.


The confusion and anger among users comes from a lack of information regarding Map Pack release times and little to no information provided about what will be release when the time comes round, considering ELITE Premium members are paying $50 a year for the service, users expect a better service. A good example of the unexpected nature of DLC release comes as ELITE Content Drops 7 & 8 were released almost out of the blue for Xbox 360 Premium members.

We find it unfortunate that no classic maps will be included in Modern Warfare 3, former Creative Strategist Robert Bowling thought classic maps should be returned in Modern Warfare 3 for free, as the developer said though “PAID” DLC will not include classic maps, that doesn’t mean we could get some classics released for free right!? (Highly unlikely but one can hope).

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  • Mark

    There were some great maps in Modern Warfare I would love to come back.  I am particularly fond of Pipeline.  If they wanted to they can release all the Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 maps for no charge, especially if you bought the game originally.  They know that info as it shows you your emblems in MW3.  Of course there is no ££ in that so it will never happen but if it did they could call it the Loyalty Pack :)

  • White Mamba

    Why does IW have to be so cheap and uncreative I mean I know it’s old maps and and it’s fun to bring back classic even for recent COD players(like myself first cod was mw2 never played cod4) so it would be a great experience for all kinds of players