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Terminal for Modern Warfare 3 will come to XBOX 360 first & announced this week

We all know about the content contract between Microsoft and Activision for Call of Duty, so it was always at the back of our minds on whether Terminal which we have been hearing about for a while now would be included. Mark Rubin has finally answered our question via his Twitter account yesterday that Terminal WILL be included in the contract, for us players that means Xbox 360 will be getting Terminal first and it will be released one month later for PlayStation 3 and PC.

It is unfortunate that even such small releases of content are included in the Microsoft Activision contract, we hope for a Call of Duty some day where all content will be released at the same time and be fair to all users. The decision to enter such a contract is purely on the shoulders of Activision for what direction it wanted to head its game in, undoubtabley Microsoft paid through the nose to get such a huge exclusivity deal.

While we can complain that the contract between the two massive companies can be unfair on some players we have to give credit to Infinity Ward for working hard and releasing Terminal to everyone absolutely FREE. It’s a nice gesture on the part of the developers for them to return such an awesome map from Modern Warfare 2, lets hope Highrise will be the next one to arrive!

Mark Rubin has also announced that Terminal’s release date (For the Xbox 360) will be announced this week! So stay tuned on our Twitter feed here for all the latest.