No PC version of Call of Duty: Elite in sight. Is the PC Community being push aside?

The Call of Duty: Elite twitter feed taunted users this morning with the following: “For those hungry for a PC version of ELITE, here’s an official update on its availability“, first impressions of reading something like that make your think that the service may be nearing the PC community which has been left out of the whole Elite system. The lack of the Elite system for the PC was a massive blow for the community since they were being denied features which the console platforms were getting all for exactly the same price.

Let’s look at the Activision support page that users were linked to in the promisingly sounding twitter post:We’ve been working closely with Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games to customize a Call of Duty ELITE membership offering for the PC. Since the PC is an open platform, it’s difficult to provide the secure data and statistics necessary for the premium tier of Call of Duty ELITE. Because of this, there will not be an Call of Duty ELITE premium offering on the PC in the near future, but we are continuing to work towards a free Call of Duty ELITE offering and will continue to update the community with more information post launch. As we stated previously, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will support dedicated servers for our PC community, and we will also continue to provide PC gamers the option to purchase downloadable content on the PC as we always have. We are working hard to provide our PC fans the best Call of Duty experience they have had to date.”

It’s fair to say that is a sizeable slap to the PC community right there, “will not be an Call of Duty ELITE premium offering on the PC in the near future” especially after the twitter post raised all our hopes. The reason they give for it not coming and they are finding it difficult is the fact the PC is an open platform and it’s difficult to secure data… The fact that the game has been integrated with Steam works 100% makes it perfect for the Elite service if you ask me! A small glimpse of hope arises on the idea of the free Elite service but this will not engage with the community at all compared to what the premium services are getting. It’s a pretty poor show at the end of the post when they seem to get themselves out of hot water and explain some good things about the PC such as dedicated servers and the ability to purchase DLC. They can spin it how they want, at the end of the day the PC community is being left out, if they really wanted to capture the community and bring the Elite service to it they could. It seems their priorities though are releasing the mobile applications of Elite for existing memebers and DLC.

We are working hard to provide our PC fans the best Call of Duty experience they have had to date.” PC gamers, would you agree with this? Is Modern Warfare 3 the best Call of Duty experience you’ve had to date?

PC users do have one feature which is not present in other versions of the game though, with the ability to connect to dedicated Modern Warfare 3 servers to play online. It’s a fact that playing on a dedicated server is faster for all players involved and makes the whole game much more reliable and smoother, the only downside is that someone has to be hosting it and it is expensive. So you’d think the addition of this would bring balance to the community? Wrong! All dedicated servers on the PC are unranked, meaning you cannot increase any of your stats and scores! Since ranking up and improving your score is one of the biggest parts of Modern Warfare 3 the inability to allow the PC users to do this smoothly on dedicated servers is a massive blow and almost makes the whole dedicated option redundant.

It seems the PC community has been largely pushed aside in Modern Warfare 3, they are being denied the Elite service which some would say is an integral part of Call of Duty now because it brings it all together as well as other features which are causing uproar amongst the community. Features such as the inability to change your FOV (Field of View) have caused many problems, making the game unplayable for some. Alongside that are the dedicated servers which could have brought peace in the PC community because of its advantages, unfortunately the restriction to unranked only makes it redundant.

It’s time Activision had a long hard think about where they are going with the PC versions of the Call of Duty games, the PC community is not happy and they want to be able to play the game properly and enjoy it. Laggy non-dedicated servers, lack of Elite service and more scupper some user’s chances of enjoying the game. The platform that made Call of Duty what a massive brand today is being neglected and pushed aside for the more popular console platforms, it’s time Activision remembered this and power of the PC community, afterall they should be the ones to know.

  • TheChaos0

    I might have forgiven IW/Sledgehammer/Activision IF they made dedicated servers just like in CoD4/Blops, FoV would have been icing on the top. I truly believe those 2 things would have made the PC community content…even with the lack of the Elite service.

    Dedicated servers would fix the annoyance of p2p (dodgy connections, not being teamed up with people in your area, etc, etc, etc) and FoV would fix the feeling of nausea when playing the game for some people.

    But what do we get? Oh…

    “We are working hard to provide our PC fans the best Call of Duty experience they have had to date.”

    I’m sorry but I can’t agree, I feel like we just being ignored as if the PC market is an afterthought as if they ported the game quickly to the PC to just sell extra boxes for some extra cash.

  • Damien

    Well this is the last Call Of Duty I buy, because after the sham that was MW2 I thought to myself that Black Op’s may be savour of the Call Of Duty games on the pc but I was wrong about, that thank’s to the stupid servers that were so restricted I may as well have been playing on Lagnet (IWnet).

