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Editorial by Dan Amrich: How to handle mic abusers online

Dan Amrich is a writer, author, actor and much more. He currently works for Activision as Social Media Manager, and resides in Los Angeles, California.

In a blog post over at his website OneofSwords.com he revlead an article he has written on “How to Handle Nitwits Online”.

Online rascists, braggarts, screamars and all those haters in general are something that all internet games suffer from and I am sure you will have experienced it yourself from time to time. Who’s problem is it though? Microsoft or Sony can attempt to control what their users say but it is near impossible to manage it effectively.

An extract from Dan’s post follows:

“Nothing breaks my normally unflappable belief in the inherent goodness of humanity quite like playing games online. Xbox Live is so advanced, so integrated with my entire gaming experience…and yet it’s still got one major flaw: the people who use it. The racist. The screamer. The braggart. You’ve met them. And, of course, I’m sure you’re not one of them.

So, as with any social problem, I need to know the answer to one simple question: Who do I blame?

Should I blame Microsoft? I can’t, really; they gave me all the tools I need. I can Prefer or Avoid players. I can File a Complaint when I hear hate speech or harassment. I also have a microphone — a vastly powerful and underused tool — and I can simply say, “Hey, there’s no need for that.” Sometimes, people need to be reminded that real people are on the opposite end of their rocket launcher.

Ultimately, I think I have to blame…everyone around me. And myself, too. Because if we, as Live gamers, were more proactive and willing to say something in real time to the problem children of Xbox Live, we could start setting an example. Lots of people follow whatever behavioral standard is shown to them; I think the reason so many idiots are on Xbox Live is because only the idiots speak up.”

Click here to read the rest of the article, it is a great read.

How do you combat annoying people online? Let us know in the comments below.