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PlayStation 4- Xbox 720

Call of Duty 2013 being developed by Neversoft (Screenshot)

A screenshot has been revealed showing a promotional poster for the next Call of Duty instalment this year teasing a release date, tag line and a brand new developer!

Neversoft has previously developed games such as Guitar Hero and the Tony Hawk games under publication from Activision.

The tagline in the image reads “Ready To Get Back To Basics?” which likely means we won’t be experiencing another futuristic addition to the series. From the image you can also tell that there isn’t any futuristic tech to see on the person wielding a pistol.

This being the year that the PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox are likely to be released means the game will almost certainly appear on the new systems.

Will this be Modern Warfare 4? I’m not so sure because previously Infinity Ward had been the only company to develop the MW series while Treyarch works on the Black Ops. Perhaps we will see a completely new franchise being created for the series, giving it a breath of fresh air!