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How to play Lone Wolf Operations in Call of Duty: ELITE

Operations are one-time competitions where members can join and compete against each other for Badges and prizes. While you might not play directly against one another, the total score for the in-game statistics (Most Kills, Most Bomb Plants, etc.) within a stated period of time determines which players are winners. Operations take place in a variety of game modes. A leaderboard displays everyone’s ranking at the end of the Operation.

The great thing about Lone Wolf AND Clan Operations is that you don’t have to be a premium ELITE member to take part in them and win!

Winning overall in these Operations can win you some serious prizes, from serious gaming hardware to nifty ELITE bags! (see pic on right)

In order to take part in a Lone Wolf Operation where you play as a single entity against others, go to the ELITE webpage here: https://elite.callofduty.com/compete/ and look under the header Lone Wolf Operations.

There are always a few operations to choose from, so pick anyone you think you’ll like and you’ll be presented with the details for that event where you will find the requirements to score and take part in it.

You don’t have to join any special pre-setup game types to take part in these events, you simply join the normal game servers you usually would and attempt to fulfull the description of the operation as best you can.

For example if you take part in a Lone Wolf Operation where you have to get the most flag captures in the CTF game mode then you simple play CTF on the normal public playlists during the time the event is taking place and your efforts will be recorded and compared to other players. If you are in the group of winners then you will be awarded prizes. It is as simple as that!

Here is an example of a description of an operation called “Fire Marshal: Highest Total Confirms: Core Kill Confirmed”:

“Got the kill? Good job, you’re half way there. To win this Operation you need to confirm those kills by grabbing your victim’s dog tag before the other team can deny it. It’s like crossing the street; make sure you look both ways before running into the open to confirm the kill. The soldier with the most confirms at the end will be our Champion. Good luck!

Enlist in the operation, then go into a public match and play. While you might not play directly against other enlisted players, your total score for the in-game statistics (Most Kills, Most Bomb Plants, etc.) within a stated period of time determines which players are winners. When the Operation ends, a Leaderboard displays everyone’s placement.”

If you like the sound of the operation you have clicked on then hit the “ENLIST” button and start playing during the time the event is running for, once the event has started you can check back to the page to see where you are ranking against all other players and more.

Once the event is finished you will be rewarded badges and such depending on your overall position of those who entered.

The badges are usually awarded as follows (Can vary depending on operation so always read description):

  • Champion: Single best Player
  • Gold: Top 10% of Players
  • Silver: Top 25% of Players
  • Bronze: Top 50% of Players

The massive prizes which are either extra special badges or some awesome real life goodies are usually awarded to the flat out best player in that operation. That player is known as the Champion and I’m sure it is a title we all aspire to be awarded someday!

The only way to make that happen is to enlist now and get cracking, visit the enlisting website here, sign in with your ELITE account and you are on your way.

Enlist now and start earning some awesome prizes: https://elite.callofduty.com/compete