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Black Ops II – Perk List (Pictures)

In Black Ops II the ‘Create a Class’ feature has been completely overhauled and re-designed to make for a much more customisable Multiplayer experience.

The Perks are an area which have also changed for the better! Read through them carefully since a few of them are similar to Call of Duty games but with subtle differences which greatly change how you’ll use them.

Also check out at the bottom of the Perk list the list of Wildcards which are available for each class. Wildcards can be thought of as an extra addition to your existing class but more expensive as each one unlock the ability to add something extra, be it an extra perk from slot one or a third attachment for your weapon.

Check out the list below of all the Perks in Black Ops II:

Black Ops II Perk List (Description & Pictures)

Lightweight: Move faster. Take no damage when falling.  Black Ops 2 Perk Slot One Lightweight
Hardline: Earn Scorestreaks faster.  Get Scorestreaks faster with Hardline in Black Ops II
Blind Eye: Undetectable by AI controlled air support.  Stay hidden from air support in Black Ops II
Flak Jacket: Take less explosive damage.  Better protection from explosive damage in Black Ops II
Ghost: Cannot be detected by enemy UAVs while moving, planting or defusing bombs, or while controlling Scorestreaks.  Hidden from UAV but with a twist in Black Ops II
Toughness: Flinch less when shot.  Flinch less
Cold Blooded: Resistant to targeting systems including: Dual Band, Target Finder, Sensor Grenade, MMS and player controller aircraft. No name or red crosshair when targeted.  Resistant to new technology
Fast Hands: Swap weapons faster and use equipment faster. Reset the fuse when throwing back frag grenades.  Swap weapons faster in Black Ops II
Hard Wired: Immune to Counter-UAV and EMP.  Immunity from EMP and Counter UAV in Black Ops II
Scavenger: Replenish ammo and equipment from enemies killed by non-explosive weapons.  Replenish ammo in Black Ops II
Dexterity: Aim faster after sprinting. Mantle and climb faster.  Aim quicker
Extreme Conditioning: Sprint for a longer duration.  Run for longer in Blops II
Engineer: Show enemy equipment in the world. Delay triggered explosives. Reroll and booby trap Care Packages.  Choose a new care package!
Tactical Mask: Reduce the effects of Flashbangs, Concussion Grenades, and Shock Charges.  Resistant to special grenades
Dead Silence: Move silently. You are quieter
Awareness: Enemy movements are easier to hear.  Enemies are louder

Black Ops II Wildcard List (Description & Pictures)

Perk 1 Greed: Take a second Perk 1.  Add an extra perk to slot 1 in Blops 2
Perk 2 Greed: Take a second Perk 2.  Add an extra perk to slot 2 in Blops 2
Perk 3 Greed: Take a second Perk 3.  Add an extra perk to slot 3 in Blops 2
Overkill: Take a primary weapon as your secondary weapon.  Primary while you secondary.
Secondary Gunfighter: Take a second attachment for your second weapon.  Add an extra attachment to your secondary weapon.
Primary Gunfighter: Take a third attachment for your primary weapon.  Add an extra attachment to your primary weapon.
Tactician: Take a tactical grenade in place of your lethal grenade.  Replace damage grenade with tactical one
Danger Close: Take a second lethal grenade.  Extra frags!!! Bombardment!