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Modern Warfare 3 Updates coming on the 24th of November

Robert Bowling (the source of majority of update information) has made numberous tweets today about the updates to address the following issues:

“Lots of #MW3 updates planned this week. We’ll be addressing “laggy” games, stat loss prevention, & more. Pushing for pre-Holiday release!”

He later revealed that the update would be coming during thanksgiving, which is pretty USA orientated but this takes place on the 24th of November, so we should be expecting a big update around then to fix all the connectivity problems we have been facing, as well as the stat loss problems as well as “more” which is always a treat!

In another nice tweet to brighten all our days he tweeted the following:

“Yes. Eventually we’ll be posting up some changelogs for all the updates since launch. Probably post-Thanksgiving update.”

Hurrah! We may finally find out what the 1.04 update officially did fix and get a proper change log rather than a tweet. It seems Call of Duty are listening to their customers, giving them the change logs they have been demanding and finally addressing the problems majority of users have been facing. Stay tuned for more information.

Also, premium users using the Theatre area in Modern Warfare 3, the slot number has been temporarily reduced to 8 from 24 while updates are taking place. You’re content in the other 16 slots is still saved and will return.

Update: The new patch has been released, information here.