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Call of Duty 9 to be revealed on 1st of May

Call of Duty this year took the title for the biggest entertainment launch in history with the fantastic Modern Warfare 3 selling over 12 million copies in the space of just one week. But as we all know, with a new year comes a new COD and this year is no exception.

Activision has revealed via the official Call of Duty website that the next addition to the best selling franchise will be revealed to the world on the first of May during the Americain Basketball Playoffs on TNT.

We are expecting a short trailer showcasing a little about the story the campaign will follow with some gameplay footage too.

Many are expecting that Call of Duty: 9 is going to be a sequal to the brilliant Call of Duty: 7 Black Ops. With some images already around touting the Black Ops 2 logo, it is highley likely that developer Treyarch will continue with the already well established brand.

Fuzzy images of the game are slowly being released for the game, you can see the first one below, what do you make of it?

Also, an ever so slightly less distorted but smaller picture of the one above can be seen to the right.

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Update: The YouTube video below reveals that the fuzzy picture is actually a drone, similar to the Recon Done in Modern Warfare 2 called a Quadrotor. Take a look: