4 multiplayer maps due in May for Xbox, could this be the Nostalgia Map Pack?

With May just round the corner, the next flurry of Modern Warfare 3 content is on its way for Premium ELITE members. For the PlayStation 3, ELITE members have Content Drops 7 & 8 to look forward to while the DLC for the Xbox 360 remains a mystery.

What we do know is that four, yes four multiplayer maps will be released in May for the Xbox 360. The teased Nostalgia Map Pack from way back before the DLC season started comes to mind as it included 4 multiplayer maps.

Check out the picture below, it shows off 4 previous Modern Warfare maps which are as follows:
Terminal from Modern Warfare 2 (Set in an Airpot terminal, luggage and planes everywhere, lots of glass too!)
Favela from Modern Warfare 2 (The slums of Rio de Janeiro, lots of ground and rooftop battles!)
Shipment from Modern Warfare (The smallest Call of Duty Map you’ll ever see! It’s basically as square map with a few shipping containers in the middle! The most intense map ever!)
Crossfire from Modern Warfare (A map I personally loved, great for sniping along the large main road and great close quarters combat in this desert town!)

Only time will tell what will truly be in store the Content Drops 9 through to 12 but either way, four brand new multiplayer maps will add a lot to the game so we can’t wait to see what they are. Hopefully Call of Duty will be releasing an official walkthrough video with these new drops, something it appears they forgot to do with Drops 7 & 8!

  • Emre

    No i think not, because we get elite drops.
    I paid for new maps, and not old maps, if this is true it’s big shame they charge us money for old maps.

    • http://twitter.com/mappackscod Call of Duty MP

       True. However Treyarch included 4 old maps from WaW in its fourth map pack for Black Ops also when users signed up to ELITE they were promised 20 pieces of content, a number which has now been increased to 24 so perhaps they could get away with saying, 4 pieces of content are technically free. Who knows! It would be good to play some old classics again though!

  • White Mamba

    Ok I have one question. If they do go with the old maps will Sanctuary and Foundation still come with it or will they make it 2 seperate map packs. I think they should put it all together

  • Bryson

    they should put these in a patch not a map pack because people paid for new maps not old ones. and instead of shipment or favela bring back highrise or afgan.