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Why the Xbox 360 gets Call of Duty DLC before all other platforms

Amongst the Call of Duty community there is confusion and frustration about Modern Warfare 3 DLC map packs and why the Xbox 360 community receives the content a month before everyone else.

With the addition of the Elite service, people are more confused now than ever since the service said that you will get DLC before everyone else. The fact is that with an Elite subscription you’ll get DLC before everyone else on your platform but Xbox 360 users will still get it first.

Dan Amrich over at Activision has posted on his blog to clear up the confusion amongst the community.

Basically back in 2010, the year Modern Warfare 2 was released, Activison and Microsoft entered a business deal to release DLC on the Xbox 360 earlier than other platforms. (A contract which ends at the end of 2012) It was a great deal for Xbox 360 users and Microsoft as it would make their platform the best place to play Call of Duty.

Undoubtedly they paid a small fortune for the privellage to do so, yet Activision still agreed to go ahead with the deal back then and hence has pushed the PS3 and PC community behind.

Somewhere along the way, people convinced themselves that an Elite subscription would trump the 2010 DLC exclusivity deal that was created before Elite existed — that by paying for Elite, they were somehow invalidating a contract between Activision and Microsoft. It doesn’t make any sense, but it is what people started to think.

He brought attention to the Elite FAQ page which quotes:Similar to Map Packs, X360 Premium members will receive their Content before PS3 Premium members. All Call of Duty ELITE Premium members will receive a steady stream of content released monthly for 9 months through the Content season, and they will also receive their Content before non-premium members on their console.”

Exclusivity isn’t uncommon in the games industry though, games such as Haze (PS3) and Gears of War (Xbox 360) were completely exclusive to their respective platform, a much larger exclusivity deal than releasing content at different dates.

We should look on the bright side though that we all are going to get the content eventually one way or another. The platform which has it worst of all though is the PC community which doesn’t even have access to an Elite service so they’ll be getting the DLC Map Packs last of all.

Dan also mentioned in the comments: “I understand that people are frustrated; I’m not denying it. I sympathize, because I have also been a consumer on the outside of an exclusive deal, and I know how it feels. But again…I have accepted it as part of business. Also, this is a temporary situation. I would hope — but not expect, just hope — for some greater perspective. “

Who knows what the future holds for exclusivity deals in Call of Duty though, Microsoft and Activision may enter another business deal as soon as the current one ends again. What would be interesting though is if Sony or Steam were to make a similar offer to get content exclusive before all other platforms! That would shake things up a little!

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  • Wayne Simonds

    as a ps3 user when purchasing the premium for elite it never mentioned that xbox users would still get the content first. I knew about the contract between microsoft and activision but I’ve read the terms of service agreement and even in that there is still no mention that xbox would get content first, so you can see where all the confusion and anger came from. 

    • Eugenedorrah

      My point exaclty, if you didnt know about this deal and bought the pack, there was no mention that PS would get it much later. If it was mentioned then they kept it quiet on purpose.

    • Carpet Dragon

      You no Ps3 and xbox are 2 different   businesses 

      • kinsman24

        Xbox isn’t a business. its Microsoft.

    • Michael Downes

      Yes you know that we can sue them because it is not on the terms and conditions that Xbox gets the DLC first because we pay a substantial amount of money for the game then extra for DLC and we still have to wait 1 month when on the terms and conditions it says NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT DELAYS and that crap. So my point is its illegal not to stick to your T&C’s it’s FRAUD

      • Niggatron 3000

        That’s wrong you idiot. It would be illegal for them to give you the DLC at the same time as xbox users because then Activision would be violating a legally binding contract they entered with Microsoft.

        Please don’t comment about suing people again until you understand the basics of law in your country.

  • vad213

    I agree, the confusion only comes from the fact that they were not upfront about the release schedule at the time of elite purchase, and the frustration comes from the fact that when the announced the monthly map pack release date that they only anounced for the one platform. It would go a long way to lessen the frustatration if when the anounce a map pack release date that the inlcude to time line for that release for all platforms.

    • Eugenedorrah

      This was my point, they did not let that fact that XBox would get it first be know. If they gave a release date, then people would not have been as upset.

      • Eugenedorrah

        This confusion could hurt their future customer base and sales. People wil not be as trusting in future purchases.

        • Awlead

          I was sick of this garbage so I bought an XBOX. Costs so much to keep it running and the games graphics are second rate. When this deal with microsoft is finished I will make my next choice for COD. No more waiting over a month for a map that others get to play. Cross platform gaming needs to happen. Leave out the pc hackers and make it consoles only. I’m sure several COD players agree and would increase the amount of players available for a game at any time. there are only about 4000 hardcore tdm players at a time on line on ps3. In past versions of the game there were normally around 13000 at the minimum at any time. Interest in the ps3 version is certainly down and if they want to save this franchise on ps3 then they have to address several concerns. Especially the release of maps and the lag issues.

