MW3 DLC Monthly Schedule for Elite members released

Update: The Call of Duty MW3 content calendar has now been changed, find the most update post here:

Original post: As we’ve known for some time now, there is going to be 20 drops of DLC content for Elite subscribers over a 9 month period (Starting in january with the first two).

It’s been mentioned multiple times that Infinity Ward wants to offer more than just new multiplayer maps through their DLC releases. The timeline shows that we have 6 new Spec Ops missions and 2 new game modes to look forward to.

According to the official timeline posted here, this is how the coming months will pan out:

  • January: Two multiplayer maps (Piazza and Liberation)
  • Feburary: One multiplayer map
  • March: One multiplayer map and two Spec Ops missions
  • April: Two multiplayer maps
  • May: One multiplayer map and one Spec Ops mission
  • June: One multiplayer map, one Spec Ops mission and a new game mode
  • July: Two multiplayer maps
  • August: One multiplayer map, one Spec Ops mission and a new game mode
  • September: One multiplayer map and one Spec Ops mission

This is only for Elite Premium members though. 4 – 6 drops will later form a content map pack which will then be released to all non premium memebers, it’s likely this will not be for a while though.

Call Of Duty Map Packs

  • Daniel

    whaaaat¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ oh come on only the member i dont throw off my money like this ah this is sooo bad

    • SomeOne

      If  you  become a elite  member  you will get  the maps earlier  and for  free ….

      I think that it is less expensive (elite  membership == 49.99$  +  you get the maps for free)  and if you want to buy it (M.P) i think it will be more than  49.99$…(i not an elite member  but i think that i’ll be soon because they get  every thing earlier and FOR FREEEEE !!!

  • Xtacy

    I think it sucks that this only goes for ELITE members, what about the guys that plays the pc version, we do not even have ELITE available and still we have to stand last in the q for some dlc’s to be released for us.

    • guest

      Suck it up and go play Skyrim. You fuckers get everything free on there and you get it first.