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World at War: Map Pack 1

“Map Pack 1″ is the first set of maps that was made available for Call of Duty: World at War. It was announced on March 18, 2009 and expanded the game by adding four new maps. Three of the maps were for online multiplayer and one was for the Zombies game mode. Until now there has only currently been one Zombie map which was fairly basic and the new Zombie map really opens the door for the game mode.

Release dates:
Xbox-360: March 19, 2009
PS3: March 19, 2009
PC: April 9, 2009

Below are a list of the maps:

Nightfire: Fighting through the burning streets of berlin. Lots of destroyed buildings and fire! Firey urban warfare!

Knee Deep: Takes place on the lisland of Peleliu in a small village which has been run down by Japanese occupation. Lots of places to fight and well balanced gameplay. Great for all types of players and combat types.

Station: Takes place in a desolate and destroyed underground train station. The map includes many secret passageways, deserted train cars and specific sniper spots.

Verrückt: A brand new zombie map which takes place in a zombie asylum on the outskirts of Berlin. Offers brand new weapons, perks and traps! Much bigger than the previous “Nacht der Untoten” map too. A really good zombie map! The Verruckt map was also made available in the Rezurrection map pack DLC for Black Ops.

Xbox-360: 800 Microsoft Points
PS3: $10
PC: Free

The map pack was released initally for Xbox-360 and Playstation 3 with promises that the PC version would be released later. At the time there was no effective way to offer the map pack to PC users unless they sold the maps by physical disk which would be a lot of effort. Instead Treyarch made the map pack free for PC users but released it about a month later than the PS3 and Xbox-360 versions.

Source: http://www.callofduty.com/CoDWW/supplies/wawmappack1