    With MW3 I paid for it on Steam because they mentioned they were bringing back Cod 4 style servers, and then just before the release date they said “the servers will be unranked use our laggy cheat infested IWnet for ranking up”

    Again they took out the lean feature, and the lack of the abillity to increase the FPS as well as a few other thing’s which is a blatent F You to the pc gamers.

    The Elite thing is simply a joke and considering there is no anti cheat software on the game VAC lol, we don’t get to enter competition’s and we loose out on a part of the game that was promised for month’s before the release, and now we get another finger shoved in our faces.

    This game has basically killed Call Of Duty on the pc for allot of people.

  • Fadsfa

    fuck mw3 worst customer service. look at the doritos and mty dew shit as well. no double xp

  • ClarkWashington

    Either buy a console or buy a different game. IW and company owe you nothing. Enough whining.

    • fish

      lmao so you say the pc community has not given them anything ?

    • Bil

      You are totally oblivous.

    • Roler42

       Thanks for posting Robert Bowling, how’s your perma vacation?

  • Unhappycustomer

    PC is the mother platform of fps gaming and COD wouldn’t be ANYTHING without it, maybe never even existed. It all started on PC and i think IW is making big mistake by treating PC community like this. Another thing is MW3 lobbies are laggy as hell so you cant really tell who is actually skilled or who is not. It is really and i mean REALLY annoying to shoot some lets say Spanish guy half clip and clearly him being at the center of your crosshair without hitting single bullet. This game has taken wrong direction and will be the last COD game i personally buy if they don’t fix several problems with the game. Are they even updating MW3 on PC? I haven’t noticed single patch yet to get some problems solved. If they had the actual server system in the game we wouldn’t have that much hackers in the game. I personally report 2-3 hackers/day via steam. I have played since 1999 starting from Counter-Strike 7.1 and i have NEVER seen similar bulls*it like this game is. It’s the worst COD so far and i doubt it will rise to be even near the top fps games again. Getting those stupid comments from console users is like telling Trump how to solve his business by some ignorant office worker. PC came first, consoles far behind so stop being so god damn cocky. I switched my PS3 to PC so i could go competitive again and this is what came up. It is shocking how IW is handling these matters.
    I would love to get into professional gaming again with COD but it just doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment because of the random lag and not being able to play local areas like scandinavia…

    I tough’t Black Ops was bad on PS3 but it wasn’t even nearly as bad as MW3 is now so make the games on consoles or PC or don’t make them at all if you cant handle everyone equally. I would recommend console users think their own ass in our situations before starting to make pointless replies.

    Oh and ClarkWashington you ignorant bastard can put that console to somewhere, where sun wont shine.

  • Rawr

    i be push aside bro

  • Waefawef


  • Someduded

    Easy enough to understsand… the PC community has been the biggest abuser of the bots in this game which basically killed MW2 in 3 months…

  • Robertmichaeltulsa

    The sad thing is, the “PC community” has brought this upon themselves.  If the reality was that the MAJORITY of PC gamers were merely more competitive, sought fast servers, wanted a precision experience with better graphics and less lag, then Activision would probably allow more freedom.  The truth is that legit PC gamers are about as rare as non-hacking, non-cheating console owners.  The difference is that on consoles, the publisher and the developer have more control over the users. 

    The developers want to ensure that their creation (story, coding, content) stays pure.  Mods, hacking, and cheating bastardize their creation.  It destroys the level playing field for the community.  I fail to see how hacking or cheating constitute “fun” for anyone.  All that the rise in these actions have done is to ruin the experience for everyone. 

    An example:  I once got in a lobby that allowed everyone to jump a half mile in the air and everyone was moving at warp speed.  Not fun at all.  I got out in 2 minutes.  I got into another lobby: FFA with 32 people.  Ugh! Spawn kill central.  Not fun.

    So, for all of you who dream of going back to CoD 4 with modded lobbies, and hackable servers, you can have it.  You can whine about laggy servers and phantom bullets till you are blue in the face.  I will take that occasional inconvenience over the experience of deliberate bastardization and shameless cheating any day.  Call me crazy, but the only legitimate point you have is that CoD Elite Premium should be available.  You are right, it should.  The problem is, they can’t offer it to the PC community because you can no longer be trusted. 

    • Roler42

       Fun thing… That’s excactly what makes the PC much better, freedom for both developers and community

      Activision was the cause for the hacking spree since modern warfare 2, why? because they removed dedicated servers, If you don’t want to deal with cheaters or don’t feel like modding, just go for a dedi and voila, you can play with no problem

      But since there’s none of that in Mw2 nor Mw3, cheaters are preety much free for everyone to mess around with and ruin the fun for everyone

      I can see you’re new to PC gaming since you’re so fixated with “purism” in the game and see mods as the devil, i take it you never played the star wars mod or any of the awesome custom maps