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Call of Duty Map Packs: Is The Price Right?

Since the first set of maps was released for the original Modern Warfare there has always been controversy over the pricing of the DLCs from fans. The argument being mainly that they are too expensive just for a few extra maps. The prices of map packs vary from £6 for the very first Modern Warfare DLC up to £11.49 for the latest DLC for Black Ops.

Despite the complaints about the price the original Modern Warfare sold just over one million copies of its Variety DLC in the first week (This was just Xbox 360 and PS3 users) and the latest Black Ops packs today are still selling well! But is the price too much for things that should have been included in the original game perhaps? For example, one complaint about Black Ops was the lack of good sniping maps. Treyarch changed this by releasing their DLC with more sniper friendly maps. People expected good sniping maps when they buy the game though so is it fair to have to shell out an extra £11 or so to get something you expected the game to have?

Many complaints have arisen around majority of the Call of Duty games when technically minded users dug deep into the source files of the games and making some rather intriguing discoveries. Within the source files users have found evidence of extra maps that are not available in the game on the day of its release, with map names which can be linked to future DLCs as we now know! This has been the case with majority of Call of Duty’s so far and the latest Black Ops is no exception. So can we conclude that when you purchase a DLC you are merely unlocking content that you have already purchased? And the maps have been sitting on your disk waiting to make some money out of you? Probably not. Chances are these maps are not yet complete or are still in the progress of being created so they can be updated at a later date when the DLC is released so it saves the user having to download too much data.

Even so it does raise the question of why the maps are on their in the first place? It could hint towards the franchise planning DLC’s very early in the development stage and instead of concentrating fully on the game for its original release, getting ready for future DLC’s to rake in more money of the users!

Personally I think when the original game is released it should have been concentrated on fully with the room for expandable content at a later date but not having half finished maps (or finished map) for planned future DLC’s left on the disk since you expect to be paying for a full game. Not one that only gets good with map packs at a later date.

The prices though also cause problems with splits in the communities, if you’re the only person from your list of friends to purchase a map pack then you’ll never be able to play it with them unless they purchase it too! It’s clear though that most map packs have had a lot of work put into them so I’m sure you’ll be able to bring your friends around!

The prices though are up to personally taste really and how much the maps will really mean to you! Obviously the maps are quality and will guarantee you a good time but at £11.49? it is expensive! Especially when you consider that some map packs include maps that you probably already purchased in an earlier Call of Duty. The latest Rezurrection map pack for example include 5 new maps, only 1 of which is brand new though, yet still priced at £11.49. Some may feel a bit cheated by this especially if you already own all 4 of the previous maps! However Treyarch has promised that they will be revamped and improved so it’s not a simple copy and paste from an earlier Call of Duty.

If you’d purchased every DLC for Black Ops to date including the upcoming Rezurrection then you’d have effectively spent more money on DLC’s than you did for the game its self originally… If you look at it this way the content size is fairly low if you think how much the original game included at the £40 price tag. It has always been expensive though and it doesnt look like the prices will drop for Modern Warfare 3 but if you have the money to spend then definitely go for it! The maps in any of the Call of Duty DLCs are all great fun and will breathe new life into the game. What do you think?