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MW3 Content Season – How the Content Drops and Content Collections will work and roadmap

Yesterday it was revealed what was going to be included in the first MW3 drop for Call of Duty: Elite members. The first drop will include two new multiplayer maps, more information on that can be found here.

But how exactly is the release of content going to work for Non-Premium Elite subscribers compaired to Premium members? Basically the Map Pack releases are going to be split up into “Content Drops” and “Content Collections”

A “Content Drop” is a small piece of DLC that will inlcude just a few new features like the first one which will include just two maps. Drops are free and only available to Premium Elite members. Content in a Drop will always be released before it is put into a Collection. When referring to “A Drop” Call of Duty mean that as a single piece of additional content like a map rather than a collection of them.

A “Content Collection” is basically what most of us are used to when we think of Call of Duty Map Packs / DLC. It will be made up five content drops to form a collection which non-premium Elite members can then purchase for a price via Xbox LIVE, PSN or Steam.

“All content drops for Call of Duty Elite premium members will occur once a month, starting in January for Xbox Live users and will continue through the year, ending in September.  During the first three months of 2012, Activision will release five different content drops on three occasions in January, February and March, first on Xbox Live, followed by additional platforms at a later time. ”

“The first two Content Drops will be multiplayer maps—also playable in Modern Warfare 3 Survival Mode—that throw combatants into a war-torn Central Park and an Italian seaside village.  Liberation is a vast, militarized landscape, ripe for long-range sniper and LMG fire, with mounted turrets on either end that lend power to anyone brave enough to expose themselves in exchange for deadly firepower.  Piazza is the idyllic Italian getaway that is anything but, where tight corners and branching pathways pose great risk at every turn. Close-range combat dominates in Piazza, where attacks from behind, above and below are an ever-constant threat.

The third Content Drop will be available for download in mid-February and two additional Content Drops will go live in March, as premium Call of Duty Elite members will receive new content once a month through September.

Also in March, the first Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection will be available for purchase by the entire Call of Duty: MW3 player community on Xbox Live” and then later for PC and PS3 Members.

Roadmap of Content Releases:

  • 24th of January 2012: Two Content Drops will be released (Maps: Liberation and Piazza)
  • Sometime in Feburary: One Content Drop (Perhaps a new Spec Ops mission or an extension to the story)
  • Sometime in March: Two Content Drops will be released again (Likely to be more multiplayer maps)
  • Later in March: The 5 Content Drops will be formed into a Content Collection and released to be purcahse to Non-Premium Elite Xbox 360 owners

In total there will be 20 Drops, assuming 5 Drops per map pack / content collection we can assume there will be a total of 4 map packs for Modern Warfare 3. The 20 drops will be released over 9 months, releasing between 1 to 3 drops a month.

“To celebrate the launch of each new content drop, Call of Duty Elite will run specialized events for real-world prizes throughout the nine-month Season. Additional details about the Modern Warfare 3 Content Season for Call of Duty Elite and Collection series will be announced throughout the year.”

You can subscribe to Call of Duty’s Elite service at any time and get all Drops that have been released, before or after you subscribe. Now would seem like a pretty good time to sign up for the service though, it clearly has a lot to offer, giving you access to all the extra content a long time before non-Elite subscribers. The membership is $50 a year, check here for more info: Also have a read of what is going to be included in the first Drop here.

  • Johnboy200

    So what about PC players, screwed again I suppose!

    • COD IW Suck

      You think your screwed trying paying £40 or $60 for the wii version and having nothing done for us, no updates since last year, the spawn system is broken, air support does not work, the glitches and hacking not fixed i can go on! I’ll never buy another activision game or cod title ever agian, Activision, IW have made a big mistake, yes the wii cant match the ps360 but their have been more nintendo  systems sold then xbox and ps3 combined once wiiu comes out they have lost the opportunity to sell to loyal nintendo community for futuretitles and you guys on ps3 who paid the same hard earned money for elite to then not get the content at the same time is a joke

      Cod is clearly for xbox only coz they kiss bill gaites ar*e.


        your retarded. people who play cod on wii live off of welfare and eat their dinner out of a trash can. IW doesn’t care if ‘nintendo users’ buy their games. theres probably only like…….10 people on wii who actually buy it and then PLAY IT! just go get a ps3 or xbox and stop complaining about a game system that was designed to suck mario’s penis

  • angry customer X

    shocking, so nin subscribers get totally punished! After all the years of commitment, totally wrong. cod has become a dictatorship!

    • Ririiscool

      Ps3 elite users get it a month after Xbox even though we pay the same amount

    • Chris20246

      you save money when you get elite so why not get it and avode the whole thing

  • Topherdownfrown

    non elite are not punished..they get content at the same speed they did in all other cod’s…we pay the 50 upfront for the added bonus of getting them in advance…so you are just getting them at normal speed not punishment…

    • Bjorn van Rijszen

      Yes, that’s one way of looking at it.
      On the other hand, those who shelled out for Elite get the maps first, thus being able to learn the maps before those who don’t have Elite, thus having a distinct advantage over the guy just jumping in for the first time.
      Basically, it means running into people who’ve figured out the best hidey-holes, short-cuts and other generally annoying locations.

      One might argue that’s an unfair advantage.

  • forbidden

    get a 360 cry baby

  • Karlpenlington

    how long is some time after ???? xbox knows when its getting but what about ps3 ???? how long to wait ???

  • wesley snipes

    ok i have xbox 360 non premium elite, can i download the new maps for mw3 on jan 24th ?

    • Anonymous

      Afraid not. You’ll be able to purchase the extra content in the form of the conventional map pack. This might be released in march for non-premium elite xbox 360 players.

  • Drake Tefen McGuinty

    40 Minutes away and I doubt it’s ready to be launched at midnight.
    If we are lucky it will be ready by 8:00am and probably will jam up the servers
    and things wont be functional until a couple days or week later just like the launch of Elite.
    I sure hope they get their acts together at Elite and get this service working properly.

  • Devildog2283

    when does the maps come out for ps3 premium members??

  • Pcporter78


  • Chris20246

    there just try to get u to get elite you save 10 bucks in the long run

    • Mrearwag

       Not really… as you have to pay yearly and I possibly may still want to play MW3 in years time, meaning I would have to pay another £30 or $60 just to continue playing the content.

  • mw3 is beast

    So if i buy cod elite the last month of mw3 content season, I will have all mw3 content and all cod black ops 2 content season also?

    • Callofdutymappacksadmin

      That is a very interesting thought!  I guess it depends how the content season for the next COD will work. Perhaps you will have to choose between which game you want to have DLC for? Guess we wil just have to wait and see!

    • nova

      no it dont work that way u only get one

  • Madmanadam

    what time do they come out today

  • Thomas6128549

    but we all ways get stuf later bthen x box thoth

  • Jamo

    wait so non-subscribing elite members dont get the maps for free? wtf?

    • gamerlegion

      haveing elite come with the free maps but if you dont have elite, you cant expect people who don’t have elite to get free maps, that way cod will not recive any money

  • Tired of waiting

    I have a PS3 and I have moved on. This is the first COD game that I lost interest in while waiting for maps. They lost me a month ago and my son two months ago. 
    So when will NORMAL PS3 users get maps…2013?

  • juicethemi1kman

    when does content 7&8 come out?

  • Hatchick

    i have a wii and wont elite