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Official release notes/change log released for all MW3 Updates

After a long wait, offical word has been released on all of the Modern Warfare 3 updates and hot fixes.  All the previous update posts on callofdutymappacks.com have been updated with the change logs. But to sum it all up, here is what was announced:

Update 1.01 Enabled Theater, Vault, Private Match options, Elite and Facebook functionality for Launch Day.

Update 1.02: Fix for YouTube video upload on SD TVs. Matchmaking Improvements.

Update 1.03: Theater Improvements (Fix to FF and RW in Theater), LAG improvements, Improvements to Hot Fix system.

Update 1.04: Change to address hitching and lag in gameplay.

Update 1.05: Further improvements for hitching and addressing lag in gameplay.

In progress: Update 1.06: Additional improvements to address lag. Fix for Melee Jump. Clan Tag Validation (remove buttons from clan tags). Improve Host Migration logic. Prevent stat Loss.

All the above are full updates, they are the kind when you turn on your console or PC you will be asked to install an update before you can play online. Hotfixes on the other hand are small updates than can happen over the air without you knowing to save you the time of installing a full update, they address smaller problems and can tweak the game.

A list of all the hotfixes that have occured to date for Modern Warfare 3 are below:

  • No Recoil glitch
  • Infinite Laptop killstreak glitch (Stealth Bomber Glitch)
  • Map Exploits (Getting into trucks, under maps) Fix
  • Prevent Slow-mo and Super Fast lobbies

Of course there are more hotfixes on the way, these are below. These will be released at a later date:

  • Weapon Rebalancing (Dual FMG-9, Type-95, CM-901 Attachments)
  • Hitmarker Sound on Ps3
  • Reticle fix for certain weapons.

The official post also revealed details about problems which users are experiencing that they are looking into fixing in future updates, probbably dubbed 1.07 or 1.08 they are currently looking into the following:

  • Updates to the Spawn system
  • Improvement to PS3 Mic Quality.
  • Improvements to “weighted matchmaking” to improve games for regions with low populations.
  • Fix for Shotgun’s with Extended Mags (Prevents them from shooting more pellets than intended)
  • Default :30 Round Start timer for System Link only, while looking into adjustable timer for System Link games for Competitive Play.
  • Options to allow System Link players to ‘unlock all’ for competitive play in System Link only.

It’s fantastic to see that Modern Warfare 3 has finally reached out and communicated with the community, lots of people have been having problems with MW3 since launch and its great to see that a lot of the problems users have faced have been address or are to be. The spawn system and lag compensation system are ones a lot of the community is unhappy about so it’s great to see there these are being looked into for future updates.

The main problem Infinity Ward seems to be facing is the most hated of words “LAG”, currently 3 of the total 5 updates are said to address lag problems, yet they still persist, hopefully they will finally get it right with the 1.06 update where even further lag fixes are on the way! It’ll be great once everything on this list is fixed and perfect because Modern Warfare 3 will become a fantastic game. We were concerned to not hear any mention of the Elite service for the PC Community still, have a look at our article here. We’re pretty sure it won’t be here while MW3 is still around.

What would you like to see improved or fixed in Modern Warfare 3?

Update: In the next update (1.07) we have learnt that a new gametype “Hardcore Ricochet” will be added to the game, as well as the points listed above.