          • Chuck Kusse

            ” I was sick of this garbage so I bought an XBOX” that was your quote. that is one of the most idiotic things to do. you just bought into Microsoft plan. its people who do this that keep things like this going. microsoft pays money to attract people just like you. if you hate the system of how things are going then fight it..dont buy into your enemy and make them stronger. in the end it just hurts you.

          • Carpet Dragon

            cant you afford an xbox 

      • Carpet Dragon

        I new weeks before it came out that it was going to xbox first what cave do you live in 

  • karl penlington

    if i had know that i was not going to get what i paid for at the same time as someone else (who paid the same as i did ) i would not have paid for it 

    • Carpet Dragon

      you got the game everything else is extra $$$$

  • karl penlington

    ps if i had a time (not a quess ) but a confirmed date the i would not have as big a isuss as i have now 

  • FOLTZ007

    it all comes down to GREED…. as if they dont make enough already…… oh well let xbox deal with the bugs and ps users get a near bug free dlc 

    • Bob

      You should have bought an American product, I wish all things that were made in america had perks like us xbox users. Its simple buy American and enjoy the perks!

      • Guest

        Dude. You know the xbox 360 is not made in the United States right? The parts are from various places and it’s not even assembled in the United States. It’s assembled and made in Taiwan, Japan, and China. Seriously. U can’t just say it’s made in america cause the company is based here.

        • Guest2

          It’s an American company, unlike any other console. So, yeah, should have bought American.

    • Poep_maassen


      • Michael Downes

        Cockxbox 360

  • Hayden Bennett

    So I wasted 100 and something bucks on the Hardened Edition of COD just to play some maps that get released a full month after the CockBox 360, When I got It I was expecting some delay for the maps (I thought a week at most) because Activision likes to suck Bill Gates’ ballsack but it is just ridiculous how long we have to wait…. It’s not like Sony can’t afford it either…. believe it or not Sony has more money than Microsoft…. 

    • Guest

      Yeah about that uh Sony is a Japanese company and remember the earthquake they had well where do u think their money is now, i don’t know maybe rebuilding so they can’t get early access to the content for the Gaystation 3.

      • Guest

        Dude. You’re freakin’ making fun of them for a tragic event. U are sick. Literally this earthquake killed so many people. I can see that u xbox fanboys are extremely immature.

        • bob74slyTuff

           Ya i agree.

    • Chris

      Sony: $34.92 Billion Market Cap
      Microsoft: $260.34 Billion Market Cap

      dunno what seems more to you

    • Jkershaw10

      Muppet just cos u cant accept tht xbox is truly better than a shitstation and tht we deserve to get the maps first cos we are superior, just one more thing, u should of bought an xbox hahaha

  • Eugenedorrah

    If people did not have such a long term commitment to MW,
    this confusion could have started a PS3 user boycott. This act was not
    done with the interest of all users in mind. If it was simply mentioned before
    the release, then people would have not had as much frustration. Activsion was
    more concerned with their release numbers than they were with keeping the long
    term customers they already “had”.

  • Dd

     u idiots xbox gets everything first computers will run everything in the future and they already do. if u cant afford a great game then shut up faggots


    Pox on you and your loved ones Dan, don’t bull sht us with your sypathy quotes you gimp concieved with a limp dick greedy kunt. You only want to line your already brimming pockets with more gold. COD makes you billions as is, but you want more you pompous moloch. May you get so fat of your greed your veins pop while yoour mom gives you a birth day blumpkin. You and every other fat suit ruining gaming industy. You make me root for pirates you sick buissness “man”. But I digress. Joking aside, get out of gaming bussines, go back to wall street and numbercrunching and let developer visionaries make these decisions. People who unlike have a passion for gaming. YOU UNDERSTAND NOTHING BUT REVENUE! seriously, you are unworthy of any sympathy. And XBOX users, wake up, youre getting raped with paying for multiplayer gaming, I have all this gen systems, and PS3 is the best deal on the market, even thou thye have a funny tiny children controller.

  • Carpet Dragon

    i Like the game play every night dont like bad connections Blackops had an option to play local that was good not much fun playing on a red dot on the other side of the world could that come back 

  • Jose Hernandez

     Totally Agree with you dude!

  • Mark

    It would be suicide for Activision to put all there eggs in one basket again especially if they really want Elite to work and if they did they need to shrink the release window to a week like EA did with Battlefield.  As a PS3 player it is frustrating and will not renew my subscription next year as I have found it to be a bit of a rip off.  Even though the PS3 is a smaller player base Activision will still not like seeing those $$$ drop off.

  • Ryan Rodriguez

    Can someone please give me a summary of this because I’m not going to spend like 5 hours reading this

  • ThatOneGuy©

    Xbox 4 the WIN!!!