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UPDATE: 22 Pieces of DLC coming for Modern Warfare 3

Update:24 Pieces of DLC now confirmed. Link: http://www.callofdutymappacks.com/?p=1969
On the 4th of February, the Call of Duty content calendar was updated from the original 20 pieces of DLC content to accomodate an extra piece of DLC making the total 21 and the same has happened again! It is currently scheduled that Modern Warfare 3 will gain 22 pieces of unique content.

The Content Calendar currently lists the following totals to be release:

  • 12 Multiplayer / Survival Maps
  • 6 Spec Ops Missions
  • 4 Classified

Like with the previous addition to the calendar, an extra piece of “Classified DLC” has been added.

When the content calendar was originally released, the two classified content drops were labelled as “Game Mode” so it is extremely likely that there could be four extra game types that will come as part of a content drop.

With the addition of the extra Classified Drop it appears the month of May is going to be a huge part of the DLC season with the release of four content drops as once!

When ELITE users signed up to the service they were promised at least 20 pieces of DLC so it’s great two see that they are recieving two extra drops for free and maybe even more in the future!

Click here to view the calendar.

What would you like to see in a DLC Drop?