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Personalise your console, controllers and other hardware

If your hardwares appearance starting to bore you? Tired of looking at the same old, one colour devices that you use? Then it’s time to spice up your hardware with a stylish and vibrant skin! There are literally hundreds of skins out there for all your various pieces of hardware, from your games console to your controller to your mobile phone! Lets look at a few to see if we can find one that suits you perfectly! Along with all the devices skins are available for, the number of patterns and designs are literally endless.

Applying a vinyl/skin not only makes your hardware stylish and more appealing, it also protects it really well from all kinda of scratches. This also means it hides any nasty blemishes or scratches that may already exist! You can get some great Modern Warfare 3 skins for your console’s via the Amazon links on the right of this page. The quality of the skins are fantastic and breath new life into the appearance of your console.

Your console though isn’t something that everyone will see unfortunatley so it’s hard to show off your skin to all your mates. So how about one for your phone? Most people take their phones everywhere and it’s a common occurance that phones get dropped, sometimes alot! So a skin for your phone can keep it safe from scratches while still looking the part. Have a look at some of the Call of Duty related skins on Amazon.com, you can find all sorts of skins for your devices here. Prices start from just below $6 for your phone so its a really cheap way to transform your devices.

Skins can also extend to your Laptop, Tablet, iPod, MP3 Player, PSP and more! There is a fantastic website out there called GelaSkins.com which specalises in extremely high quality and fantastically made skins for literally all the devices you can think of. Unfortunatley they don’t have any Call of Duty related skins in their portfolio currently but there is a great section where you can create your own skin for your specific device! You can then choose any Call of Duty image you like and get it for your electronic hardware. The website ships world wide at very reasonable prices so don’t let the dollar signs deter you!

Have a look at something we quickly put together for CallOfDutyMapPacks.com above! Creating your own skin is dead easy, once you’ve found a picture you like and want to use it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to put it all together. Prices are a little higher on the GelaSkins.com website but the quality difference is worth it, even though the ones available from Amazon.com are still fantastic and will do the same job! Shop around and see if you can find something you like, if not, make your own!