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Infinity Ward teases return of COD 4 maps in MW3?

Engaging the community or market research?

Infinity Ward has posted a simple little questions over on their official page which teases the return of Call of Duty: 4 maps in Modern Warfare 3, something which we have been hearing about constantly since MW3 was released.

Infinity Ward posted the following: “What’s the best COD4 map?“. Could it be a simple attempt to engage their Facebook users and get everyone talking or is it market research? Call of Duty 4 had some fantastic maps in it, some of which we would love to see brought back to life in MW3.

If a map from COD 4 was to be returned as part of MW3′s DLC Season then it will most likely be completely re-designed with brand new visuals but with the same sort of lay out. This has been done previously when China Town was released for COD 4. China Town was based on the hugely popular Carentan map from COD 1 & 2 except it was completely re-made with a Chinese theme while keeping the same Carentan layout.

Fun Fact: The Carentan map was based on the location portrayed in HBO’s Band of Brothers.

Carentan vs China Town

Check out our full post of all the classic maps we’d love to see from all the Infinity Ward games here.

Choosing one specific map from COD 4 is difficult, there are so many great maps such as Pipeline, Crossfire, Ambush, Countdown and Broadcast from the DLC but in the end, the map I’d most like to see in Modern Warfare 3 would be Countdown because it is a map that is extremely different from any others, the main  thing hiding you from the enemies is the smoke from the missiles so a thermal scope would work wonders and it’s just generally a well put together map.


What’s your favourite map from COD 4, what would you like to see return and how should it be re-designed!? Let us know in the comments below.