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Black Ops 2 map pack season pass

Black Ops 2: Map Packs & DLC info

UPDATE: First Black Ops II Map Pack 1 “Revolution” has been revealed, check the link here for further details: Revolution Map Pack 1

Original Post:Black Ops II. In my opinion the best ever Call of Duty game to date, it just has pretty much everything and is guaranteed to thoroughly entertain us. Whether you are a fan of the Campaign, Multiplayer or Zombies, Black Ops II has given us a huge amount of content in each to keep us busy for a while to come.

Just like Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops II is set for a massive season of DLC with a total of 4 map packs set to start rolling out at the beginning of 2013.

Let’s get one thing straight though, Black Ops II DLC is completely different to Modern Warfare 3′s DLC season… In Modern Warfare 3, Premium ELITE members received drops of content each month and added a relatively small amount of content to the game over an extended period. Non-ELITE Premium members could then later buy a map pack with all the ELITE Drops in at a later day. It’s fair to say it was extremely confusing, especially with the Xbox 360 exclusivity deal. It is time to rejoice though because Black Ops II has ditched the confusing ELITE Drop system for a good old classic map pack approach!

Black Ops II will have in total 4 map packs available to it before November 2013.

But I liked how ELITE gave me a discount overall! How can I get this discount for buying all the map packs for Black Ops II? Well, things have changed now and ELITE is now completely free to every single Call of Duty player, it is no longer a subscription service! Huzzars are in order. Instead you can buy a ‘Season Pass’ for Black Ops II where you pay a cost upfront and you will get access to all four map packs when they are release at an overall discounted rate!

So you have a choice, buy each map pack separately when they come out, or commit now and save $10 (about $6 for us Brits) assuming you purchase all 4 packs otherwise.

“Buy the Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 DLC Season Pass and get all four epic DLC Map Packs** for the discounted price of $49.99*, plus an exclusive in-game calling card and access to the Nuketown Zombies bonus map.”

So what’s the deal with the Xbox exclusivity deal, is that over yet? Unfortunately not my friends! Xbox 360 players will receive all map packs 1 month prior to PS3 and PC players. We should look on the bright side though, the lack of ‘ELITE Premium’ status means that no longer will there be 3 month gaps between DLC releases across all the platforms as was the horrible reality in MW3.

Any idea what the map packs will include? Knowing Treyarch something pretty epic… A special Nuketown Zombies map has already been announced which will be available for those who purchase the season pass in December for 360 players. This isn’t a map pack but a bit like the Nuketown 2025 preorder bonus.

Other than that Treyarch could give us any number of things! More strike force missions in the campaign, more Zombie maps and definitely more multiplayer maps.

Any idea of a release date? Although no official release date has been set for the Black Ops 2 map packs I’d predict we would see the first one at some point in January for the Xbox 360 and then later for the PS3 & PC in February. One can hope!

How do I purchase the map packs when they are out? Through your platforms respective store of course! You’ll get it through the PlayStation Store on the PS3, the Xbox Live Marketplace on the Xbox 360 and through Steam on the PC.

What do I do till the new maps are released!? Keep calm and carry on gaming. Black Ops 2 has some fantastic multiplayer maps currently available to it, and an epic zombie mode. Did you also know the campaign has 6 different possible endings? That should keep you busy for a while. Enjoy!

NukeTown 2025

“No guarantee that you’ll have access to NukeTown 2025 unless you Pre-Order”

NukeTown 2025

NukeTown 2025 is now official, although a few retails let the details slip a few days before it was announced it is going to be featured in Black Ops 2!

NukeTown was one of the all time favourite maps from Black Ops for its absolutely minute size, comparable with Shipment from Call of Duty 4.

If you have already pre-ordered Black Ops 2 before this offer arose, don’t worry because you’ll still have access to it. Anyone that has ordered Black Ops 2 in the past or future will have access to NukeTown 2025.

NukeTown 2025 will be a downloadable piece of content which won’t be on the disk.

A warning however from Activision: “It is a limited-time offer, so if you don’t get a preorder copy, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have access to this map.”

Although we think this is unlikely as it will completely separate the Black Ops 2 community from day one it could be the case that if you don’t pre-order Black Ops 2 now, you’ll never have access to NukeTown 2025.

Black Ops 2 NukeTown 2025 FAQ Below:

Q. How soon can I pre-order Call of Duty®: Black Ops II to get the Nuketown 2025 map?

A. Fans who pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops II now will get the Nuketown 2025 downloadable bonus map when Call of Duty: Black Ops II releases this November 13th.  If you already pre-ordered the game then you’re all set, and you will be able to download the bonus map when Call of Duty: Black Ops II launches.


Q. Where will the pre-order program be available?

A. It will be available through most retailers worldwide.


Q:  How do I make sure I can get Nuketown 2025?

A. Nuketown 2025 will be available to any customer who pre-orders their copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II at participating retailers worldwide.  Pre-ordering will secure you a launch unit of Call of Duty: Black Ops II that will include the Nuketown 2025 downloadable bonus map.


Q. When will Nuketown 2025 become available to me?

A. The Nuketown 2025 map will be available for download when Call of Duty: Black Ops II releases worldwide on November 13, 2012.


Q. Will it be available on all platforms?

A. Yes, it is a multiplatform pre-order program.  Pre-orders will also be accepted through Steam. Simply follow the instructions to download through your console or PC.


Q. Is Nuketown 2025 locked on the disc?

A. No.  Nuketown 2025 is a download.


Q. Does the Nuketown 2025 downloadable bonus map offer apply to me if I already pre-ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops II?

A. Yes.