Problems with the new Rezurrection map pack downloads?

To those who are having problems with Rezurrection on the PS3 about getting all of the content or are experiencing missing maps, below is what you need to do. It can be a bit confusing since the pack has been split into 4 seperate downloads.

1) Visit the PS Store and open the downloads page.
2) If you have just purchased Rezurrection there should be 4 seperate downloads:

  • Black Ops Content Pack 4: Rezurrection
  • Rezurrection Theme
  • Rezurrection Soundtrack
  • Call of Duty: World at War Maps

3) Once they have all downloaded you will be able to use them all and they will appear in your zombies map selection screen.

Alternatley you can go to the “Playstation 3 System menu (XMB) > “Playstation Network” > “Account Management” > “Transaction Management” then “Download List” All 4 downloads should be there also. Select and download the ones that you may be missing.

Hint: If you are having problems finding the rest of the maps in Rezurrection / The World at War maps then you need to click the “Classic Zombies” when selecting the maps to find them.

If you are still having trouble finding your new maps then make sure you have the latest update for Call of Duty: Black Ops installed as it needs this to recognise the new maps.

Also to quote from Activision:
Another reason that you may not see the maps is due to regional content restrictions. Certain countries have very restrictive laws on what can be displayed in a videogame. As a result certain content is not available in those regions. On the Xbox 360 content is Geofenced. This means that the game and the Xbox marketplace looks at the IP address and determine where you are located. If it sees that you are located in a region that the content is restricted in you will not be able to see the content. In cases where you live in these restricted regions there is nothing we can do. We do not officially support importing games to different regions.”
We hope you don’t fall into this category, especially if you have already bought it!

  • jr

    I dl all the maps but I can’t play them . Why?

    • Admin

      Are they not showing up under the zombie map selection screen?

      • http://Jejwjdn Awsome guy

        Please help I have downloaded lots of WaW things but classi zombies isnt comming up :( :(. PLZ HELP!!

  • Evan

    I downloaded the resurrection and waw map packs but once moon downloaded I played a couple games then when I went back it was gone. After the waw map pack downloaded, moon came back, and now the waw maps are gone. Lol help pls

    • Admin

      Visit the PS Store and re-download all the content at once then start the game up again rather than indivitually. Also remember to look for World at War maps under “Classic Zombies”

    • Kassi

      If you want to get read, this is how you shulod write.

  • mike

    i go there but when i access the downloads i just see 3 options, theme, music and moon the waw download is not there please help!!!!

    • Admin

      Try going into Account Management in the PS store, select Transaction Management, then select Download List. The World at War maps should be there to download. Good Luck!

    • Jacoby

      THX that’s a great aswner!

  • kyle

    it only shows 3 downloads for me it shows the soundtrack theam and the content pack for but not the world at war maps can sombody pleaz help!?

  • Teresa

    Please help? i downloaded them all but can’t find classic zombies? ;S
    I have no idea how to update blackops PLEASE help.

  • http://Samehere,Ijusthave3Downloadoptions(Moon,Theme,Music)) Duane

    Same here, I just have 3 Download options (Moon, Theme, Music). I started to download all 4 of them and only 3 Items finished downloading, after I installed Moon, Music and Themes I realised that the World at War maps wasnt really downloading…

    I left it for another day to download but still just sat there on 282MB, cancelled the download and as I tried to do the download again it wasnt on the download list …

    Tried both your methods but no luck>

  • Jon Land

    Had the same problem as all the WoW maps weren’t showing. Went the transaction history and found it there. Re-downloaded it and works now. Thx for the help!

  • Karlos

    ive just got the rezurecton map pack and i down loaded it but there seams to be a bundle of things you have to download is there any way i can down load all at the same time with out having to wait 10 hours !!

  • Draconian31

    ok i got it (account management) (transaction management) (download list) and found it thank you for the tips

  • Jmscssr

    I just bought Rezurrection and Escalation (I am in Malta, Europe) and I had to go through endless bullcrap just to get the download…after waiting hours for the downloads when it Installed – nothing happened! Is this because of the region I am in? it is just stupid that they would’nt allow it to work but they let you purchase it – if I switch of the internet and install it while the playstation is not connected will that work?

    • h

      Hey what about now

  • Robertsoel

    I can’t get the moon map on xbox 360, the download didn’t work? Can someone help me?

  • Omarelnashar7

    i did all of this and it still doesn’t work. Pleeeaaasssee can you respond to me soon. i’ve already bought, downloaded and installed both Rezurrection and Annihilation but they never show up in the zombies menu. i know that there is no region restriction because all my friends have the map pack. please help because i’ve always wanted to play other maps except for kino, five, DOA.