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Zombies Are Coming Black Ops II

Black Ops 2 Map Packs: Zombies are coming?

Call of Duty have always been ones to leave fun little Easter eggs and hints around their games either for fun or to get people excited about future content. Black Ops II is no exception there as users have found hints towards future Zombie maps…

Across 4 maps in Black Ops II there are notice boards, each with a special sticky note attached which reads “Zombies are coming”… The sticky notes can be found multiple times in all maps along with various other stick notes. The four maps the stick notes are found in are: Turbine, Cargo, Express and Standoff.

The notes could be subtle hints at future content for Black Ops 2 map packs, there are 4 maps above and 4 map packs in total… Either way the four maps above are fantastic and would make brilliant additions to the Zombies game mode.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Are there any maps you’d rather see return?


Black Ops 2 World Reveal tomorrow! Latest intel within…

Call of Duty this year took the title for the biggest entertainment launch in history with the fantastic Modern Warfare 3 selling over 12 million copies in the space of just one week. But as we all know, with a new year comes a new COD and this year is no exception.

Activision has revealed via the official Call of Duty website that the next addition to the best selling franchise will be revealed to the world on the first of May during the American Basketball Playoffs on TNT.

We are expecting a short trailer showcasing a little about the story the campaign will follow with some gameplay footage too.

The latest intel (Pictured Below) shows an aged person restrained by hand cuffs, possible in some sort of nursing home suite as you can see the veterans medals on the wall. This could mean that the story in Black Ops 2 will continue from the original. Either that or the aged hand could be a Zombie! Treyarch has always included Zombies in its Call of Duty titles since World at War,it was so successful in Black Ops that they released a whole Map Pack (Rezurrection) dedicated to it! What do you think?

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