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MW3 Map Pack Content Collection 3 for PC and PS3 on 13th of September

The third map pack for Modern Warfare 3 will be available for all players on the PlayStation 3 and PC on the 13th of September.

Modern Warfare 3′s DLC season is well under way and we are already over half way! Content Collection 3 is the latest DLC package for all non-premium ELITE members and will be available for purchase via the PSN, Xbox LIVE or Steam. Like all of MW3′s extra content content collection 3 will be available for the Xbox 360 one month before all other platforms.

Content Collection 3 has a lot of different content in it and packs more content than any other Collection with 7 pieces of brand new content compared to 6 in the previous packages (ELITE Drops 13 to 18). Collection 3 includes two Spec Ops missions, three Face Off maps and two Multiplayer maps.

PC players will be able to purchase the new content through Steam and PlayStation 3 players through the PlayStation Store for $15.

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