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PS3 Users having trouble downloading new DLC as Sony ‘loses’ subscription status

With the release of the 4 pieces of brand new ELITE content today on the PlayStation 3 some users are having some frustrating problems download the new content.

“PS3 Elite Users that are having DLC issues. I’m looking for more info. If you are having the issue can you go to Account Management -> Transaction Management -> Services List and see if you see your Elite subscription there.”

If your subscription is not showing up you may want to contact Sony since your ELITE subscription should be there. If it isn’t, don’t assume it is gone forever since there will surely be a record of your subscription elsewhere.

Some users have found a fix for certain download problems where by they had to re-download all of the ELITE content season again (All 19 drops!) It’ll undoubtabley take a while to re-download all the content again but it may fix all problems.

Other users are reporting they cannot play online at all with the new maps which may mean there is a problem on Sony’s end of things which means we’ll have to sit tight and wait for a fix.

Update from Infinity Ward: “PS3 Update: So it seems there are multiple symptoms going on with the PS3 DLC. We are trying to get a hold of Sony now. It seems the PSN Store is having issues. Will update as soon as I learn anything from Sony.”

Update 2: More help for EU PlayStation 3 users:

I’m getting a “New Maps Not Available” or “Original Maps Error” message when trying to download DLC Drops 13-15 for Modern Warfare 3 on PlayStation 3. How do I fix this?

Follow these steps to download the MW3 DLC (downloadable content) Drops 13-15 to your PlayStation 3:

  1. Launch the PlayStation Store from the PlayStation 3 XMB (XrossMediaBar)
  2. Search for “July Bundle”
  3. Multiple ELITE July Drops will appear for multiple regions
  4. Select item “July Bundle ELITE Drop” (access key) with no region specified, and confirm the purchase
  5. Once the non-transaction purchase is confirmed you will be able to download the correct ELITE July DLC (Drop 13-15) for your specific region.

Note: If you get an error message “This content is not available to you” please refer to Step 4


How to buy Modern Warfare 3 Map Pack Content Collections on the Xbox 360

The release of the first map pack for Modern Warfare 3 is close approaching for the masses of the Xbox 360 players so it’s time to be sure you know how to get the content as fast as possible the day it is released!

Below are the steps you’ll need to follow on the Xbox 360 in order to download and purchase the first map pack:

  1. Sign in to Xbox LIVE®.
  2. Go to Game Marketplace.
  3. Select All Games -> Browse
  4. Select C
  5. Select Call Of Duty: MW3
  6. Select Call Of Duty: MW3 Collection 1
  7. Select Confirm Download or Redeem Code to add it to your active downloads.
  8. The maps are downloaded to your console as soon as the console is online and not connecting to Xbox LIVE® for an online game.

The DLC will be priced at $14.99. You can even pre-order it for the 360 here (US Customers only).

How to play the new MW3 content on Xbox 360: “The new maps are available in all playlists or play the Collection Playlist to play ONLY new maps.”

For more information on the first MW3 map pack, click here.