MW3 Updates tonight fix overpowered FMG9′s and more!

As revealed by FourZeroTwo on twitter we have been told that all of the Akimbo Machine Pistols will be getting a nerf to finally put a stop to their overpowered nature.

This includes the infamous Akimbo FMG9′s which have been problematic for those up against them since the release of Modern Warfare 3.

Also in the update, for you Hardcore gameplay fans out there, two new Hardcore gametypes are being added: Hardcore Headquarters and Hardcore Free For All. These gameplay types have been requested since the start of the game and it is great to finally see them being added.

The patch should come to all users via a Hotfix around 2AM.

  • Crazyhorse65

    Why don’t they cut to the chase and get rid of akimbo all together, it is worthless?

    When call of duty first came out they actually took information from real military people and veterans of past wars, what happened to that concept?

  • Bryson

    I hate how the keep fixing all these overpowered weapn or patches in map so u cant glitch but they don’t fix theater mode. It’s so messed up. You can’t look at teamates or enimies in first person, only in third person and you can’t see the score board. Please infinty ward, fix theater mode.

  • deadgamer123zpsn

    crazyhorze65 i agree the akimbo wepons are turd and should be taken out of the game