Collection 2

MW3 Collection 1 & 2 half price next Tuesday!

Xbox 360 gamers will be able to purchase the first to content collection map packs for Modern Warfare 3 half price next week, starting tueday through till the following Monday.

The sale will reduce the cost of the two map packs from 1200 Microsoft Points down to just 600, a right bargain!

Collection 1 includes 2 spec ops missions and 4 multiplayer maps.

Collection 2 includes 2 spec ops mission, 3 multiplayer maps and 2 Face Off maps.

Collection 2 Video:

Collection 1 Video:

As well as the two MW3 Map Packs all of the Black Ops map packs will also be on sale! Check out all four of them below:

via (video gamer). Which one(s) will you be getting?

  • Asimister

    Great i already have collection 1 so i will get collection 2 ( but face off ) umhhh

  • Jeffrey Lane Smith

    how about what they are doing to the PS users that blows. i have all of the maps that are out for the PS, but this is just not right. what are they going to do this next month for the PS. also like ive seen on the mw3 forums this is just a spit in the faces of the elite premium members.

    • Phuoc Vo

      well, this is why Xbox 360 is better . . . plus it came out before PS3. Or it’s just the way IW wants to run it, even though IW still sucks balls! However, for this one event, I will not hold it against IW. They may suck at their programming, but goddam this deal is once in a lifetime