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MW3 Map Pack Content Collection pricing revealed!

As I am sure all the Xbox 360 users know by now, the first Map Pack for Modern Warfare 3 is going to be released on the 20th of March 2012 for all players on the 360.

It has been revealed that the pricing will be the same as it was for Black Ops last year for its DLC season at $14.99. For that you get 4 brand new multiplayer maps and 2 brand new Spec Ops missions added to the game!

For those who are on ELITE premium with the 360 you will have already received this content in drops each month.

The question is though, does the ELITE Premium service work out cheaper if you are planning on buying all of the Map Packs for MW3? The short answer is yes. ELITE currently costs $49.99 for a whole years subscription and all the DLC comes free with that, if you are going to buy all the Map Packs individually it works out at $59.96. So with ELITE you will be saving yourself just under ten dollars (assuming you purchase all the map packs!).

For more information on the first MW3 map pack, click here.