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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Modern Warfare 3 is another classic from the Call of Duty series after two hit versions of Modern Warfare series. The last Modern Warfare 2 was launched in 2009 and MW 3 is a sequel to the same. This game is designed and created by SledgeHammer Games and Infinity Ward productions and there has been some contribution in development from a company called Raven Software. After having launched it on the 8th November 2011 in Europe and North America, the game developers have been welcomed with an extreme mixture of feelings. Since 2007 when the first MW game was brought to the market it has swiped millions of players from across the globe and has converted them into die hard addicts of the game. The specialty of the game includes its power to give a multiplayer game experience like never before. With strong characters and player involvement, this game has become a complete blockbuster.

 From the day of its launch, 6.5 million copies of this game were sold immediately within 24 hours, in North America and Europe alone, making this game a huge success. The video ‘the Vet and the Noob’ on the website of the game http://www.callofduty.com/mw3 clearly give a picture of what the game is all about. This game is all about role playing, taking up the role of a soldier and living up to certain assigned tasks and missions.

Background and a Short Guide:
There are three sets of missions which are termed as ‘Acts’ and within each act the player has to fulfill certain objectives. With the ease of a head display, the player can get to know the way and the distance to each objective. Every player can follow this display to get to certain objective areas to get engaged in a mini mission. Damage is indicated by the amount of blood that is splashed on the screen when the player gets hurt. Naturally, the aim is to protect yourself (the player) from as much damage as possible and to look for ways to increase your health. Missions and objectives vary in their nature and require a different set of skill and usage of weapons each time. The player also has some accompanied soldiers in a given mission, but they cannot be given orders.
Modern Warfare 3 – Specifics:
This game is all about action and drama experienced in the real battle field. With marvelous graphics and stupefying sound effects, it provides a guaranteed game play to dazzle and fulfill the expectations of its players. The special part about this game which makes it so different from other versions is its survival mode. Survival mode tests the player’s sense of presence and actively challenges the players by a series of threats in the form of enemies that emerge from various tactical positions by keeping in mind the presence of the players. This feature is different from the Nazis zombie mode of the World War II as the enemies are not situated in fixed locations but are mobile and are unpredictable, which gives the player a more thrilling experience. Just like the Modern Warfare 2 version, this game also allows the features of special Ops, however, in this game only 48 stars are available while in the previous version the player could attain up to 69 stars. The survival mode can be played on all forms of multi player’s packs, where players can earn cash on ammunition, upgrades, ammo and support equipment for air and ground.The previous reward system that was achieved from killstreak is now presented in a better and a more motivating way for the player in the form of pointstreak system. Players are awarded for three categories namely Assault, Support and Specialist, suiting and appealing different people with different aggressive capacities. To trigger these awards players have to complete different action such as planting a bomb, killing specific targets or capturing a flag. Predators drone and attack helicopters are awarded, just like the Modern Warfare 2 killstreak rewards, under the Assault strike package. Assault strike package is more suited for players who are offensive in nature and will revel in causing no less than death. The instruments under the Assault package are deadly and lethal, ranging from drones to munitions and this package is guaranteed to hook you up for several hours if you shoot to kill. Support style rewards such as the UAVs and SAM turrets are given in the Support strike package and these rewards accumulate over time even if the player dies. Being defensive in nature, they are not as powerful as the deadly assault rewards but they are certainly useful and can harm. Unlike the Assault package, which goes to zero as soon as you are dead, this support package, will still be available after you die. Once, you realise how useful this package is, it is imminent that you will be using this as your default package.

Specialist reward system is most suited to those players who enjoy in tactic killing. Build your own strategy and lay your own game plan to cause bloodshed, with your choice of preferred perks. Lastly, in the Specialist strike package, the players are offered benefits for killing eight soldiers, however, when the player dies, these rewards are reset to zero. Despite of choosing the rewards that players want in between the rounds, they are given an option of selecting the pointstreak rewards during the match only. Specialist package is a crowd pleaser for people who enjoy manipulation and making the maximum use of the perks available.

Another great feature available is the Call of Duty Elite service, which provides a performance tracker where you can see the stats of your performance. You can analyse your trend of the location where you die the most; you can customize your clan’s sign, see your kill/death ratio and add friends from social networking site such as Facebook or twitter. Even though, there is a great cry of fury from members who believe that the premium fee for this facility is un called for and is unjustified, the truth is that this applies to only those members who join extremely prestigious and powerful clans where in they can actually win real life rewards such as the trip to Paris and electronics if they perform well. Meanwhile, all the rest of the content is free of charge and those players who enjoy pure multiplayer game, without any extra strings attached, they can still enjoy the game as much without having to touch the elite feature at all.

Graphically Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games did a brilliant job to keep the game experience unified across all platforms between PS3, Xbox and PC version. However, some players find the Xbox and the PC version much better than the PS3. In the PS3 version, the graphics are not up to the standards. Moreover, it also faces the problem of alpha issues due to which the objects appear to be blurry and tend to look artificial. On the other hand, the Xbox is likely to be more efficient and better in handling the heavy action series in Modern warfare 3. The graphics that are experienced in Xbox are sharper and of a great quality texture and also, it has managed to satisfy the consumer’s visual expectations like the PS3. The game rankings for Xbox 360 are awarded 89.64% while PS 3 version enjoys the ranking of 88.69% and the PC ranking is 83.83% and is also available on Wii, the ranking of which is 70%.

Even though the sales records give a completely mind blowing sales figure of $400million from Europe and North America alone, making it the biggest launch ever, players of this game have their reservations and they don’t find the game as per their expectations. Even if the developers are happy with the huge initial profits, they should not forget to take into account the opinions and expectations of their consumers. A detailed market study should be done to judge the expectation of MW3 players to find out what is the game lacking and what features they find similar or worse than other competitor’s games in the market.

It should also be kept in mind that Modern Warfare’s core element is to provide a multiplayer gaming experience with the backdrop of wars and campaign that the shooter has to survive through. Much like any other sports game such as FIFA or Cricket, this game is lives up to the expectations in a way that it fulfils what it promises with some alterations from its previous versions. The hue and cry of all the critics on the forums loudly demands change of setup or game play from MW3 as they want it different from the MW2. However, it should be appreciated that the essence of the game will always be the same and only graphics and effects can be changed without altering the whole idea and concept of the game. This is the reason why even though, there are so many critics on the internet but still this game is topping all the charts and game reviews.

Overall Modern Warfare 3 is a fantastic addition to the Call of Duty franchise, although it has had a few problems at launch and a few users have said it is too similar to Modern Warfare 2, the game offers a lot of new content coupled with one of the best online multilayer experiences ever.