Robert Bowling on classic maps for MW3: Keep classic maps outside of the DLC model

In Machinma’s live stream on the Third Content Drop for Modern Warfare 3 on the 21st of February we got a lot of great information from Robert Bowling about Modern Warfare 3 from all aspects of the game.  Robert Bowling is the creative strategist at Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

One of the questions put to Robert that we were most interested in was about map packs (obviously) and the whole idea of bringing back classic ones from previous Infinity Ward Call of Duty titles, when asked “Do you like the idea of bringing back classic maps?” Bowling responded as follows:

“I do like it but here is my philosophy on throw back maps: Old school maps, I love maps like that, I wanna see creek, I wanna see overgrown, I wanna see crossfire, I wanna see highrise.

So my mentality on it is if you are going to do throw back maps, if you are going to do classic maps, keep it outside of the DLC model. Like for DLC, if you are paying for stuff and it’s included in your subscription, it should all be new content. ‘Give me something new I’ve never seen before’ and that’s not something we’ve done in the past before we’ve included in traditional map packs.

But now since our DLC model is so different, I feel like we have a flexibility to let DLC be focused on all new content, brand new stuff you’ve never seen before in the game or any game.

And if we want to do a throwback map, let that be outside the DLC model, let it be free, let it be to everyone. Don’t let it be restricted by contracts and partnerships and all that f*cking money stuff. Let it just be there.

So that’s what I think.

I want to see the new gameplay experience of Modern Warfare 3 in classic maps.”

Bowling went on to say:

“I feel like we are in a f*cking era where everyone is so focused on subscriber numbers and all that stuff that we need to get back to what I feel like we did so much better in the old days of just plain good will, like stuff like the LAN patch, yeah it is lower priority but let’s get it out the f*cking door. Let’s just do it.”

Extremely strong and powerful words right there from someone over at Infinity Ward who has the power to make these things happen and his voice heard.

We had previously heard that a Nostalgic Map Pack was going to be coming along at somepoint and teased at some maps which it might include but it seems after what Robert Bowling has said that no classic maps will be returning via the current DLC method.

On a bright note, if Bowling’s wishes were to come true we would see free classic maps for all Modern Warfare 3 players and platforms, I would love to see this happen! What do you think?

Update: As of the 26th of March 2012, Robert Bowling left his position as Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward. Perhaps some of what he said above were his reasons for leaving the company. More info here.

  • Guest

    Why wouldnt you like free old school maps?

  • Guest

    Omg! Old school maps for free! Mw3 is going to be so EPIC by the ender of the year! New maps, DLC, spec ops missions, and overall updates!!


  • deadgamer123zpsn

    omg bring em back!!!!         omg bring em back !!! omg bring em back!!!

  • Bryson

    terminal, highrise, derail, afgan and intervention. please

  • Littlejj44

    bring back rust nuff said

  • Sphinnxx

    Wasteland highrise villa afghan. heck just gimme a mw2 mappack  for mw3 ^^

  • Samueltizzard1994

    ah again going back to mw2, might aswell call mw3 for mw2.5

  • RoboNinja

    Highrise FTW

  • Anon

    shipment, terminal, highrise, Backlot and remove all snipers and shottys plz, kthxbye

  • Anon E. Mouse

    lol all you guys have your hopes up…. then Bowling RESIGNS.  I guess Activision heard his ideas and thought they were blasphemous.  I can see it now…

    RB: “We should give classic maps out for free

    A: “What?  Free??  This is a money-making operation!  Don’t you ever use the word ‘free’ again!!”

    RB: “……….”     *resigns*

  • Brandon Jolley

    bring back crossfire,ambush,backlot,wetwork,bog,bloc,pipeline,showdown

  • Ryan

    id like 2 see favela, crossfire, overgrown, wetwork, backlot, terminal and karachi and maybe a gun DLC with intervention, tar-21, raffica and M40E3

  • Uberlyuber

    Games have just become so normal now, that i bet by the end of the decade, or maybe even the year companies like Mojang(who of course made minecraft) or Squad(Made Kerbal Space Program) are going to run out of buisness. Either that or the games that used to be something new are going to have bs reasons to be fps’s. Go Robert Bowling Go! Punch Activision in the face!