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World at War: Map Pack 2

“Map Pack 2″ is the second DLC map pack to expand Call of Duty: World at War. Like the first map pack it includes 4 brand new maps.

Release dates:
Xbox-360 : June 11, 2009
Playstation3 : June 11, 2009
PC: July 17, 2009

Like the previous map pack, it was released one month later for PC users but with the benifit of being completely free. This was becasue there was still no effective and easy method to make users pay for the Downloadable content unlike on the Xbox and PS3.

Below are the list of the new maps available in “Map Pack 2″:

Banzai: A very jungle orientated map set deep in Japanese controlled territory. Featuring waterfalls, bridges and hidden caves. A good map for sniping and supprise assaults.

Corrosion: A deteriorated and desolate Russian train yard. Use broken pipelines to run through and flank your enemy. Just dont forget your enemies could be above you!

Sub Pens: Set in a Japanese submarine hangar thats been bombed. Make sure you control the chokepoints on the map to win! Not very good for snipers, better for close quarters combat.

Shi No Numa: A new Zombie map that is set in a swamp. The big change about this Zombie map is the addition of a new enemy… Hellhounds! These fire like wolves appear at certain intervals at the game and it adds a new type of challange to the game. Especially since they can teleport right infront of you!

Xbox 360: 800 Microsoft points
Playstation 3: $10
PC: Free!

Source: http://www.callofduty.com/CoDWW/supplies/wawmappack2