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Modern Warfare 3: Map Pack 1 DLC details revealed

Update: The Content Drops have now been officially released. Check here for full details: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/modern-warfare-3/modern-warfare-3-content-drops-1-2/

Original Post:

In a video posted on YouTube by the Call of Duty Elite team we were taken behind the scenes of Infinity Ward and Beachhead Studios and some interesting facts were revealed!

There will be two maps featured in the first Content Drop for Modern Warfare 3 which is set for a 24th of January release which is when the DLC season will kick off. Starting on the 24th of January for 9 months, every month a piece of DLC or Map Pack will be released for Modern Warfare 3. Elite Premium members will get the content absolutely free, pricing for non-premium players has yet to be announced.

Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software and Beachhead Studio are all working on extra Modern Warfare 3 content.

It seems the franchise though is really trying to get users to sign up for the premium service, revealling that non-premium members will not be getting the first DLC / Map Pack until sometime in march! “ELITE subscribers get free monthly DLC content drops for #MW3. In March, the first paid collection of DLC comes out for non-subscribers.” By that time the premium members will have already had 3 pieces of DLC and leaving the rest of the community two months behind.

So the release dates of the MW3 content are going to follow something like this:

  1. Xbox 360 Premium Elite Subscribers
  2. PlayStation 3 Premium Elite Subscribers
  3. Xbox 360 Non-Premium
  4. PlayStation & PC Non-Premium

The DLC’s will be split up into “Drops” and “Collections”. Premium Elite subscribers will recieve drops (about two pieces of content at a time) for free. Multiple Drops will make up a Collection which is what will be released to non-elite subscribers which they will have to pay for. This means non-Elite subscribers won’t be able to get the content as fast or purchase the content as a Drop, only once multiple drops are put together into a collection can they purchase it. It is a VERY confusing system, especially with the whole Xbox exclusivity and Elite service, to put it simple the best position you can be in the MW3 map packs is to own an Xbox 360 and have an Elite subscription!

The video also hints at what we can expect from future releases such as more Spec Ops missions for the first time ever in a map pack and even extensions to the Single Player story campaign! The video also said how the team plans on engaging the community on the actual creation of the content so we can get content more tailored to exactly what we want to see which is great news!

For more information on how the whole content drop and content collection (Map Packs) will work, check the post here: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/news/mw3-content-season-how-the-content-drops-and-content-collections-will-work-and-roadmap/

The first map is called “Piazza” and is set on the coast of Italy. Described as a “very vertical, chaiotic, route map” and designed for those who love to run around and gun people down at close quarters. A great map for tactical gameplay types in which you have to be fast and ready for anything. Being a very vertical map makes a change from what you usually see which is generally pretty flat so it’ll make for some interesting and new combat experiences.

The second map is called “Liberation” which takes place in Central Park: New York Manhattan. It’s a map that many will recognise from real life as it is such an iconic location. By the sounds of it, it’s a great map for sniping so you’ll definatley need to watch out! A direct message from the video to not “Run and Gun” will be a welcome treat for players who aren’t big fans of dual weilding two automatic pistols.

Call Of Duty Map Packs

The two maps then clearly are very different in terms of how people like to play, Piazza is for those who like to “Run and Gun” with intense and close combat battles whereas Liberation seems much more open, appealing to snipers and those who don’t favour the latter approach to playing in Modern Warfare 3.

It is unclear whether there will be only two maps in total with this first Map Pack / DLC release or whether it will be bundelled with more content since previously, all map packs have ranged from including 4 to 5 maps… Hopefully the amount of content will refect on the price for non-premium Elite subscribers but either way, that wont be till two months after the initial release.

A Call of Duty: Elite Premium membership currently cost $50 a year, it seems for 9 pieces of DLC it may be worth the dive! (Assuming all DLC’s are going to have to be paid for by non-Elite members) It’s always possible that the DLC’s could be released free for the PC community since there is no Elite service for the platform yet, although this is just wishful thinking. Check the Elite website here for more info.

Check out the video below for more details: