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Black Ops 2 HDR

Developer Treyarch talks Black Ops 2 development

Developer Treyarch is hard at work and very far into the development of this years new Call of Duty titles: Black Ops 2. Black Ops 2 is going to be the most ambitious Call of Duty title release to date due to its 2025 setting, something we have never before seen in a COD game, a jump to the future!

“Coming off of Black Ops, we were really energised, the team had done its best work ever but we knew we could do so much more.

With Black Ops 2 out team is pushing the boundaries of Call of Duty on every front, providing players with a complete package, offering something for every kind of player.

The single player campaign, the multiplayer and the zombies are the most ambitious developments for the game.

So we decided to take it to 2025 in the near future. The advancements in robotics, drone technology and A.I Systems are a theme inside of our own fiction as we become more dependent on technology as opposed to soldiers to enforce military interests around the world.

It was very important for it to feel grounded and authentic. All of these great concepts are really great ways we can take technology from today and apply it to be really amazing gameplay content, which is what you’re after when you’re making a first person shooter.

We’re focusing everything on telling a better story, so motion capture suits allow us to capture the entire performance. Every breath, every hesitation, every emotion comes through and this allows us to connect better with the players and tell a more mature story.

The first Black Ops took place in the first cold war and in this game we knew we wanted to conclude the characters that people loved to play and that they played with but we also wanted to make it this epic, generation spanning story.

With Black Ops 2, as you are progressing through and playing this game the decisions you make and your performance in the game will actually dictate what happens in the story.

You have different hero characters that will live or die. You have this whole war going on where the performance you give on these missions and your skill as you are playing them will influence the outcome of this war. This is ground breaking for the Call of Duty franchise which up until now has had mostly linear single player campaigns.

When you talk about pushing the boundaries on Call of Duty it means providing a better technology that translates that ambitious fiction and exciting experience.

On the technology side we started with the lighting, lighting is really one of the most important things you can do for the visual quality of a game. It’s that last layer of polish you put on everything that really brings the entire environment together, making it feel immersive for players which is why we put a lot of effort into really overhauling how we do lighting in this game.

Call of Duty has always been about fast, fluid and responsive gameplay so that’s what 60 frames per second has always been about. It really lets players have control over their character and feel powerful when they play in the game.

In Black Ops 2 when you’re looking at core gameplays systems, you have to honor where you’ve been but you also have to look forward. The multiplayer community is everything to us, we have such an avid fan base. The create a class is sweet, we’ve been expanding the content and playing with the categories, we’ve been moving these pieces around. You can choose what the most important things to you are and forget about the things which aren’t, this will open up play styles that you have not seen. It is going to be fantastic.

You’re trying to take into account all the various distinct personalities, all these play styles, attitudes and making sure there is something for every one of these players in our game in a way that doesn’t conflict with each other and takes the whole game forward.

Zombies mode is an unlock at the end of World at War and became many peoples favourite part of the game. The map is going to be bigger than any other map we have ever done, it’s about making it just more open for the player, more choices, things to do. It’s going to be exciting.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, whether it’s the campaign, multiplayer or zombies, Treyarch is going to be breathing new life into the franchise.

Black Ops 2 will be available on the 13th of November.