Modern Warfare 3 Update 1.03

An update for Modern Warfare 3 was released today, bringing the game to version 1.03 now. The update is 21 MB big so its not a substantially large update. There has been no official comment on what the update includes yet but we have noticed that the network issues we we’re having surrounding joining parties and with Spec Ops / Survival game modes are now fixed.


According to a source here we have learned that the update has also fixed some network issuses on Activisions end of things, allowing for the high demand of the huge volume of online players. Like with previous edition of Call of Duty, their servers have to deal with such a large number of online players it’s essential that it never crashes or encounters any issues, these updates will stop this from happening and keep things smooth. Issues surrounding the Call of Duty Elite feature have also been addressed after high player demand caused some problems. Check update 3 for an official statement regarding 1.03 update.


Update 2:

A twitter post from Robert Bowling (Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3) has revealed the following information also, regarding the 1.03 update: “Modern Warfare 3 players on PS3 should have noticed an update today. Should address any “Out of Memory 14″ errors you may have seen.

He went on to say that future updates are on the way addressing the following problems: “We have several other #MW3 updates we’re currently preparing, including SD video uploads, general matchmaking & connectivity improvements.”

Update 3: On the 5th of December an official change log was released, stating that the 1.03 update fixed the following: “Theater Improvements (Fix to FF and RW in Theater), LAG improvements, Improvements to Hot Fix system.”

Check out our homepage here at for the latest update information for Modern Warfare 3

  • Smiles-Slayer

    The update sent me back 4 levels. Its not a big thing and all but damn…

    • aaron

      whats you ps3 online name and i will add yh

  • Shakugan

    Thats good to hear.


    Patch didn’t fix anything. First game after update, sitting at setting up game screen. Same crap as every game from this franchise. Never had an issue like this with battlefield.


      At least in Modern Warfare 3 your squad stays on the same team when you enter a game.


    Never had an issue with any of this, and my connection isn’t even that strong. Luck and population density i guess.

  • Ginyu

    I get error 80010514 when installing the patch. really weird. shouldnt get 80010514′ed on a patch. would you suggest a replacement of the laser?

  • eric

    Maybe you guys could put out an update so we get hardcore headquarters, and hc capture the flag. That would be nice.

  • DanesDK

    ^^ same.

    Every game type should be in SC, but ALSO in HC..

  • Dankcrew

    they should fix the damn mic problems on the game, use the same mic software that u used on black ops for mw3!!!!!

  • Kos_anarky