The long awaited MW3 Content Collection Map Pack 1 coming for PC players on May 8th

Better late than never: The long wait is over! PC players will be able to purchase the first Modern Warfare 3 map pack on the 8th of May 2012. To download visit Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/42695/

Over three weeks after the release of the Map Pack for PS3 users the PC community has finally been blessed with 4 brand new multiplayer maps and 2 Spec Ops missions.

The release date was revealed by Infinity Ward’s official Twitter feed: “#MW3 PC DLC Content Collection 1 available May 8th on @steam_games. Includes 4 Maps for MP and Survival Mode and 2 Spec Ops Missions.”

We have written before about how the PC community is being slowly pushed aside by Activision & Infinity Ward as they seem to be just an after thought, the late release of the DLC & lack of the Call of Duty: ELITE service are prime examples of this.

The map pack will cost $15 and you will be able to purchase it through Steam.

The first map pack for Modern Warfare 3 will include the first 6 content drops that ELITE members have received over the last few months.

Below is the content that will be included, check out each post for information on all the content in this collection.

Drops 1 & 2: Multiplayer Maps Piazza & Liberation.

Drop 3: Multiplayer Map Overwatch.

Drops 4, 5 & 6: Multiplayer Map Black Box & Spec Ops Missions Black Ice & Negotiator.

Price on the PC via Steam: $15.

Let us know what you think of the new maps! We shall see you on the battlefield soldier.

  • lulz

    about ****ing time!

  • Emre

    Will be there double xp?

  • Probie

    What a waste. The game was a flop. Crappy match making. Glitchy. And months and months wait for a dlc that everyone else have ages ago. I know for a fact they won’t be getting my money. What a joke.


    This is the first CoD title I’ve bought where I won’t be getting any DLC.

    I can’t play on the P2P system as it is way too laggy (I never got a game under 200 ping) and I refuse to risk getting a virus on my PC just to play with hackers and lag.

    Since the only way I can even play the game itself is with unranked dedi’s, the ONLY way I will even be able to USE the DLC is if EVERY SINGLE PERSON in our clan, and who visits our server regularly buys it also.

    I would buy the DLC, but since I CAN’T USE IT IF I DO BUY IT, what’s the point in throwing away $15.

    Epic Fail for Lack-O-Vision. I can’t even imagine how much $$ they lost by forcing their crappy BS P2P system on PC gamers.

  • Rglgatortail

    Well the DLC is not available to PC today as advertised, I wonder how much longer it will be before it is available :(
    Guess this websites information is inaccurate