Modern Warfare 3 Update / Patch 1.06 released

Modern Warfare 3 owners will have noticed today that a new update is available for the game dubbed 1.06, we have been expecting this update for a while now. In a previous post where all the change log and patch notes were released officialy we were told what we should expect in this update.  Again the update is the standard 21MB big file size so it won’t take long to download and install. The 1.06 update is to fix the following issues:

“Additional improvements to address lag. Fix for Melee Jump. Clan Tag Validation (remove buttons from clan tags). Improve Host Migration logic. Prevent stat Loss.”

The biggest concerns users have had with Modern Warfare 3 are the problems with lag and the frustrating stat loss problems, we’ve noticed the game running much smoother since this update and hope the lag problems will be gone for good since this is the 4th update released that has addressed lag problems. The stat loss problem should be gone for good too but we’d suggest still being careful about it since you don’t want to take a risk and lose a lot of progress.

View more update and patch information related to Modern Warfare 3 here. Information has also been released regarding future updates such as fixes for the lag compensation system so expect that in the future too.

  • Djcoxy101

    Game plays a bit smoother but lag compensation seems worse been host on 3 occasions today and end up 0-23, 7-36 & 4-28. Now I don’t confess to being the best player in the world but can usual hold my own. N still find I’m aiming my gun emptying a couple of rounds n dyin then kill cam shows me standing there or aiming into space

    • Goresh14

      Your not the only one, patch has done nothing but bought them more time to try and sort things out.