Modern Warfare 3 Update/Patch 1.04

An update for the PS3 Version of Modern Warfare 3 has been released, version 1.04. It is 21 MB file, the same as the last patch. No official word has been said on what the update is to include but stay tuned for more information!

Being a small update, it is likely to bring some needed fixes to the game, hopefully further improvements on the network side of things which Call of Duty has been desperatley struggeling with. Other fixes are likely to be glitches in the maps that can give some users unfair advantages, such as the Outpost underground glitch which has been addressed in the patch.

As well as network issues, some users have reported that they have noticed fixes in the matchmaking side of things, makeing things smoother and actually work! Problems with lost connections to the host should now be smaller too. Improvements to the spawning system, which was causing enemy players to spawn too close to you have also been noticed.

Ironically and rather frustratingly, some users have reported that the patch has made the game much worse for them when playing online and has created more issues than it has solved. Have you experienced any of these issues after installing the patch? It could be Call of Duty’s servers are pretty busy as they are pushing this patch out to everyone but majority of people should notice improvements.

We personally are still experiencing in game lag and occasional freezes in game, we can only hope that these issues are fixed in a later patch or when Activision can cope with the enormous volume of users on their servers.

For those of you experiencing network issues, check out our post here on some fixes you can try.

Update: Fixes for network related problems etc are going to be in the next update, information here.

Update 2: On the 5th of December an official change log was released, stating that the 1.03 update fixed the following: “Change to address hitching and lag in gameplay.”

  • Kevin Hill

    I think the update has had no negative effects on my side, however I wish you guys would add ricochet to HCSD or something to get rid of those damned spawn TKer’s! It’s so ridiculous.

    Also individual sound settings “music, sound effects, master” would be nice I can’t stand hearing myself level up for 10 seconds straight when I could be listening to footsteps!

  • http://www.mateogodlike.com Mateo

    I wish they would have an option in settings to disable Music.. Its kinda annoying

  • Joe

    The music feature to be disabled would be nice. The lobby music while matchmaking and in the pre-game lobbies has a sound in the background similar to a leaf blower.

  • http://mw3 madvillecustoms

    I wish u could do something about the lag and the people that use lag switches and to help with the campers do like the game homefront if u stayed in one spot too long u would be removed from that match that would help reduce camping I understand lay prone or crouch take ur shot and fucking move around make the game worth playing.

  • craig webber

    since the update my connection has been terrible, almost unplayable.
    i dont know why they have to do these small updates, as they seem to do more damage than good. had a party of 6 playing together last night and we all had the same issue, so did all the opposition. puzzled

  • Marc-man

    they need to fix the problem mw3 is causing for fat ps3s. The games graphics drive the old ps3s cpu so hard that it gets to hot for the fan to cool and melts part of the motherboard. When you are able to play, the game overheats the ps3 and shuts it down after ten minutes of playing. Yes, it is the game because i can play any other game just fine without any problems whatsoever… thousands are having this same problem, you guys need to fix it asap… (i have both xbox and ps3 and the xboxs works fine)

  • silklis

    I was reported for using a glitch now it is patched so you die when you try to get in the trucks in outpost

    • Robert Bowling

      not necessary, everyone dies when they get near the glitch. Comment was unnecessary, everyone knows who has this game, it has been stated in the update.

  • Dark Naxos

    I would like to see more playlist options like mw2 classic hardcore ricochet hq the only game type I really played now I’m stuck playin domination and hope you bring back rust and scrapyard :)

    • VinTheDean

      I agree. I really wish they would bring back Ricochet to HC Modes. You should try playing HC Kill Confirmed. It’s next best thing to HC HQ.

  • Robert Bowling

    You guys really need to fix the spawning in this game, including some lag. After this patch I’ve noticed once in a while, i would start to lag. This happens for about 1 minute but is very frustrating and disturbing when i have a really big kill streak when this happens.

    Also everyone, and i think everyone wants you guys to fix the spawns. Sometimes the enemy spawns behind me and kills me, even sometimes i spawn and i see there whole team or like 3 players right beside me. This game would be perfect if you guys work on these issues. Instead of paying attention into petty glitches which you guys already resolved, work on these issues.

    Thanks so much!

  • Tony

    Why is it so hard to join your friends in free for all or other game modes, its like the system is set up to keep friends from playing together. And what is up with the private party settings it should be my choice if I want to set my party to private.

  • Kidrobot112

    There seems to be major problems with in game voice chat between players. I’m not sure if this has been addressed or talked about. But, I’m throwing it out there. While players are speaking, the voice chat starts breaking up really badly. Often causing players to have to repeat their statements over and over again.

  • kearner

    Please please bring back Ricochet, the team killing especially in search ruins your game. You make it able for these wanna be salty people take our their frustration with them sucking dick at the game on people who would actually wanna play for real

  • http://MW3 dyllansmith

    This update sucks because i cant go online,I have school tomar…

  • alpha

    Has anyone found a solution to the fat-PS3 crashing issue? Confirmed that reinstalling game data and save data does not work (multiple fails). Only got around the midway point of the campaign, and it constantly shuts my machine down in the first few minutes of ‘Bag and ‘Drag’. No sense in even attempting multiplayer as the crashes are random. Happened 5 times now, and I am not willing to risk any more until there is a confirmed fix.

    Activision have dropped the ball on this, and I will think twice and do research before I even consider another one of their games. No more first-day buys for me.