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ELITE Drops 13, 14 & 15 coming to Xbox 360 on June 19th – What could they be?

One map, one spec ops mission and one piece of classified content is on its way to Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members this month!

Details of the brand new content are being kept tight to Infinity Ward for this release, the specifics will be released the day before it is released so stay tuned for what to expect!

The release date of the 3 new drops was confirmed by Mark Rubin on Twitter as the 19th of June (next Tuesday).

ELITE Content Drops 13, 14 and 15 will be the first pieces of content which will be part of the third map pack for Modern Warfare 3.

We think that the classified piece of content for ELITE Content Drop 15 could be the addition of the AK-47u into Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer mode, as Infinity Ward uploaded a picture of all the guns in Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer mode with the addition of the AK-47u while talking about the double weapon XP which has been running the past few days. Check out the image below, it could be a clever marketing technique, it could mean nothing that it is there but it gives us something to clutch onto while we have little other information about these drops!

Uploaded by Infinty Ward to Facebook regarding Double Weapon XP

One thing which is interesting however is if we look back at the original Modern Warfare 3 content calendar way back when it was first released (see pic below). The month of june is unchanged from what it is now except for the change of “Game Mode” to “Classified”.

Perhaps a new game mode is in the works instead of a new weapon? Something a lot of the community have been requesting is the addition of the 3rd person shooter modes although this seems a fairly small addition to the game it would make a few fans happy! What sort of game modes would you like to see return or be brough into Modern Warfare 3? Let us know in the comments below!

June Content Calendar snipper from when it was first released

The multiplayer map is rumored to be Terminal from Modern Warfare 2, check the info here. Robert Bowling however confirmed that the MW3 DLC season would consist only of new content, it is possible however that Terminal could be re-vamped and improved, much like China Town in Call of Duty 4 which was based on the Carentan maps from the original Call of Duty’s. View the video on the Terminal Map here.