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18 million Black Ops map packs have been sold

It has been revealed by Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg that Black Ops has sold over 18 Million map pack downloads.

Activision also revealed that the average users has now spent about $76 including the price of the original game on Black Ops. This means about every player on average owns one map pack, since the game originaly sold for $60. On the map packs alone, 18 million multiplied by $15 makes a cool 270 Million dollars from downloadable content alone. So expect map packs for Modern Warfare 3!

There has always been concerns over the pricing of Call of Duty Map packs as found here: Is the price right? But clearly people want to expand their gaming experience with more maps and are willing to pay the $15 price tag.

To quote from Hirshberg: “There are over 30 million unique players of Black Ops who collectively have amassed, incredibly, more than 2.3 billion hours of play. To put that number in perspective, that’s more than a quarter of a million years of play and that means our millions of fans spend more time per day on Black Ops multiplayer than they do on Facebook.”

If 30 million unique players all paid $60 for their copy of Black Ops then it means turnover of Black Ops game sales are around 18 Billion dollars. Its clear the gaming market is booming and there are predictions that Modern Warfare 3 is going to surpass all Black Ops records. So far Modern Warfare 2 outsold World at War then Black Ops outsold Modern Warfare 2. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Eurogamer